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Sony really needs to implement a touchscreen to their next high-end cameras!

by treeyoung Apprentice on ‎09-26-2016 09:22 AM

I read an interview which is done with Kimio Maki, Senior General Manager of the Digital Imaging Business Group a few days ago during Photokina 2016.


Mr.Maki said: "It’s usually a request from our general customers, however it’s not a request that we get from professionals. We may have to add touchscreen panels to our entry-level models, but professionals don’t require it. If the professionals change their mind and put in the request we may need to change this in the future."



Well, I think the comsumer survey they've done needs an update. Professionals surely do require it. It's right that you need to change.




Here're the professional and enthusiast cameras implemented with touchscreen published lately:


Canon 1DX Mark II (not fully functioned)
Canon 5D Mark IV
Canon EOS M5 (with touchpad AF function)
NIkon D5
Nikon D500
Nikon D5500 (with touchpad AF function)
All M43 Cameras (with touchpad AF function in Panasonic cameras)
Leica SL
Leica Q
Hasselblad X1D
Fuji GFX 50S


I guess the users of the cameras above are professional enough.


Here're the ones without a touchscreen:


Fuji X-T2
Sony A7R2, A7S2, RX1R2, A6300
Sony A99 Mark II
Pentax K-1


Ususally Sony won't show up in the "without" list when it comes to untraditional features.




Now let's see opinions of people who are considered as professionals.



A7R2 is highly rated in DPR, but this is what they thought the biggest drawback of it, so do many users:
“No direct access to AF point selection is bordering on inexcusable for a camera of this class: first pressing a button and then using a mushy 4-way dial to move the AF point is cumbersome. A touchscreen could've helped, especially if it functioned while using the viewfinder like the Nikon D5500 (so as EOS M5 and Panasonic Cameras), but alas, there is none.”



What DPR staffs think about EOS M5:
"In fact it's the implementation of this touchscreen that we're most impressed with. Much like the system developed by Panasonic, the M5 not only lets you use the rear touchscreen to position focus, it also allows its use as a touchpad to move the focus point, when you're shooting through the viewfinder. This, combined with decisive autofocus, should be really significant for both stills and video shooting."



They also regard touchscreen with Dual-Pixel AF as one of the most significant features of 5D Mark IV:
"You can use the touchscreen to navigate menus, access options on (and populate) the Q menu, and perhaps most importantly, touch-to-focus in both video and stills Live View. And if you don't want or need it, you can disable it altogether. As for us, we like it, and using speedy and accurate touch-to-focus on a rear screen instead of laying on our stomachs in the dirt for a low-angle shot is always an added plus."



This is Canon's official opinion on the touchscreen of 5D Mark IV:
"In the past, touchscreen operations on a high-end camera might have been looked at skeptically by traditional, experienced SLR shooters. After all, if we’ve evolved from relatively simply 35mm film SLRs to today’s sophisticated digital SLRs, using buttons and dials, why change a good thing?
But as mentioned in our opening, even the most tradition-bound camera user probably uses a touch-based interface regularly, when he or she pulls out their smartphone or mobile device.  We’re all more accustomed to this type of immediate, tactile input (well, nearly all of us!).  Canon has a track record of excellent touchscreen design in more consumer-oriented cameras, and that technology and its convenience has trickled up the food chain, to the EOS 5D Mark IV.  Unlike the recently-introduced EOS-1D X Mark II (our top-of-the-line, professional DSLR), the 5D Mark IV is blessed with the full touchscreen interface, and all the attendant options.  We’re confident that new EOS 5D Mark IV users who give it a try will find it really can help speed up some of their menu selections when examining images during playback.  We certainly urge anyone thinking of trying out this camera to give the touchscreen interface a test drive!"

('s opinion on Fuji X-T2 not having a touchscreen:
"Cameras need a touch screen.  I used to think I wouldn’t use a touchscreen on a camera until I got one that had it, and suddenly it was the only way I wanted to control the camera."

('s opinion on Fuji X-T2 not having a touchscreen:
"Just below the thumb dial you'll find an AF joystick again inherited from the X-Pro2 which makes it much quicker and easier to reposition the AF area; admittedly not as quick and easy as a touchscreen would…. and in my view touchscreens would greatly enhance all X-bodies; Fujifilm has already proven they can do touch controls well with the X70."



There're also thousands of complaining threads in professional and enthusiast forums. Here're some examples:

Why is Sony so reluctant about touchscreen?


Sony Needs to Make it Quicker to Change Focus Areas


Serious question - what's the a7rII missing?


Thought on touch screen implemented in the 5D Mk IV?




So, I think I've already made my point clear.

Professionals DO need touchscreen! Please add it to your next high-end camera!

by totallystrange Enthusiast
on ‎10-06-2016 09:15 AM
Now A6500 has been released. Touchscreen and touchpadAF implemented! I guess the new A7 serie cameras and A9 will get that too. Now I hope Sony can provide some kind of paid service that can let me send my A7R2 back to factory and change the original LCD into a touchscreen.
by alimpm Rookie
on ‎10-27-2016 11:05 AM

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