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Publishing SDK for in-camera APIs and allowing installation of Apps from non-Sony sources would make the cameras vastly more versatile tools, and free Sony camera department resources for concentrating on kick-****** hardware and basic firmware functionality, while satisfying the needs of users that have more specialized needs.


CHDK and Magic Lantern firmware hacks for Canon cameras show the potential of this, and with manufacturer support, this kind of extensibility would be even better. Samsung is also taking things in this direction with Galaxy NX, and right now they have no competition - you already have the technology to do the same, don't ruin it by being too restrictive.

Sony, you could add in their smart TVs the app to view live streams of games, it sure would be a huge attraction for gamers worldwide users.

I recently bought the Lens Compensation app and at $10 is on the expensive side.
Sadly, for legacy lenses it lacks a huge feature. Adding the profile settings to the Exif file so you can easily identiy the lens used etc.

Please update it.


With all of this new technology we have now. I have issued the challenge to every major place like Sony, Microsoft, Meta, Ea Sports, and Konami. The challenge is for them to attempt to create the duel disc from yugioh, a virtual hologram item you put on your arm to play a card game. where monsters show up in virtual images by your side. It's an awesome game! I mean think about it, Virtual technology would skyrocket so much! Not only that but would prob. be one of the biggest things for a long time no come. It can be done. This is the stepping stone to it ( ) It can only get better from here. Just think how awesome it would be any one of any age could do this. Imagine going up to a triad leader with your duel disk on and say "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL" without any use of violence. This is one of the most perfect ideas ever. I believe that it can be done. Not only can it but it should.

HI i really think it ******uld be a good idea  to give the music unlimited and walkman app permission to write to the sd card on the phone since16gb which the z2 comes with is really small and since it's suggested in this link: that it's possible which it inst. Music unlimited is a really great service and the only thing i think holds it back is the inability to save to the sd card since both spotify and wimp both support saving offline playlists to the sd card.

Dear Sony


First of all let us explain that the decision of being anonymous is because we are just five average guys, friends, and our names are not the important of this work, but the work itself and the idea.


First we thought of getting your attention some how, and so we posted a video on Youtube:


The idea is basically to re-build the FIFA Interactive tournament, not being capitalized the right way according to our thoughts, mainly considering the fact that Sony is a Partner of FIFA and the proportions of your company.


As much as we enjoyed the initiative of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014, it is far away from what we thought it should be, as five average consumers we represent.


The proportion of this event should be significantly increased.


It should be wider, from the level of publicity to the organization of the tournament.


We think this is addressed to gamers rather than your public in general, most of all, soccer fans that may not be consumers yet of your product PS4 that much. For example, we are five friends, from which only one has the PS4 and we all go to his house to play it. And to be honest, none of us was even familiar with the tournament until we started working on this idea, and we then find out about it.


But our idea was much bigger than yours.


The idea is to propose the audience a direct experience in the FIFA World Cup, involving all soccer fans and public in general, and to be more aggressive and expansive in the advertizing, publicity, the prices and the development.


In order to reach a much bigger audience and potential consumers, since after all one of the main objectives in your company is to increase the sales and prestige of your brand, well earned during your life.


You are partners with FIFA, I mean, 6 of the biggest companies in the world are only partners. We think you could make it better.


For started, the organization.


We thought it should be organized as the actual real tournament, with the same 32 countries qualified for the World cup, and same groups.


2 Players per team, to encourage the team spirit that this sport represents, and of course friendship.

Eliminations by country first, and each country players will only play with their own nation among each other, until the best of each country wins the elimination.


1 team representing their nation, and then 32 nations competing with each other, in the same format as the real FIFA World cup tournament.


This will have a much wider impact on all public in general, and in the Soccer fans around the world.

We are already counting the days for the tournament, and ******, some of us even quit their jobs and spending their life savings to travel to Brazil.


You are allowing all players to actually feel that somehow they are participating in the event. It would be so much fun, entertained and most important, to a wider audience than gamers.


You are providing a quality and memorable experience to your public in general just before the real tournament.


The Publicity:


To get to this tournament information, us, who don’t own the PS4, and that we were actually working on this idea in the first place for you, was actually hard.


We found nothing in the Sony and PS4 websites, or is too hard to find for us.


So we went into FIFA. And there we saw it. Hide under the “Tournaments” link, which is right next to the “FIFA World Cup” link. If see both, I would always choose the FIFA one.


But we were investigating, so we saw it all. And right there, the link: FIFA Interactive World Cup”, without the “PS4” written on it.




We think that first, you should broadcast the publicity of the tournament on National TV on each of the countries involved.


And of course the tournament details should be advertised on each national Sony and PS4 website front page.


I mean, you have to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity and leverage the world cup gives you, not only to generate more incomes, but to generate a real impact on your brand image in general.


And of course prizes should be as in your already Interactive tournament: tickets to the WorldCup, and cash prizes as well.


Final matches for the local eliminations, and the PS4 World cup, broadcast on the web page, highlights of the greatest plays.


We bet your audience is going to grow a lot more than the 2.5M from 2013.


In best case scenario, you can even broadcast the final and semifinal on national TV, or the highlights at least just before the first real game of the FIFA 2014. But that is going nuts right? J


Imagine millions of consumers worldwide + the potential ones.


Don’t you think you are going to sell a couple of more PS4?


We may not be leads of Marketing but we thought this through. We worked a lot on this, and on the idea of how to get to you.


I know it may not be possible for this year worldcup, thought you are Sony, so I am not so sure. But at least take it for consideration for 2018.


We have more ideas for this tournament that we would love to discuss.


Thank you!!!

Iheartradio app

by love100008 Rookie ‎04-11-2014 01:15 PM - edited ‎04-11-2014 02:11 PM

Can you please get the Iheartradio app? 

A month ago I wrote about idea PlayMemories Mobile on VirtualBox Android for NEX shoting from PC at forum. It may be easy solution for start shooting from any computer.


I tested some versions of android for VirtualBox. AndroVM ver. with gapps looks the best one. You can download PlayMemories Mobile and install it without problems. 




When I run Smart Remote Control on my NEX, computer with AndroVM on VirtualBox shows new network DIRECT-XXXX:NEX-5, and I can connect to it with password generated by camera. 





But I can not do more, on devices list there is NO my NEX-5, I can not connect it, because device is not supported  by Smart Remote Control.


Test it, maybe it is simply solution adding "Innotek GmbH VirtualBox" to supported devices list. 



Best Regards


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