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I got two SA-NS300 homeshare speakers with my STR-DN1020 Reciver in 2010.  Worked ok, firmware and app was shaky at first but improved with time.  A year later I got two SA-NS500 speakers.  I used all 5 devices in homeshare party mode every time I'm home working around the house.  It worked great for internet radio and content stored on QNAP server.  Never had a problem.   I want to buy more speakers but in typical sony fashion they cut and run, the homeshare speaker line was discontinued after only 3 years.  Why Sony, Why?  


1) Please bring back the homeshare speakers line. You mean to tell me samsung and sonos have a better product? And sony can't compete?


2) Add the homeshare feature to the STR-DN1050. I upgraded from STR-DN1020 because of the XBR-900B 4K TV.


3) It would be nice to have a clock radio with homeshare too. I was waiting for something like this when homeshare came out or at least create a dock that uses the clock app (needs alarms).


As of now, I'm fishing on ebay for 2 more SA-NS500.




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Dear Sony,
When you first announced the playstation TV/vita TV I preordered it and then realised this product has so much potential. I believe this product holds the future of gaming.

Firstly the form factor of this device is magical and hence there is no reason why it couldn't be incorporated into every Sony Television, everybody uses televisions and therefore you would be giving everybody the ability to game from any television.

Now what I propose is a massive project I know but hear me out. You need every Sony television to have a Ps vita Tv built in, you need to allow every other TV manufacturer to bundle the *external* Ps vita tv with their televisions. Now you might be thinking what happens when we release a new Ps Vita well I would suggest using the same chip archiecture with the newest ARM CPU and combo it with the Nvidia tegra K1 (these are already tried and tested chips, check out the Nvidia shield tablet to see it's power) and making it backwards compatible.

Now this is all well and good but now I need to ask you a question, is the vita Operating system built for the future? Now I understand that what I'm about to say might not be possible for the current gen Vita, but to make the vita the ultimate gaming machine it needs to have more games and that's why I brought up the OS, what would happen if you, let's say used an Android based OS on the Vita, this would give you two MASSIVE library of games to play and countless apps that would be a dream on the vita. Because the easiest way to get more developers for a device is to incorporate another platform. Please think about the future Sony this might be the biggest change in the gaming market in history and you'll be the ones behind it.

Now this last feature is a crazy feature that would be a but further down the line but is still on the "greatest platform" topic. Steam/Valve is developing a game streaming service where you can stream you PC games to another device, this would add another huge library of games to this device and would add so much more value to it.

This idea/vision will be very hard to get right but I believe that you Sony are the greatest company to do it, thank you for your time.

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I feel uncomfortable about the fact that you seem to me to have fraudulently posed a man as one of my own potential fiances, making him show himself as looking like a certain instructor, displayed in one of my own DVDs that the New York Institute of Photography has mailed to me, just because I could not figure out right away, as opposed to later, how to play my New York Institute of Photography DVDs using my own Sony VAIP PC's built-in DVD player. Yet, the only reason that I had already purchased a Sony Blu-Ray Disc/DVD Player was the fact that I had already mistakenly thought that I had needed a separate device in order to play my New York Institute of Photography DVDs. That was weeks before I had met that same man online. Weeks later, after having purchased that same Sony DVD player, I met that same man online. A few days after I had video-dated with that same man on Skype, that same man invited me to play online arcade games resembling gambling casino games, but I don't like arcade and/or gambling and/or casino games. I turned down his offer to play a certain online arcade game, and he has not chatted with me ever since that same time at which I politely turned down that same offer of his to play a game. I feel that you have cleverly made me look at fault for having told the New York Institute of Photography that I could not play their own DVDs in my own computer, as if your defense was to pose me as if I really had been able to play those same DVDs but actually had been lying about that just to receive another set of those same DVDs and/or to meet an online hustler, perhaps who was trying to take my money in an online arcade game or related method. If you truly have done that to me, I feel that that same above-described action is an act of slander, a lie that you have perpetrated about me. I want you to please tell the New York Institute of Photography that, at first, I truly could not figure out how to play my New York Institute of Photography DVDs using my own Sony VAIO computer.

