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While the Bravia Connect app does work some what it's still a thirdparty app and it's not free.

I'm sure there's many Sony TV users who would like to have the 'TV Side View' app on their windows phone or Windows 8 tab.

Please release give us a solution ASAP.

I came up with the idea of use of a solar powered remote control which is constantly recharging thus having constant power all through.the andvantage is it lasts much longer than the normal battery since itsoftenly charging. it is also enviromentally friendly too due to sustainable energy from the sun and saving up on the normal single use alkaline battery got me asking how much could we save on our enviroment in dumping of the poisonous normal battery by- products if everyone who uses a remote control used such...?? what your take?

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Expansion TV

by JHL_Music7 Rookie ‎07-30-2014 09:42 AM

Hi Sony,


Hi Im a secondary school student from UK and recently I had a concept that i would like to suggest, a wild but exciting concept for a new type of tv that has potential to create a new market! Here is my concept- Expansion TV. Although many smart tv nowadays offer multi screen entertainment but the problem remains that the size of the screen is reduced. However what if the tv can be expanded at either side to duplicate the size of the original screen? Therefore users can enjoy miltiple entertainments at the same time/multi users can enjoy different entertainments at once. Not only does this concept suit normal everyday use, its also ideal for multiplayer gaming! Plus what if the screen can be expanded again at top and bottom to create 4 split screen? With such tv, the advantage of it not only lies with multi entertainment but it can also offer the user a huge screen for single entertainment where user also has the option to shrink the tv back to its original size to save space.


Thank you for your attention!

curved TVs

by mello Rookie ‎06-01-2014 07:39 PM

Sony please do not make curved TVs. Cameras is not curved and distortion only appears. Also uncomfortable to watch a few people simultaneously.

White or Silver TV anytime soon?

by SuzetteB Rookie ‎01-23-2014 09:36 AM

I would love to see at flat screen TV in White or Silver instead of always black.  Not a fan of the big black boxes.  Anything in the works anytime soon?  Anyone else like to have this option? 

Currently own a provisional patent for BluScu, and it's technoligy. BluScu is a technology thar is extremely cheap to produce, and will forever be implemented on every remote controlled electronic once I release, my patent to the buyer. This technology allows a person to push a button on the button panel of their electronic device, be it hdtv, bluray, home theatre, game console, anything with remote control, and have the remote send a series of audible beeps to alert the consumer to it's misplaced remotes position. The BluScu will be implemented, BluScu is owned by me, as of right now, it is still for sale. Who would like to see SONY obtain this technology to implement on their devices? I know that most of us consumers, would definately appreciate this technology. NO MORE SEARCHING FOR REMOTES!!! My email is for any corporate responses.
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Plex App on Sony

by Lightonseo Rookie ‎06-14-2015 01:45 PM

I m still looking for a Sony television working with Plex. Don't you thinks that this coul give us a really better sony experience ?

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Dear SONY,


Although the "mirroring" name suggests showing the very same image on both displays, there is little need to see the same view on the streaming device's smaller screen, too. If we could turn the smaller mobile screen off during MHL connections, and maintain the device control through this small display surface as a multi-touch toucpad, such implementation would have the following benefits:


1) The mobile device's irreplaceble battery doesn't drain as fast. Passive connection MHL cables can work with better duration performance, too. The screen is the most power consuming part of a mobile device.

2) Requiring less recharge cycles will extend the life expectancy of the mobile device's battery. Considering the battery's irreplaceable nature in majority of the SONY units, this reduced recharge cycles simultanously improves the life expentancy of the mobile device itself.

3) USB 3.0 based power feed connection on an active connection MHL cable could become less important. Reducing the need for higher power feed, could also eliminate the need for carrying the charging adapter to remote display locations.

4) Turnning off the screen LED, but keeping the touch sensors on it active can convert the mobile device's screen to a decent size touchpad for controlling the device with multi-touch gestures.


Here is how everything could work in my vision for the best user experience:


When the MHL cable is connected to an external display, the physical button for camera on XPERIA devices could automatically function to turn on/off the device display without effecting what is being streamed to external display output. There should also be a setting under Settings-->XPERIA Connectivity-->Screen Mirroring with a checkbox, which converts the turned off screen to function as a multi-touch toucpad or not. This touchpad will show a cursor on the large display and adopt to the touch gestures sames as in VAIO laptops.


I am personally interested in a solution like this, because my highly capable smartphone could become my true thin client for connecting to my virtual machines over the cloud regardless of which client site I am working without carrying a laptop. I would even go further to suggest displaying a touch keyboard as well on tablets when they connect through MHL cable instead of showing the same image as the external display's view. After the implementation of such solution, the right cable could make any display convert into a productivity workstation without carrying my heavy laptop, but a small smartphone.


If all the above is too much to get arround for your current engineering resources, at least turn the mobile device's screen off during MHL mirroring. Converting the turned off display into a touchpad, or displaying the keyboard on a MHL connected tablet can wait a little longer.


Here is an open source code base to kick start such features on XPERIA devices by default:


This is an example implementation of the above project at the app store:


I hope this idea and the links above helps your efforts in this direction. Thank you for all your hard work. Keep it up!


Best Regards,