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Sony Vaio Tap 11 (SVT112A2WL)

by MissPosadas Rookie ‎04-24-2015 10:31 AM
Dear Sony's Customer Service US,

I would like to inform that I need your help regarding one of my Sony's purchases : Sony Vaio Tap 11 (SVT112A2WL) This Tablet model doesn't not appear in the list of models that you show on your website and I tried to call the customer service without success.

I am currently in NYC and I have a problem with my Sony VIAO that I brought at Best Buy Dayton Mall O.H. last year February. 06.2014; here enclosed the order number of my purchase : 0274-050-9816.

This PC/tablet did not restart after updating, it is impossible for me to turn it on after that day. This is an item out of waranty however it has been only a month after my one year guarantee. Considering the fact that is a technical issue during a regular update process in my Sony tablet and since I believe is too early to start having this kind of issues, I would really appreciate your support to get it back to work and to recover all my data the soon as possible.

I would like to know how to proceed to fix this problem.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and thanking you in advance,

Best Regards,
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Xperia Series

by jcjoker2008 Enthusiast ‎09-02-2014 05:24 PM

A thought occured to me about Sony's phones earlier today. The thing is as much as I love them I feel that they need to dig deeper to offer both an amazing experience that is fluid such as stock Android but feels like is getting augmented by the unique offerings by Sony such as their Music Unlimited (They are in the music business,), Video Unlimited (They make movies.), and they have various other services such as their gaming, TV, and photgraphy divisions. But its hard to get what you think of as a good value when things don't work as they probably should. For example an easy and convenient way to buy movies and tv shows from your Xperia phone or tablet just like you would on a PS3 or PS4. It currently is not that way and detracts I feel from the overall experience. Recently there have been talks of Cyanogenmod being in talks for further investment or even looking to be sold to a potential buyer. While Sony is in the process of turning around their company to end their current cycle of losing money it may be of interest to them to make certain purchases for longterm growth and profit. Cyanogenmod, Swiftkey, and even various other app and even some hardware makers may be what they need. I can't help but feel that the already significant quality that is present in the Xperia line of phones and tablets could be augmented in certain key areas to unify the Sony ecosystem and give the customer a potential value that other competitors would be hard pressed to even begin to match. A unique offering of Sony exclusive content but without the forced use of that content put in tandem with the Google store would give the feeling of choice and levage Sony assets to give a reason to committ to buying through Sony instead of Google and others. What does every think and more importantly if someone from Sony cares to comment what does Sony think that is not just a polite and neutral response?

Hi, I Have sony Xperia ION mobile phone and I have a problem when I wanna to connect my charger at the end of night! when I turn off the lights and go to bed, when I try to connect the charger to the usb port I can't find it.

I think it would be really good if a soft light would come out off the usb port when we push the power key. now just the light on the LCD would be ON.

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I recently found out about the camera / video capability Sony is putting into their Xperia smartphones when I happened upon a Sony store in Houston (one of the few I've ever seen). I think these phones would be a lot more popular if it was easy to get a real Sony phone with the contract discount offered by carriers.<br><br>I currently have Verizon and, unless I want to drop $600 on a phone, I'd have to get the Z3v. The $200 price offered by carriers when you agree to the 2-year contract, is very doable. I'm waiting for the Z4 and for my contract to be up for renewal and really hope that Sony can get Verizon to stock the real Sony phones instead of some Verizon version.<br><br>When I have to wait on Verizon to make their own version and when it's not the exact same phone, people have to ask themselves why not just get an iPhone. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the Z4 and am prepared to take the plunge — switch from Apple to Android — but I really hope Sony is actively working on getting a better deal worked out with Verizon.<br><br>I love my a7 dslr and would love to have a phone that could take excellent photos / video when I don't have it with me. Sony is doing great stuff with cameras and it's phones are no exception, but I can't spend $600 on a phone when I have to keep my contract anyway.

How about LCARS (Library Computer Access Retrieval System) User Interface on Xperia? Getting nostalgic about Star Trek. LCARS user interface complete with dynamic graphics display and female voice notification. Creator of original LCARS is Michael Hideo Okuda. Sony with Okuda's permission to recreate LCARS on Xperia with new distinctive design.

