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Vaio Digitizer Button Mapping in the Vaio Control Center

by Keiran Expert ‎01-03-2014 07:53 PM - edited ‎01-20-2014 07:35 PM

After having a lot of time to use the Vaio Duo and with the release of the Flip and Tap, both with digitizer support, I think we need to address the lack of the ability to map the digitizer buttons. Currently the two hard buttons on the digitizers do two things, right click and open a Vaio program. One used to be able to disable the Vaio Clip launch in the Vaio Control Center but I am unable to find the option again after a recent update. Adding button mapping will do quite a few things for users.


My Proposal:

Add button mapping for the digitizer to the Vaio Control Center or similarly accessible area. You can, of course, leave Vaio Clip as default but allow for other actions to be done. I would suggest, for ease of use, using a dropdown style arrangement for different types of actions like "Start a Program" or "Mouse Button" to make it user friendly.



To help users use the digitizer more naturally. Being able to scroll with the pen, for example, would make the user experience much more natural. Many people click the larger button to right click and instead launch Vaio Clip which, while useful for isolating screenshots, is not used very often by the average user. Power users will be able to customize their experience which will improve personal productivity and efficiency in both the workplace and at home, especially if said people are graphic Designers or Editors.


Note to other users: If you have anything you would like to add to my original proposal please reply and add your voice.



The laptops everyday are smaller, and the ultrabooks like the VAIO Pro or The VAIO DUO 13 does not come with DVD/Blu-Ray drive, So I would like to be able to use my Blu-Ray player as a external (burner) unit just instaling a driver in my ultrabook

Vaio Battery Care

by bolleke870 Specialist ‎10-25-2013 08:17 AM

Hey everyone, 


Not too long ago my laptop's battery didn't charge higher than 80% which ment a cell died. This is possible by using the power together with your battery while working on your laptop. My laptop isn't very old (almost a year) so I feel bad about having a cell broken already. 


Anyway, since this happened to me I came up with an idea which could help you (maybe even prevent a battery from dying cells) to save your battery's live.




let every new laptop (maybe even old ones with an update if that's possible) have an option at the lower right battery icon to manage how you use your battery. For example you could ask your laptop to switch of the power supply from your battery while working on net-power if your battery has been fully charged. Or another option would be that you work from your battery only even when the charger is still plugged in your laptop.


This idea makes sure your battery won't be used badly and this way you'll have a longer time with your battery.


Please let me know how you guys think of this.







PS: Sorry if my English isn't perfect, but I lack some grammar sometimes Smiley Happy.

that will be good idea to spanish writers to have the simbol of the letter number 15 of spanish alfabet on keybord of Sony loptop.  I cant write the word    !! year !!  in spanish with out the letter number 15 of spanish alfabet becouse I have tu use the letter      n   in substitution of letter number 15    and come a bad  word   in spanish when Iam chating with spanish speakers.

USB 3.0 for DV

by 2014K Rookie ‎06-13-2014 07:13 AM

Firewire and DV are declining in the age of instant memory. Solid memory players like ODC-300RE offer USB 2.0/3.0, while the VTRs only offer firewire. However, people are trying to convert DV to digital or are still using it. Windows 8 does not support firewire (unfortunately) and that could be an issue when Windows 7 becomes useless. Firewire is the only connection that offers the best quality from DV. These new VTRs should come with USB 3 or there should be an adapter to convert firewire to USB 3. Usb 3.0 does act like firewire in a way so there should not be an issue. Tapes can be a drag but it doesn't mean they should be left behind, the info can't be lost forever. Like film, DV must be updated (and probably supprot 4k).

Can someone have a good idea?

bluetooth in windows 8.1

by vaioloverlondon Enthusiast ‎05-25-2014 06:19 AM

For those of you where the blue tooth pairs but disconnects this is because of incompatibility with the old driver with windows 8.1


I found this, ran it and installed it and my blue tooth on vaio pro 13 and flip 14 both now work well.


Both are lovely machines : )

The VAIO brand name

by Terex Enthusiast ‎04-25-2014 10:51 AM

Please do not sell the VAIO brand, its just too unique to let go

There's always a way to save it

First you can start by cutting down the number of products being produced and only focus on the verry important 

laptops/tablets from the VAIO line