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a99 Usability Improvements

by mgharrison Enthusiast ‎09-24-2013 07:37 AM edited ‎11-26-2013 07:54 AM

Quick Review should have more options or an EVF Priority mode:

I would really like to be able to use the a99 the same way I used my other DSLRs. I often set the drive mode to continuous so that I can take one or more pictures as an event unfolds. I want to use the viewfinder as a viewfinder and I want to see my quick previews on the larger rear display. My older Sony cameras were smart enough not to show a preview until I fully released the shutter button. The a99 interrupts the viewfinder and forces you to see a preview even if you haven't taken your finger off the shutter button. I am starting to really appreciate the EVF for the info it can seamlessly display but the quick preview is invasive and the only option I have found to alleviate my problem is to completely disable it. 

If you are using the rear display to review/adjust settings it would be nice if the EVF switched back to viewfinder mode when you rais the camera to your eye.


Why can't you turn off the rear display? Wouldn't this save battery life?

This is clearly a habit formed from using other cameras but I want to raise the camera to my eye, compose the shot and then review it on the rear display. It may be a few minutes until I want to take another picture. The eye sensor works great for detecting when I am looking through the viewfinder but I cant find a way to turn off the rear screen other than flipping it closed. Then when you want to review an image you have to turn it back around and then push the button to review your image... I realize I can just leave the display on, but I am not looking at it and would prefer to save the battery.


I think this camera has a lot to offer and I like the way most of its features work seamlessly together. Other features seem to be forced on the user with no way to customize their use.

I think experienced photographers coming from older Sony cameras or other manufactures would feel more comfortable with the new technology if it was implemented in a less intrusive way. They should be able to use the a99 they way they would use any other DSLR with all the benefits of the new Sony technology.


These would only be firmware updates and I would really appreciate if they could make it into the next update.