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Sony A7 bulb mode should be controllable by other software/pc

by SimmoW Rookie on ‎02-10-2015 11:52 PM

Hi, I am an astrophotographer and absolutely love the Sony A7s, see some of my pics here.


I am dealing with a few software programmers to obtain remote control of the camera via their software, eg. APT (Astro Photography Tools) but all are expressing frustration that they can't control the bulb mode (eg. specify a 2 minute exposure) directly from the camera. They can do this with Nikons and Canons.


Please include this feature in a future firmware upgrade? 


Thanks for producing such a great camera!



by Filoubert Rookie
on ‎08-13-2015 03:00 AM



I do totally agree with you


1)Long exposure in bulb mode : you can use PHDmax :
But there is a kind of compression in BULB mode "star eater" .... I hope Sony will fix that problem too

I alhave also to mention the tethering with Lightroom 5

Here is a tutorial :

2) For live view : Capture One Pro (for Sony) allows you to make live-view on PC !
I just tested the trial version. The licence is 50 euros ...

I wonder why only that software has the right to allow the use of the live-view on a PC Screen ?

Sony should allows APT, Maxim DL, The Sky X or any other Astrophotography software to get this fonction as well.

3) To do some pinpoint under maxim DL, I only found the solution to shoot in jpeg mode, send the jpeg to a folder, ask MaximDL to load that jpeg so it can analyse it. This is a boring procedure : any other solution ?

but unfortunatelly Maxim DL can not read the ARW files ( I guess neither The Sky X neither PRISM can read ARW files) Same points : Sony must allow these software to work : Remoe control + upload the pictures in the application + read the ARW format.

4) Last point is how to make some automatical Focus (using Robotfocus or with the A7s .... I do not have the solution yet. But if point 3 is solved, then it could be easy to make automatic focus.


So that camera is a killer in low light condition : it means one of the best for the Astrophotography community.

I do not understand the policy of SONY ?


They should think that CANON and its policy got an important market with Astrophotographers.


If Sony don't change his position, I will have the regrets to go back to Canon : maybe less better camera but much more flexible with external applications