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Suggested A and E mount lenses...

by rzero21 Specialist ‎04-21-2015 08:12 PM

First with E-mount.

Current APS-C E-mount is quite complete in terms of focal distance coverage from 10mm to 240mm (with the release of the SEL24240) but the options available in many cases aren't that good for the system. This is the shortlist that includes some lenses mentioned in several forums as lenses missing in APS-C E-mount lineup and other options I suggest myself:

16mm F2.8 II ( to replace low rating SEL16F28 design)
60mm F2 Macro (the 1:1 distance of the SEL30M35 is too close to the front of the lens and the SEL90M28G is too big for APS-C E-mount cameras)
85mm F1.8
135mm F2.8 or F.2.4
16-50mm F2.8
50-150mm F2.8
150-300mm F4
1.4x Teleconverter for 50-150 and 150-300mm lenses.

Suggestion for FF E-mount lineup. Current and upcoming lenses has already covered focal distances from 16mm up to 240mm. That's a good thing. But lately, I have seen E-mount lenses getting bigger and bigger which defeats the purpose of E-mount. That's why I suggest the following:


PZ 16-28mm F4 G OSS (to complement the SELP28135G)

18mm F4 ZA °°
21mm F2.8 ZA °°
24mm F2.8 ZA °°
85mm F2 or F2.8
135mm F2.8
PZ 135-300mm F4 G OSS (to complement the SELP28135G)
200mm F2.8
1.4x Teleconverter for 135mm and 200mm F2.8 and 70-200mm F4

note: °° take inspiration on the ZM lenses but make them like the SEL35F28Z. That lens is small and great.

Now into A-mount.

This system still has a lot of potential for development. Currently, many FF users included myself only have a few options available for constant aperture zoom. The few lenses available are very expensive (aside from the 28-75mm F2.8 SAM)

Sony FE is getting a lot of attention due to lower prices for FF photography compared to A-mount but are quite comparable with other popular systems (Canon and Nikon with F4 zoom lenses). I have a constant feedback from many users in the Latinamerican region and most photogs buy second hand Minolta, Tamron and Sigma lenses because the current 70-200mm F2.8 G SSM II is 3000USD expensive and the 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM is 2000USD. If you take into account that a SLT-A99 costs around 2299USD discounted, it still can't compete against other Nikon and Canon offerings price wise. In the high-end Sony has covered almost every requirement. Now there is a need to cover high-end low-price offerings (which in Canon and Nikon are the money makers from the masses).

That's why I suggest the following lenses (with weathersealing):

14-24mm or 16-35mm F4 (G or ZA) SSM
24-70mm or 24-120mm F4 (G or ZA) SSM
70-200mm F4 G SSM

300mm F4 G SSM **

note: ** design available on Minolta AF. Just need some coating and/or external design changes on par to newer designs.

And to complete the A-mount system once and for all, Sony must release the following lenses for different budget levels and creative options:

14mm or 16mm F2.8 non-fisheye wide prime lens
28mm F2 ** (to fill the gap left from the SAL28F28)
35mm F2 ** (as a step between DT-only SAL35F18 and SAL35F14G)
35mm F2 ZA SSM (or F1.4 to replace the SEL35F14G)
50mm F2 ++ (as a step between DT-only SAL50F18 and SAL50F14)
50mm F2.8 SSM Macro (non extending barrel / to replace aging SAL50M28 design)

85mm F2 SSM (as a step between the cheap SAL85F28 and SAL85F14Z)
100mm F2.8 G SSM Macro (non extending barrel / to replace aging SAL100M28 design)
200mm F4 G SSM Macro **
200mm F2.8 G SSM **
400mm F4 G SSM **

600mm F4 G SSM **

note: ** lens available on Minolta AF. Just need some coating and/or external design changes on par to newer designs.

And some updates to existing designs:

16mm F2.8 Fisheye (remove the existing colours filters and add ND filters, they're more useful now than colour filters)

24mm F2 ZA SSM (make it weathersealed)

35mm F1.4 G (make it weathersealed and use SSM or replace it with above suggestion of a Zeiss lens)

85mm F1.4 ZA (make it weathersealed and use SSM)

135mm F1.8 ZA (make it weathersealed and use SSM)


And finally, new lenses for DT A-mount.


DT 10-16mm F4 SSM (to replace the SAL1118 lens and complement the excellent SAL1650)
DT 50-150mm or 50-135mm F2.8 SSM (to complement the excellent SAL1650)
DT 24mm F2.4 SAM (to complement easy choice lineup from Sony)

Final thoughts:

As you can see, the suggestions are based on some factors depending on the system. Price, Increase of options available and small size (on FE section).

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Dear Sony,
When you first announced the playstation TV/vita TV I preordered it and then realised this product has so much potential. I believe this product holds the future of gaming.

Firstly the form factor of this device is magical and hence there is no reason why it couldn't be incorporated into every Sony Television, everybody uses televisions and therefore you would be giving everybody the ability to game from any television.

Now what I propose is a massive project I know but hear me out. You need every Sony television to have a Ps vita Tv built in, you need to allow every other TV manufacturer to bundle the *external* Ps vita tv with their televisions. Now you might be thinking what happens when we release a new Ps Vita well I would suggest using the same chip archiecture with the newest ARM CPU and combo it with the Nvidia tegra K1 (these are already tried and tested chips, check out the Nvidia shield tablet to see it's power) and making it backwards compatible.