NFC antena for tv

by SebastianKey Rookie ‎04-07-2014 02:52 PM - edited ‎04-07-2014 03:39 PM

Device that I could connect to my TV with HDMI and synchronzie it with my tablet or smartphone via NFC. In order to play games, music, movies, view photos on a bigger screen. It shouldn't be big, just small plug-in powered from TV or maybe USB.

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Digital Paper

by bobthebuilder Rookie ‎01-18-2015 08:22 AM

First thing to say, I do not own the DPTS1. I have read the specs, a fantastic product, however will not meet my needs as an auditor. My background;

I use a clipboard and paper pad to make notes of evidence of documents reviewed, people interviewed, etc. I take it back to my office, fully type up the notes into a multi sheet spreadsheet. I have a surface pro 2 tablet. I have experimented using it to directly enter notes into excel using hand writing recognition using the digital pen. Instant translation. Works fantastically, except;

- tablet heavy

- battery life not ideal (quite good though)

- contains my whole business should I drop it, loose it, etc. Is backed up though.

- Small write area.

- Fragile

- clumsy


My idea/ wish list for a next generation DPxx

- Instant OCR/ handwriting recognition

- Ability to store locally in .txt, .doc or other. (I could then paste into excel back at office)

- or ability to write directly into excel, word (cut down versions - basic formating)

- not looking for a full blown tablet, just a more versatile digital notepad


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Creating the best Eco system + Redeeming Xperia linup

by M7md_Ibr Rookie ‎02-25-2015 08:50 AM - edited ‎02-25-2015 01:28 PM

Without ntroductions, i think you are wasting so much potentiality on creating the best Eco-system out there The next era is relying on who'll provide the better eco-system and with all the electronics Sony can create,

Each product should be a continuation for another one.


There are three major Eco systems: Gaming, Media & photography & in order to achieve a homogeneous system first you need :

- Unifying your Sony account & services across all products

- family sharing across multiple devices

- NFC\Bluetooth should be a default in all products from TVs, phones , laptops, action cams, DSLRs & PlayStation


First Gaming:

- adding PlayStation capabilities to your Bravia Tvs, Vaio laptops plus improving Xperia & PlayStation TV & Vitas devices to add a huge library of games Ps1, PS2, PSP & Indie games and the ability to  stream and cross play games on every Sony product.


2nd is photography

- linking your xperia to a PlayStation to turn the phone into a web cam to stream videos directly to twitch

- or adding effects and editing tools on the phone to add effects and edit your streamed session on the fly or even using your Sony smart watch to trigger effects while playing & streaming

- linking a DSLR or an action cam to Xperias to edit videos on the go, & accessing the library on an action cam directly from the phone

- not only streaming live game session is cool but streaming any kind of video, so the added ability of streaming live from Xperia & linking an Action cam or a DSLR to to the smartphone to stream live videos to twitch and YouTube

- the ability to add and attach multiple & different lenses to Xperia phones to convert a smartphone to a semi professional cam. for capturing more details & improve an already great camera to a must have phone


3rd Media

- One account, one premium service to all the great library of movies & music across Vaio, Bravia, Xperia, playstation, Vita & PlayStation TVs to make the most out of the service and be able to share media with family members across different gadgets



About the redemption of the Xperia lineup:


You don't need a huge line of xperia phone to improve sales as numerous chineese companies are selling great phones with lesser price so there is no justification for the higher price range any of the major companies are asking for.

So your Xperia lineup should be a continuation & a necessity accessory to improve the experience with all your other products


What you need are only the flagship, the Compact, the fablet & the tablet in a  lineup to rule the market


As i mentioned above for how a smartphone can be so much more. A three bundles of the phone should be available with a forth ultimate one:

1st: the Media Bundle:

           -with a huge Awesome headset or a bluetoth loud speaker

           - A chromecast like device for streaming + HDMI cable

           - A Premium subcscription on netflic or PS entertainment for few months

           - A separat battery 


2nd the gaming bundle:

            - A Playstation controller with its mount

            - A separate battery

            - premium PS + subscription for 2 or 3 months

            - some free games


3rd the photography bundle:

           - Added Camera mount

           - Attatchable lenses for macro and better lightneng and fish eye lenses

           - A bag for travelling and carrying the accessories around



hope this will give you a feedback & an example of what we as customers need in the future of electronics and gadgets to make our lives easier and more entertaining