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Sony A7 Driver to use with Promote Control

by KEG Rookie on ‎08-06-2017 12:44 PM



I love my Sony A7 but am finding I can't use it for my normal work needs to take 10 or more bracketed exposure HDRI's for use in creating visual effects for film and tv


I've been previously using my Canon 7D combined with the promote control


I bought the Sony A7 to repllace the Canon 7D with a full frame, smaller and lighter camera to do the same


Thought I could just purchase the cable needed to connect the Sony A7 to the promote control - only to find that it

did not connect


With more investigation I found that sony would not supply the driver needed to use the promote control.  Why?


The Sony A7 only comes with the ability to shoot 5 bracketed images with .7 of a stop in increments.  However, what I need is at least 10 images that run from an almost black to almost white image - which can easily be done with promote control


PLEASE consider providing a driver to work with the promote control OR better yet - increase your built in bracketed exposures to at least 10 with 1 stop increments...


thank you!