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Sony a6300 suggestions : Improve 1080p, raise temperature limit, and many others!

by dboris Apprentice ‎04-20-2016 01:35 PM - edited ‎10-10-2016 02:00 AM


I'm a member of a facebook page about the Sony a6300, with many a6300 owners. I took time watching reviews, and consulting customer's feedback. I came here to talk for them, and I may edit, add suggestions on this post.
The overheat warning isn't as much present as it was since the last firmware update, so I removed the suggestion.


  • 1- Improve 1080p
  • 2- Many user's suggestions!
  • 3- Improve remote app - in detail


1- Improve 1080p 

The a6300 4K capabilities are amazing, but many want to avoid rolling shutter, or to shoot S35 30/50/60/120p. To be honest, unless sticking the camera on a tripod, or for very slow movements, the 4K mode is hardly usable and makes the footage jerky. So we have to stick with 1080p. But the a6300's 1080p is bad. It's not even as good as it's little brother the a6000. It's not acceptable since it should be an upgrade from it. The a6300's processor is a beast, I guess the processing power shouldn't be a problem. The Fujifilm X-Pro2 that isn't a movie-mode oriented camera, has the same CMOS and has an amazing 1080p quality, less moiré, less noise.
The A7RII offers even better 1080p, and has far more pixels to process. The implementations of it's algorithm in the a6300 shouldn't be such a big deal. Therefore, giving us a far superior 1080p seems realistic.

a6000 vs a6300 (click) 

a6300 vs X-Pro2 (click)

A7RII vs a6300 (click) 


Now let's talk about the noise:

4K has far less noise than 1080p with the same settings. The noise patern is better. Here a comparaison with both at ISO800, 24p, Slog-3. Why can't we get the same noise performance in 1080p?


4K vs 1080p noise performance (click)


We also would love also to get a higher bitrate (is 100mbits possible?) to reduce the color noise we get when grading LOG footage.


2- Many other suggestions!


- Bigger histogram. Exposure metter that's more readable. It's locked to -2 and +2, that's not enough.

- Being able to use it as a webcam, to record directly on the computer (as a capture device) into premiere. It's great for creating content, but may be hardware-limited :/.
- Try to reduce the rolling shutter in 4K mode (I guess Sony is aware of this and it's not possible...).
- Get rid of the NTSC/PAL warning, or show all modes without having to stuck to only PAL or only NTSC

- Being able to see what is ISO value when shooting with AUTO-ISO.

- Add other customisable functions, ex: iso up/down, focus up/down.

- Being able ton set custom Zoom Speed with RM-VPR1 remote. Right now with 18 105 I can't access the "zoom" menu, and the zoom speed is veeeeery slow. So I can't change it remotly.

- Being able to custom W/T buttons, and the shutter and rec buttons. So when using the RM-VPR1 remote, it could be used for other functions, example: pull focus up or down, change ISO or aputure values, etc. Would be AMAZING when used on a gimbal.
- Let us use all AF fonctionalities when recording a video. It's so frustration to be forced to either AF manually or let the camera do it all! Why not let us use DMF mode?

- Save Custom Functions in the Memory Profiles

- Regroup all video functions on one page in the menus

- Fix the markers; they doesn't match what's in the EVF when recording
- Place "Format" function in a more convenient place
- Being able to send only one picture to our PC directly from the camera. Not having to sync all the pictures.
- Enable continuous af & eye af while shooting in hi speed
- Improve the compatibility with A-mount lenses:

     Lock on expandable flexible spot while using the la-ea3 adapter

     Drive Mode HI+ not available in AF-C mode

- Improve adapters stability with A mount. Not normal that Sigma's MC-11 is more reliable than Sony's adapter

- Being able to control the EVF sensor (more details in the comments). Idea already suggested here for the A7RII. Would benefit all the Alpha line.

- When using slog picture profiles, we have to over expose by 1 to 2 stop, in order to get a descent image quality. We'd like to see a exposure meter that is also reliable when used with s-log, so without having the need to over-expose.



3- Remote app improvement detailed -tested last app version 22/04/2016-

The a6300 doesn't have a touchscreen, but it has Wifi and can be used via Playmemories app. So it can be controled via our phone and tablets. The app have recently vastly been improved. So I will only cover the video part of this, since it's near perfect for photography. It seems that the Playmemories app isn't as good as it could/should be for video.


Latency is ok ! Latency with an iPad, is very low, and satisfaying.


  • In-App limitations are annoying! I firstly thought that the video stream was limited to 1080p etc. But in fact, you can record 4K in 24p, and still get a video stream via wifi on your Ipad! There's no processing-power limitations! You just have to be first in video mode (on the wheel) parameter what you want, and then launch the remote app. But you can't change your advanced settings (video quality, picture profile and so on!) I'm so happy now! So it's really just an app-fix! So what we want: get all the video parameters available in the remote app! All of them! 


