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Currently own a provisional patent for BluScu, and it's technoligy. BluScu is a technology thar is extremely cheap to produce, and will forever be implemented on every remote controlled electronic once I release, my patent to the buyer. This technology allows a person to push a button on the button panel of their electronic device, be it hdtv, bluray, home theatre, game console, anything with remote control, and have the remote send a series of audible beeps to alert the consumer to it's misplaced remotes position. The BluScu will be implemented, BluScu is owned by me, as of right now, it is still for sale. Who would like to see SONY obtain this technology to implement on their devices? I know that most of us consumers, would definately appreciate this technology. NO MORE SEARCHING FOR REMOTES!!! My email is for any corporate responses.

Square digital photo frame

by mo0nline Rookie ‎07-06-2015 08:30 AM

Dear Sony!


I really enjoy your product Sony DPF D70. It has perfect design and looks amazing, but I have to choose what pictures is most important for me: gorizontal vs vertical. I have an idea to overcome this contradiction — please, make square digital photo frame, so all photos could look great.


With best wishes.

Irina V.

My project for Sony Xperia "F":
Android: 4.4
Processor: A6 or failing octa core 1.6
Memory: internal 32GB expandable msd has 64.
Display: Super AMOLED full HD 1080 x 1920 p. With 3D technology (and possibly a screen that does not diminish its visual field reflected light, also slightly curved for better performance in 3D visual field). Multifunction for a double use of your screen. Ipx58 Certification: water (1 meter for 30 min.) Dustproof.
Sound: In 3D and equalizer to customize. Wireless Headphones for not disturbing the user with cables.
Camera: 20.7 megapixel with G lens and image processor BIONZ as also a way to capture 3D. Y 5 of front mpx.
Body: Aluminum. With home button, back and options on the touch-sensitive bottom to not interfere on the screen.
Colors: Red, Blue, Green and Purple
Battery: 3000 Mah fixed.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start selling the MDR W08L headphones again!  You could charge twice as much, they were cheap!  Now the only way to get them is to pay exorbitant prices online, and they aren't worth that because they do break easily.  Nevertheless, they were the ONLY headphones that are comfortable for many people, and earbuds are terrible.

C'mon Sony why did you discontinue these?  

The HAP-Z1ES music player allows you to create and save a maximum of only 100 playlists.This seems to be a very low limit considering you can have thousands of albums/folders and 20,000 music files on the 1TB drive. 100 playlists is not enough to properly categorize and organize that many files. I would like to see an firmware update that increases the number of playlists that can be created. Why does it allow such a small numer of playlists? Is there any way I can get beyond 100 playlists?

0 Me Toos

Release Dates

by Terex Enthusiast ‎01-21-2015 06:03 PM

Dear Sony, making the right phones is on thing but releasing them at the right time is another thing
from the rumores the Z4 is expected to be announced at MWC, this is good and okay along that am sure youll
also announce the Z4 Tablet. Also from rumores the Z4 Ultra and Z4 Compact are also meant to be announced at MWC i beg you not make such a mistake cos right now the wrong move will cost you big. i see you tring make the Z4 the king  of all 3, but why dont you do that to the Z4 Ultra, drop the screen to 6 inches and up the display to QHD, raise  its camera to 20.7 and delay its release till october IFA along with the Z4 Compact and give it a real stylus i know you can it. This way if thers any complain from  the Z4 it will be ammended on the Z4 Ultra and by then new processors and technology will be out and the Z4 Ultra can take advantaged of these instead of making a clone of the Z4 with a bigger screen. Also i know you can it, please drop the bezzels and adjust your speakers, camera and overall design to be the best. Also at IFA we can see the Z4 Tablet Compact, thers no need to rush 2015 will be a great year for you, if only you make the right moves and advertise more thats a very important aspect as to why your phones do not sell, cos people still find it hard to believe that you exist, not just limiting your scope but all over the world (Africa, most especially Nigeria, they have an habbit of patronising things) And i think i like the Compact just the way it is, but if i where CEO ill give it a 16MP social smart camera and i wont launch any mid range or entry level device this year, cos you have too much already in the market, let those ones sell before dropping more at the cunsumers feet. Thank You

I'm working on building some DJ hardware and think I found a new use for your MiniDisc technology which could bring it back.


I'm using an Atmel MCU to control a MiniDisc deck I have here, using it for data storage through analog audio.

It could be useful for storing live mixes, and program data needed to operae the board I'm building.


Since it records in stereo, I can put two data tracks on it per sample, and I'm thinking about using AM amplitude modulation for Mono mode which would have a predetermined baud rate equal to the sample rate.


Here's a schematic of the panel, but I put pin headers on my board to plug into another board from Atmel:

Here is the control panel on my design I am building


I think this would be a great addition to your product line.

So, I own an a5000. The video quality is good but like most mirrorless they lack a microphone jack. Only the high end ones have a mic input. However the low end ones come with a USB, ironically most DSLRs (even low end ones) come with a mic input. Syncing sound can be a drag. With USB you can do anything. Yes USB is primarily used for transferring files and powering devices but it has done much more due to computer software (video game controllers, video capture, sound recording, printing, etc.).

Solution: create a Micro (and/or) mini USB microphone or USB mic adapter for other mics to use on micless mirrorless.
GoPro had a USB mic for their camera. The a6000 has a hot shoe and like a USB it can transfer power but can control devices like an external flash - even an external mic and automatically recognizes it. In order for the camera (a5000) to recognize the mic there probably should be a software update. Sony always finds a way. The a5000 should be convenient (after all I can hear the motor for the lens on video mode).