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Musin playing on the receiver is very limited from usb and network sources. Yes, you can play to the 5800 from windows media player and make a playlist there but you cannot make a playlist from the receiver itself. Makes things very limited and frustrating. the remore app on the phone does not do it either. I had much better capability on my logitech squeezebox remote and this feels like going backwards.


Also, the remore app on the phne should be able to see what is playing and what is next etc. Again, Logitech squeezebox set the benchmark.


Really ought to add this capability via a futuer firmware update. 

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When people think about buying a vacation home, they don’t usually think of purchasing a duplex. But that’s exactly what Bradenton-native couple Neal and Vanessa Finelli did when they bought a Sarasota duplex to act as their weekend retreat. Now, not only do they have an easy escape from the daily routine, they also have an income-producing property.
Vanessa wasn’t impressed with it originally, however. It had a new metal roof but the outside was a little dingy and the kitchen was cramped. There was already a long-term renter living one side, though, and after talking it over the couple decided to buy it for its $165,000 asking price.
Renovating with $3000
The catch was, Vanessa only wanted to spend $3000 on its renovations, which is a drop in the bucket when it comes to most home remodels. She lucked out, though, because the floors didn’t need replaced, which expense could have easily swallowed her little budget whole. But there were still furnishings to be purchased and a kitchen to be revamped, a task many homeowners would say couldn’t be done with such little funds.
“My feeling is that with a big enough budget, anybody can renovate and style a home successfully,” said Vanessa, who besides being a DIY renovator is also an artist. “But it takes someone resourceful to do it with practically no money, using repurposed furniture and accessories from garage sales and big-box stores.”
Creative furnishings
For a bed, Vanessa purchased two twin mattresses and pushed them together to make a king. She shopped sales at Lowe’s for area carpets and chose a futon as a couch and hideaway bed for the second bedroom.
And in the living area, they got lounge chairs with matching ottomans instead of a couch, because, as Vanessa explained, “this arrangement provides us with the greatest flexibiility when entertaining guests. And when dealing with a small space, furniture that is multi-purpose, versatile and flexible is what you want.”
Reconfiguring a small kitchen
The kitchen was the biggest budget drain, of course. They had to reconfigure the cabinets and plumbing to make space for a dishwasher and they replaced the countertops and repainted the walls and ceiling. To deal with the cramped galley configuration, Vanessa removed the bank of upper cabinets on one side and the doors on several of the cabinets of the other side.  The result, she said, was, “Now the kitchen is pleasant and feels roomier than it actually is. Paint helps a lot, too as well as art.”
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New Idea for Clock radio concept

by jimmyfudd Rookie ‎01-14-2015 06:08 AM

I would very much like to have a clock radio which will use micro chips (sandisc) in lieu of, or in addition to CD technology.  I have searched all the manufacturers I could think of, and found none that have such a product available.  I can't believe there would not be a significant desire for such a product.  And, the cost to provide this fearture should not be outrageous.  If such a device is already available, please let me know where I might find it and make a purchase!

Currently own a provisional patent for BluScu, and it's technoligy. BluScu is a technology thar is extremely cheap to produce, and will forever be implemented on every remote controlled electronic once I release, my patent to the buyer. This technology allows a person to push a button on the button panel of their electronic device, be it hdtv, bluray, home theatre, game console, anything with remote control, and have the remote send a series of audible beeps to alert the consumer to it's misplaced remotes position. The BluScu will be implemented, BluScu is owned by me, as of right now, it is still for sale. Who would like to see SONY obtain this technology to implement on their devices? I know that most of us consumers, would definately appreciate this technology. NO MORE SEARCHING FOR REMOTES!!! My email is for any corporate responses.
Please add this feature to the DN1050 A/V receiver to make it a even better product. It would be nice to have even work in the second zone; treat the main and second as two party stream devices. Don't need a GUI or new remote to control, I've always used my iPhone or ipad to control, which was fine.<br><br>This feature was in all receivers since the DN1020 which I have. Upgraded to DN1050 to find the party streaming was missing. I use HomeShare/party stream every time I'm home working or cleaning around the house. I have 2 sans500 and 2 sans300, along with the dn1020. Was going to get another sans500 from eBay to include my basement/laundry room.<br><br>PLEASE add this feature back and it would be nice to bring back the speakers. A sans500 with Bluetooth included would have been nice also then I could took it out of house where there is no WIFI.