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Sony alpha cameras - rethinking the basics of a digital camera

by LGstudio Apprentice on ‎07-13-2017 03:31 PM

While I was using my beloved A6000 I have realised, that the basic setup concept of any digital camera is simply wrong. The whole P A S M mode thing is a huge limitation, that does not allow total freedom over the settings, and it also can be confusing.

The right way should be 3 dials (but also possible to be solved with a well made touchscrren and only 1 dial. It is just  a metter of a good UI/UX design):
- ISO: Auto, 100, 160, 200, ...
- Shutter speed: Auto, 4000,2000,1000,800,600  ... 20", 25", 30", bulb
- Apurture: Auto, 1.4, 1.7, 2, 2.4, 2,8 ...

Every auto settings should have a possible min & max value the camera should stay between.

These 3 settings should also have an order form overexposed to underexposed. so e.g. if the image is underexposed, for some it is necessary maybe to have a noise free image, so the iso should be the last thing to be adjusted, but as the camera is stabilised the shutter speed can be longer. some may want that the fast shutter speed so the camera should first adjust the iso then the apurture, and the shutterspeed as last. (ofc a logical overlaping of these settings would be nice but i have no idea yet how to solve this issue UX&UI wise. maybe the 3 bars on top of each other like layers in a video editing software, with settable min&max and draggable to ovelap each other.)

Sorry for my nonnative english. I hope i have expained my concept clearly and I also hope that someone at sony will agree with me that this is the right concept for a digital camera and that it is a time to remove those ugly P A S M mode dials form the modern cameras.