  • Touch to focus isn’t there ; the app doesn't allow to touch to focus during video (by taping on the screen of your phone or tablet) while many competitors, and even Canon's 80D allows it. It works in photo, make it work for video!


  • It’s too consummer-oriented ; Actually, the app is ok for video, for people who do video blogging, or such. To be honest, I doubt that the casual consummer will take the time to use their camera with a tablet nor see any interest into that. Therefore, it should be more pro-oriented. The UI right now looks lame and isn't nice to use! Better to have simpler UI with more features than fancy animations. What we want:

- Get everything out of the way. Nothing function should be layered on top of the video feed (especially that W/T function!)

- Being able to see focus peaking 

Being able to see Zebras
- Being able to shoot in Slog/with picture profiles

- Full screen page with settings/light meter/histogram with the ability to tap and drag a setting to change it on the fly, in a more simple way. Being able to change not only aperture and shutter, but also picture profile, audio levels, and so on. It would be really useful when on a gimbal or a drone; the camera can hardly be manipulated to set it up.

- Being able to personalise this setting page like the a6300 allow us already

- Being able to get the video feedback through USB for less latency, both on PC/MAC and ANDROID/IOS. Canon's does that. Would basically makes any Ipad/tablets, a better monitoring screen than anything on the market. Fortunately Sony doesn't sell those. So... Smiley Very Happy


Expanding video possibilities via wifi would please all videographers, since everyone has at least a smartphone, and every videographer would be happy to make it's phone useful in any way possible. Many competitors aren't there yet, so make the step first.




Thanks for reading and we appreciate that Sony is concerned by it's custommer experience.


by kwcarlson35 Rookie
on ‎04-20-2016 02:00 PM

All good suggestions, hope to see a firmware to impliment some or all of them.

by bezout Rookie
on ‎04-20-2016 04:23 PM

Great suggestions! I hope to see a new firmware for this camera soon Smiley Happy

by dmandrade1978 Rookie
on ‎04-20-2016 04:24 PM

regarding the playmemories app, I would love to be able to start movie recording from there, if that can be updated.


My last suggested, which I know is in other cameras, is being able to remap the movie button if we wish. I feel that the groove for the movie button is better than on the A6000, so thats a plus, and I like it. But, if we would map it to a button, or even a shutter press, that would be amazing!!


These along with the 3 suggestions above would make this camera VERY hard to beat.


- Dave

by dboris Apprentice
‎04-20-2016 04:27 PM - edited ‎04-20-2016 04:28 PM

Hello. You can already map a button to the "movie" button.
You talked about being able to start movie rec from there. I agree. That's why I specified that the overall app should be improved. We should be able to control so much more from our portable devices Smiley Happy.

by Richie007bond Rookie
on ‎04-20-2016 05:33 PM

Excellent suggestion's I only hope Sony are listening 

by tesseract Rookie
on ‎04-20-2016 05:52 PM

All three are greatly needed updates, but I can't stress enough how #1 is so critical to the overall usefulness of the a6300 as even a basic video recording tool. The current state of 1080p recording quality in the A6300 model is so bad, even worse than in the A6000, as stated above. 

by avsupport Professional
on ‎04-20-2016 06:38 PM

hey @dboris, great post,

the test images (quality comparison) in your links are very small, even when downloaded.

any chance to provide some bigger size or link to website where this comparison was done?

by avsupport Professional
‎04-20-2016 08:05 PM - edited ‎04-21-2016 02:01 AM

Here's a quick DIY test result:

(chart downloaded & printed at 2xA4 size paper)

E PZ 18-105.

Full Zoom plus 2x ClearImage Zoom.

Stills exported from a 1080 project timeline in Vegas 12.

First image: HD 50M 25p.

(you might want to download these images to see the full effect)


Second image: 4K 100M 25p.




The 1080 images downsampled in the camera appear soft, waay softer than what they could/should be.

Maybe some 'heat friendly' quick interpolation / lossy compression method??

Would be nice, with future firmware upgrade, to have the option to go "Quality' or 'Heat Friendly' Downsampling options, or find a better way entirely (since 'No Pixel Binning' has been advertised). 

