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Dear Sony


First of all let us explain that the decision of being anonymous is because we are just five average guys, friends, and our names are not the important of this work, but the work itself and the idea.


First we thought of getting your attention some how, and so we posted a video on Youtube:


The idea is basically to re-build the FIFA Interactive tournament, not being capitalized the right way according to our thoughts, mainly considering the fact that Sony is a Partner of FIFA and the proportions of your company.


As much as we enjoyed the initiative of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014, it is far away from what we thought it should be, as five average consumers we represent.


The proportion of this event should be significantly increased.


It should be wider, from the level of publicity to the organization of the tournament.


We think this is addressed to gamers rather than your public in general, most of all, soccer fans that may not be consumers yet of your product PS4 that much. For example, we are five friends, from which only one has the PS4 and we all go to his house to play it. And to be honest, none of us was even familiar with the tournament until we started working on this idea, and we then find out about it.


But our idea was much bigger than yours.


The idea is to propose the audience a direct experience in the FIFA World Cup, involving all soccer fans and public in general, and to be more aggressive and expansive in the advertizing, publicity, the prices and the development.


In order to reach a much bigger audience and potential consumers, since after all one of the main objectives in your company is to increase the sales and prestige of your brand, well earned during your life.


You are partners with FIFA, I mean, 6 of the biggest companies in the world are only partners. We think you could make it better.


For started, the organization.


We thought it should be organized as the actual real tournament, with the same 32 countries qualified for the World cup, and same groups.


2 Players per team, to encourage the team spirit that this sport represents, and of course friendship.

Eliminations by country first, and each country players will only play with their own nation among each other, until the best of each country wins the elimination.


1 team representing their nation, and then 32 nations competing with each other, in the same format as the real FIFA World cup tournament.


This will have a much wider impact on all public in general, and in the Soccer fans around the world.

We are already counting the days for the tournament, and ******, some of us even quit their jobs and spending their life savings to travel to Brazil.


You are allowing all players to actually feel that somehow they are participating in the event. It would be so much fun, entertained and most important, to a wider audience than gamers.


You are providing a quality and memorable experience to your public in general just before the real tournament.


The Publicity:


To get to this tournament information, us, who don’t own the PS4, and that we were actually working on this idea in the first place for you, was actually hard.


We found nothing in the Sony and PS4 websites, or is too hard to find for us.


So we went into FIFA. And there we saw it. Hide under the “Tournaments” link, which is right next to the “FIFA World Cup” link. If see both, I would always choose the FIFA one.


But we were investigating, so we saw it all. And right there, the link: FIFA Interactive World Cup”, without the “PS4” written on it.




We think that first, you should broadcast the publicity of the tournament on National TV on each of the countries involved.


And of course the tournament details should be advertised on each national Sony and PS4 website front page.


I mean, you have to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity and leverage the world cup gives you, not only to generate more incomes, but to generate a real impact on your brand image in general.


And of course prizes should be as in your already Interactive tournament: tickets to the WorldCup, and cash prizes as well.


Final matches for the local eliminations, and the PS4 World cup, broadcast on the web page, highlights of the greatest plays.


We bet your audience is going to grow a lot more than the 2.5M from 2013.


In best case scenario, you can even broadcast the final and semifinal on national TV, or the highlights at least just before the first real game of the FIFA 2014. But that is going nuts right? J


Imagine millions of consumers worldwide + the potential ones.


Don’t you think you are going to sell a couple of more PS4?


We may not be leads of Marketing but we thought this through. We worked a lot on this, and on the idea of how to get to you.


I know it may not be possible for this year worldcup, thought you are Sony, so I am not so sure. But at least take it for consideration for 2018.


We have more ideas for this tournament that we would love to discuss.


Thank you!!!

I love the idea of a 135mm MACRO ! wish SONY had one. In fact "wish" Sony would ADD MACRO ability to the 135mm f1.8 ZA.

and add a Switch.


The MACRO ability of this lens is probably close already.

It's questionable if this lens will ever have blazing fast AF, so it might as well be a MACRO and be deadly Accurate on AF.


And let Wedding shooters have a Lens that they could shoot a GREAT PORTRAIT and a Ring MACRO with the same Lens. I would bet Sony would sell more 135mm this way. Just a thought.

Currently a few Sony cameras have a monochrome LCD on the top plate (RX10, A77, A99). This display shows basic shooting parameters: aperture, exposure, ISO, shots remaining, etc.


The idea is to make this display electrophoretic, i.e. an e-ink display (also known as electronic paper).


The advantage - this type of display retains the information when powered OFF. To check your camera's current settings, you need not even power it on, simply glance.


This type of display may also consume less battery power, since it only uses power to change what is on the display. Like the monochrome LCD it would require illumination for use in darkness.

a7Rii aspect ratio

by mrt_r Rookie ‎02-02-2016 01:37 AM - edited ‎02-02-2016 01:44 AM

Please add extra aspects ratio's to our a7rii:




 - custom 


i would almsot permanently use 4:3 !!!! to see your ratio while shooting is why i love mirrorless, and the a7rii doesnt have it....


would be great if we could have the full sensor output preserved in the raw with the aspect ratio crop set,

or add it to exif with a flag (not sure if this is possible)


secondary request:

and / or have us use an custom overlay image to the screen

so we can set our own semi transparent mask(s)

The VAIO brand name

by Terex Enthusiast ‎04-25-2014 10:51 AM

Please do not sell the VAIO brand, its just too unique to let go

There's always a way to save it

First you can start by cutting down the number of products being produced and only focus on the verry important 

laptops/tablets from the VAIO line 

0 Me Toos

Message for Kenta Honjo (could not find any social media account related to him):


The A6300 has impressive specs, very nice indeed.


Of particular interest is the fact that it can use PDAF on A-mount lenses via the LA-EA3 adapter.


Thing is, related to the fact that most A-mount lenses have no Image stabilization, and in fact, adapted manual lenses (which a lot of people use, including me) have no IS, many folks where actually expecting the A6000 successor to incorporate IBIS.


It would have been the perfect APS-C camera (at the moment) with that one extra feature.


It seems we will have to wait another 2 years for the A6300 successor, so, please:


*** Add IBIS to the A6300 successor ***


Do consider also that such a feature on an APS-C body could make viable something that some of your competitors are already offering as an advantage:


*** [sensor/pixel]-shifted, high quality, high resolution photography ***


Very useful for studio product photography, landscape photography, etc.



Thanks for your time.



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I was shocked to discover that it appears impossible to reset the Image file Nos. Having Multiple Sony Camera Bodies it would seem essential to avoid duplicating Image File numbers on the computer.


It's bad enough that 'Apple' make it so difficult to Batch Re-name when it was so straightforward with that awful Windows system!


Please Sony, you have taken into account the many criticisms/design faults of our past Nex models. You now have a serious top professional camera with the Alpha Range, now give it's users a few more "Software Updates" Smiley Happy

I really got dissapointed about the A7RII when I´ve learned - after I´ve purchased it - that I can´t show camera settings on my SmallHD external Viewfinder when shooting in 4K !!!


It is absurd for a great camera like that is not able to offer an camera setting overlay in the HDMI output. 

Everyone who woudl like to work with an external EVR in 4K has a seriouse problem through that. And everyone who wants to work professionally with that camera has to use an external viewfinder/monitor and seeing the settings is vital for that!


Please please please: fix that in a firmware update !!

Otherwise this camera - upon it´s overall great performance - doesn´t make any sense! At least to me.