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Expansion TV

by JHL_Music7 Rookie ‎07-30-2014 09:42 AM

Hi Sony,


Hi Im a secondary school student from UK and recently I had a concept that i would like to suggest, a wild but exciting concept for a new type of tv that has potential to create a new market! Here is my concept- Expansion TV. Although many smart tv nowadays offer multi screen entertainment but the problem remains that the size of the screen is reduced. However what if the tv can be expanded at either side to duplicate the size of the original screen? Therefore users can enjoy miltiple entertainments at the same time/multi users can enjoy different entertainments at once. Not only does this concept suit normal everyday use, its also ideal for multiplayer gaming! Plus what if the screen can be expanded again at top and bottom to create 4 split screen? With such tv, the advantage of it not only lies with multi entertainment but it can also offer the user a huge screen for single entertainment where user also has the option to shrink the tv back to its original size to save space.


Thank you for your attention!

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Samsung released this neat thing.



And I just purchased this pretty neat thing.



But as nice as this is (and for less than $1000, including all necessary adapters for my computer), those bars inbetween screens bother me.


What about three monitors fshioned together into a single, seamless front-end display, in a curved orientation, like that television by Samsung?


The inputs on the three montors work the same as usual. It's not a single giant monitor, it's 3 standard input monitors, but splicd together seamlessly so that it appears to be a single, curved display. I'd pay $1.5-$3.5K for it. I bet lots of developers and designers like me who utilize 3 monitors are thinking the same thing. 

Global shutter CMOS

by 2014K Rookie ‎05-15-2014 06:27 PM - edited ‎07-26-2014 01:50 PM

It has been 2 years and there are already Global Shutter CMOS cameras for industrial use. We have the global shutter F55 and Sony patented a sensor last December only for industrial use. But what about the CONSUMER who has do deal with the rolling shutter? I thought the line between pro and consumer was shrinking. If a camera or camcorder had a global shutter it would be worth the sale and competition. At least the action cams should have a global shutter. It should be catching on like 4k. 


(if CCD is becoming extinct then it should be worth it)

USB 3.0 for DV

by 2014K Rookie ‎06-13-2014 07:13 AM

Firewire and DV are declining in the age of instant memory. Solid memory players like ODC-300RE offer USB 2.0/3.0, while the VTRs only offer firewire. However, people are trying to convert DV to digital or are still using it. Windows 8 does not support firewire (unfortunately) and that could be an issue when Windows 7 becomes useless. Firewire is the only connection that offers the best quality from DV. These new VTRs should come with USB 3 or there should be an adapter to convert firewire to USB 3. Usb 3.0 does act like firewire in a way so there should not be an issue. Tapes can be a drag but it doesn't mean they should be left behind, the info can't be lost forever. Like film, DV must be updated (and probably supprot 4k).

Please please sony add the live view function to the Remote Camera Controll application. 

Right now I'm struggling usint the A7R in studio. If I use a usb cable and directly tether to the mac I cannot use the live view from the ipad, if I choose the use the ipad live view I cannot transfer my files directly to the mac (and use SD instead).


It would be great to use the live view directly to the Mac (like Canon does).



F5 OLED Viewfinder problem

by brightwood Rookie ‎06-10-2014 09:00 AM

I have the OLED viewfinder on my F5 and after a year and 2 months it quit working properly.  Turned it on one day and the image was skipping and half of it had gone black.  I tried reseating the cable and reseting the camera and firmware but nothing helped.  I took the VF into the Sony service center in LA and a tech told me that the cable was fine and the problem was most likely with the viewfinder hardware.  After a couple days I got a quote for a $1500 repair and I was reminded that my warrenty was only good for a year.  I was a bit shocked.  My camera has been lightly used, well cared for and lives in a foam padded hard case at all times.  I told Sony that I was unhappy and mentioned that I have cameras with viewfinders that have been working fine with heavy use for over 8 years.  Eventually Sony agreed to cover the repair under warrently even though it was experied by two months.  I commend them for making that choice and taking good care of me as a customer.  I have a small owner/operator business but I work for a lot of different television productions and I do my fair share of promoting the F5 with producers, directors, and other camera people because I believe its a great product.  I hope that Sony continues to believe in this product and their customers enough to do the right thing if and when problems arise that are design or quality defects.




Peter S. Thompson

Brightwood Productions LLC

Local 600 

Hi  there experts

how about  coming up with more compact pancake prime len's instead of len's that extend past the hand hold of the

camera? after all most of us reallyw ant a pocket camera of this quality and all the versitily but don't need

long lens's to accomplish our needs we and can always buy an adaptor and buy low cost Minolta lens's for the

zooms...  thats what I've done...  Im talking about a 50mm or 65 or 70mm  compact pancake lens maybe 1 inch in total

lenght if possible or less..   love the nex 6   and like everything else nothing is perfect.. but cameras seem to

be getting smaller again...lets get the pancakes more compact if possible also





I'm working on building some DJ hardware and think I found a new use for your MiniDisc technology which could bring it back.


I'm using an Atmel MCU to control a MiniDisc deck I have here, using it for data storage through analog audio.

It could be useful for storing live mixes, and program data needed to operae the board I'm building.


Since it records in stereo, I can put two data tracks on it per sample, and I'm thinking about using AM amplitude modulation for Mono mode which would have a predetermined baud rate equal to the sample rate.


Here's a schematic of the panel, but I put pin headers on my board to plug into another board from Atmel:

Here is the control panel on my design I am building


I think this would be a great addition to your product line.