Sidenote, this is a little bit of a shame also because XAVC-S @1080 is a 'media friendly' space saving codec..but if it's no good all of that advantage is lost if it forces you to shoot 4K... 


add another thought:

4K recordings need to be downsampled too. so? why's 1080 so bad?



by klausstangl Rookie
on ‎04-21-2016 12:19 AM

All good suggestions, hope to see a firmware to solve overheating and sharpness!


by avsupport Professional
on ‎04-21-2016 01:56 AM

..and what's more, 

since the 1080 isn't as sharp as it should be, 

there goes your 120fps! (as you won't be doing this @ 4K)

by hathawayep Rookie
on ‎04-21-2016 12:32 PM

All three suggestions excellent.  Thank you Sony

by avsupport Professional
on ‎04-21-2016 04:06 PM

From the Sony A6300 press release:

Sony USA A6300 press release (link)

'When shooting in 4K, the camera uses full pixel readout without pixel binning to collect 20 megapixels of information – approximately 2.4x5 (6K equivalent) as many pixels as 4K UHD and then oversamples the information to produce high quality  footage with exceptional detail and depth. '

Then, in the fineprint all the way down the bottom:

'Number of pixels required for Full HD movie recording is readout from the image sensor'


This makes me worried, downsampling to 1080 is done by 'only using the required' 1920x1080=2.1MP thus pixel binning & forfeiting the 6K image sensor advantage.

I've checked the other 1080 record modes and believe the problem of softness is persistent across all of them, indicating that perhaps the downsampling of the source is the issue and not the actual codec.


Could someone from Sony please clarify how 1080 in the A6300 is generated, and what can be done to fix the problem 


by Yui-Chan Rookie
‎04-23-2016 02:03 PM - edited ‎04-26-2016 11:03 AM


#1 Priority for me:


Add "Electronic IS / Steady-Shot" (similar to what is on the RX1; which was a very good and almost optical-like IS).




- If you're adding IS in post/editing, it significantly changes your originally shot framing and composition. Not to mention, it adds A LOT more time wasted in editing for rendering/processing that added IS in post (time = money).


- IS in editing suites/programs are hit or miss. Most of the time - a miss. I don't use FCP anymore (because I can't afford the newest versions and it requires too much harddrive space anyways on my small MacBook); so, I just use iMovie nowadays. And, the IS in iMovie is beyond Terrible - so much wavey'ness and wobbly'ness. It is pretty much unusable beyond 5% (which is almost turned off at that point). The Electronic-IS/Steady-Shot in the RX1 is tons better and actually very very good. So why not use it in the A6300??


Sony, please at least add Electronic-IS Steady-Shot in an A6300 firmware update.


If not, I'm definitely selling this A6300 and getting the old RX1 again, or a different camera that has Any kind of IS (even Electronic IS is good enough for me). I'd rather have moire/aliasing from a different camera, than totally unusable shaky-****** (but sharp and clean 4K) video clips.




by mau_ara_oso Enthusiast
on ‎04-23-2016 04:32 PM

The rolling shutter is terrible, the worst I've seen. It's even worst than my 6 year old 5D mark II. In good concience I will not recommend this camera to anyone looking for an affordable dslr-like video camera. 


I hope sony is listening and address the issues mentioned here. 

by dmandrade1978 Rookie
on ‎04-24-2016 11:33 AM

I doubt they will, or can, add IBIS on these cameras. Ive read somewhere they left it out to save space (unsure HOW true that is, and unsure how much space this would actually take up)


But I will gladly take any of the other suggestions. My biggest inquiry is the 1080p softness. I am wondering what portion of the sensor they are using....and what they are doing to come up with the 1080p image. If it's being upscaled then at least we have an explanation.

by jbproflm Apprentice
on ‎04-26-2016 12:24 AM

 How about:


The ability to turn off Noise Reduction in Movie Mode


There should be an option allowing the user to turn Noise Reduction on or off when needed in Movie Mode instead of being turned on all the time. In low light shooting, the built-in Noise Reduction creates a really noticeable blurry smearing pattern and it also creates really bad frame blending jitter.



by Films42 Rookie
on ‎04-26-2016 02:04 AM

Great suggestions! I hope to see a new firmware for this camera soon 

by pablok Enthusiast
on ‎04-26-2016 10:25 AM

Thank you, great suggestions. Number 1 is really crucial for average user and deal breaker for me. The current state of 1080p quality in the A6300 is too bad. Also reducing rolling shutter in 4k recording and overheating would be important but 1080p quality is really essential! Thank you Sony for listening.

by mau_ara_oso Enthusiast
on ‎04-26-2016 10:43 AM

To be fair, footage in 4k does look really nice when using a tripod. It's quite amazing.


However the moment you take the camera of a tripod and do handheld shooting the footage is a disaster (and I'm not talking about crazy stunts, just moderate hand-controlled pannings). The rolling shutter is baffling. 


I haven't tested recording on HD footage, but the unified voice is that is subpar for today's standards. 


So, to second the previous poster 2 basics that need serious improvement are, in no particular order:


1.  Reduce the rolling shutter (please this camera excells in so many ways, but here it really sinks to the bottom of the pit)

2. Improve HD (I have a feeling that most users will be still shooting HD, so please, this is a must)

3. Overheating (I haven't come across this yet).


And what really sounds unrealistic to ask: IBIS (come on, at this body size?).