Now this is all well and good but now I need to ask you a question, is the vita Operating system built for the future? Now I understand that what I'm about to say might not be possible for the current gen Vita, but to make the vita the ultimate gaming machine it needs to have more games and that's why I brought up the OS, what would happen if you, let's say used an Android based OS on the Vita, this would give you two MASSIVE library of games to play and countless apps that would be a dream on the vita. Because the easiest way to get more developers for a device is to incorporate another platform. Please think about the future Sony this might be the biggest change in the gaming market in history and you'll be the ones behind it.

Now this last feature is a crazy feature that would be a but further down the line but is still on the "greatest platform" topic. Steam/Valve is developing a game streaming service where you can stream you PC games to another device, this would add another huge library of games to this device and would add so much more value to it.

This idea/vision will be very hard to get right but I believe that you Sony are the greatest company to do it, thank you for your time.

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Expansion TV

by JHL_Music7 Rookie ‎07-30-2014 09:42 AM

Hi Sony,


Hi Im a secondary school student from UK and recently I had a concept that i would like to suggest, a wild but exciting concept for a new type of tv that has potential to create a new market! Here is my concept- Expansion TV. Although many smart tv nowadays offer multi screen entertainment but the problem remains that the size of the screen is reduced. However what if the tv can be expanded at either side to duplicate the size of the original screen? Therefore users can enjoy miltiple entertainments at the same time/multi users can enjoy different entertainments at once. Not only does this concept suit normal everyday use, its also ideal for multiplayer gaming! Plus what if the screen can be expanded again at top and bottom to create 4 split screen? With such tv, the advantage of it not only lies with multi entertainment but it can also offer the user a huge screen for single entertainment where user also has the option to shrink the tv back to its original size to save space.


Thank you for your attention!

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Action Camera Ideas

by GeoffMaliska Rookie ‎12-03-2014 01:52 PM

Hello my name is Geoff.

I operate a third party product development firm called Geoff's.
I have an idea for your POV cameras as my research has convinced me that the Sony Action Cam is the best on the market and I would like to help dethrone GoPro. 
I am a professional athlete.  
I am an accomplished rock climber, kayaker, mountain biker, skier and surfer.
I have lived in lake Tahoe for 25 years and have had the opportunity to work on the Eco Challenge Race, with the North Face Alpine Team,  the late Dan Osman and many pro athletes from all over the world.  
I am recently getting into the social media side of sports and I am an apprentice photographer.  
I race enduro mountain bike races and will be competing in kayaking surf contest this spring as well.
Thank you for you time and I look forward to talking to you soon,
 Geoff's product development,  
(530) 318- 2127,

There are Hasselblad xPan (fuji TX) camera which even now is unique because it shoots frames 24x65mm (on 135 film type) ~2,71:1 aspect ratio.


Sony starts to make big sensors (44x33mm). On the sensor base you can develop the panoramic digital camera. Sensor may be 44x16mm sized for example.


Market has no rivals.

P.S. I like RX100 size. I would like to see the size camera policy Smiley Happy

Please please sony add the live view function to the Remote Camera Controll application. 

Right now I'm struggling usint the A7R in studio. If I use a usb cable and directly tether to the mac I cannot use the live view from the ipad, if I choose the use the ipad live view I cannot transfer my files directly to the mac (and use SD instead).


It would be great to use the live view directly to the Mac (like Canon does).



A6000 feature request

by crtalen2 Apprentice ‎02-27-2014 09:22 AM - edited ‎02-27-2014 09:25 AM
I can't wait for the A6000 camera to come out, but I have a few feature requests that has been overlooked on every one of your NEX mirrorless cameras.

1. Your auto HDR mode, like your auto panorama mode it is incredibly useful for us travel and landscape photographers, but unlike the auto panorama mode I have to first switch from RAW to JPEG to then turn on auto HDR and then back to RAW and turn off auto HDR when I'm done. This 4 step process takes up way too much time in the menu system when shooting. Could it be added to the scene modes or an app for faster use? It would make the camera much more appealing to the travel and landscape photographers who want to switch to this mirrorless system but avoid it because of the tedious menu.

2. Add phase detection auto focus support for the Sigma lenses! They are why I'm buying this camera.

3. Add an option to keep the electronic viewfinder always on, with the rear LCD off except for image review, more like a how DSLR operates, for easier use and adapting to this new system. Waiting for the electronic viewfinder to turn on every time I wanted to shoot was my first turn-off while trying out your mirrorless cameras.

4. Not about the A6000 but about how hard it is to submit feedback to Sony: please fix your word verification system on your professional products feedback page. After many tries it still wouldn't work so I submitted this feedback to your Facebook page. They then directed me to submit it here in hopes it would get to the right people. It took over an hour to submit this feedback and you will loose a lot of valuable information because it's so confusing and difficult to do.

Hi  there experts

how about  coming up with more compact pancake prime len's instead of len's that extend past the hand hold of the

camera? after all most of us reallyw ant a pocket camera of this quality and all the versitily but don't need

long lens's to accomplish our needs we and can always buy an adaptor and buy low cost Minolta lens's for the

zooms...  thats what I've done...  Im talking about a 50mm or 65 or 70mm  compact pancake lens maybe 1 inch in total

lenght if possible or less..   love the nex 6   and like everything else nothing is perfect.. but cameras seem to

be getting smaller again...lets get the pancakes more compact if possible also