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SONY "NEEDS" Radio Flash NOW ... and built IN the new A-Mount bodys

by Hawaii-Geek Professional on ‎03-04-2014 08:39 PM

Phottix Mitros + TTL Radio Flashes ... Nikon and Canon ... can SONY be far behind ?


A PRO Nikon shooter friend of mine was excited to show me this. THIS kind of thing will Change things ...

fyi: it is my belief that SONY "will" have a Radio Flash soon.


* WHY ?
Because they HAVE TO.


And it would be a "MISS STEP" if they DID NOT.
IF anyone still believes Off Camera Flash is not going RADIO , best think again.

* NOW, what SONY needs to do is Have the Radio Trigger IN-BODY to ADD a benefit of using there system. Make it FAST and RELIABLE. and put it in the SMALL SONY Premium Cameras ... RX1r II (36mp) would come to mind. and I would go so far as to say any new A-Mount "should" have it. Right IN-CAMERA. That is the benefit of having all that space on a big A-Mount body. WIFI and RADIO Flash is going to be a given in the Future. (remember when many said Video will never be?)