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Please add Plex to your development list.  I was disappointed to find that this app is offered by other brands but not on Sony TV's.  This is a must have for home media servers.  Thanks.



HFR 3D compatible bluray

by Nic727 Rookie ‎12-13-2013 08:40 PM



I think you know that a lot of upcoming movie will be in HFR 3D format in theater. The Hobbit have great review about this format. Better framerate, better visual, etc. TV can handle more than 60fps and new movie in theater are in 48fps (not all movies). So my idea is to allow people to enjoy this new format and technology at home, because some theaters don't have this format yet and people would like to enjoy this new format.


It could be nice in the futur and in the next year or two year to develop a HFR 2D and HFR 3D compatible Bluray (allow normal 2D and 3D and DVD too) and disc format.

I would like to see The Hobbit trilogie in HFR 3D in three year. It could be awesome for all of us.


thx a lot Sony devs to take that into consideration.

I'm sure it's possible.



3D recording using Sony action cams would be great. It was suggested last summer for the HDR-AS15. It is of course already possible, such as this, but there is no housing to hold the 2 cameras together and keep their footage aligned. Also the stabilisation (Steady shot) of one camera should be used on the other via a sync cable. 


GoPro had the 3D HERO System for HD HERO2 and Original HD HERO, they now have the Dual HERO System for the Hero3+ Black. It records synchronized 2D video or photos to convert to 3D because its interface control allows one camera to control the other’s settings and modes. 


Then a live feed of the 2 Sony actioncam videos can be transmitted and converted into a 3D feed with almost no latency, using a converter like EMRLabs' Transporter3D, which can then be displayed on the upcoming Oculus Rift 1080p or Sony's Project Morpheus.

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Creating the best Eco system + Redeeming Xperia linup

by M7md_Ibr Rookie ‎02-25-2015 08:50 AM - edited ‎02-25-2015 01:28 PM

Without ntroductions, i think you are wasting so much potentiality on creating the best Eco-system out there The next era is relying on who'll provide the better eco-system and with all the electronics Sony can create,

Each product should be a continuation for another one.


There are three major Eco systems: Gaming, Media & photography & in order to achieve a homogeneous system first you need :

- Unifying your Sony account & services across all products

- family sharing across multiple devices

- NFC\Bluetooth should be a default in all products from TVs, phones , laptops, action cams, DSLRs & PlayStation


First Gaming:

- adding PlayStation capabilities to your Bravia Tvs, Vaio laptops plus improving Xperia & PlayStation TV & Vitas devices to add a huge library of games Ps1, PS2, PSP & Indie games and the ability to  stream and cross play games on every Sony product.


2nd is photography

- linking your xperia to a PlayStation to turn the phone into a web cam to stream videos directly to twitch

- or adding effects and editing tools on the phone to add effects and edit your streamed session on the fly or even using your Sony smart watch to trigger effects while playing & streaming

- linking a DSLR or an action cam to Xperias to edit videos on the go, & accessing the library on an action cam directly from the phone

- not only streaming live game session is cool but streaming any kind of video, so the added ability of streaming live from Xperia & linking an Action cam or a DSLR to to the smartphone to stream live videos to twitch and YouTube

- the ability to add and attach multiple & different lenses to Xperia phones to convert a smartphone to a semi professional cam. for capturing more details & improve an already great camera to a must have phone


3rd Media

- One account, one premium service to all the great library of movies & music across Vaio, Bravia, Xperia, playstation, Vita & PlayStation TVs to make the most out of the service and be able to share media with family members across different gadgets



About the redemption of the Xperia lineup:


You don't need a huge line of xperia phone to improve sales as numerous chineese companies are selling great phones with lesser price so there is no justification for the higher price range any of the major companies are asking for.

So your Xperia lineup should be a continuation & a necessity accessory to improve the experience with all your other products


What you need are only the flagship, the Compact, the fablet & the tablet in a  lineup to rule the market


As i mentioned above for how a smartphone can be so much more. A three bundles of the phone should be available with a forth ultimate one:

1st: the Media Bundle:

           -with a huge Awesome headset or a bluetoth loud speaker

           - A chromecast like device for streaming + HDMI cable

           - A Premium subcscription on netflic or PS entertainment for few months

           - A separat battery 


2nd the gaming bundle:

            - A Playstation controller with its mount

            - A separate battery

            - premium PS + subscription for 2 or 3 months

            - some free games


3rd the photography bundle:

           - Added Camera mount

           - Attatchable lenses for macro and better lightneng and fish eye lenses

           - A bag for travelling and carrying the accessories around



hope this will give you a feedback & an example of what we as customers need in the future of electronics and gadgets to make our lives easier and more entertaining


Global shutter CMOS

by 2014K Rookie ‎05-15-2014 06:27 PM - edited ‎07-26-2014 01:50 PM

It has been 2 years and there are already Global Shutter CMOS cameras for industrial use. We have the global shutter F55 and Sony patented a sensor last December only for industrial use. But what about the CONSUMER who has do deal with the rolling shutter? I thought the line between pro and consumer was shrinking. If a camera or camcorder had a global shutter it would be worth the sale and competition. At least the action cams should have a global shutter. It should be catching on like 4k. 


(if CCD is becoming extinct then it should be worth it)

USB 3.0 for DV

by 2014K Rookie ‎06-13-2014 07:13 AM

Firewire and DV are declining in the age of instant memory. Solid memory players like ODC-300RE offer USB 2.0/3.0, while the VTRs only offer firewire. However, people are trying to convert DV to digital or are still using it. Windows 8 does not support firewire (unfortunately) and that could be an issue when Windows 7 becomes useless. Firewire is the only connection that offers the best quality from DV. These new VTRs should come with USB 3 or there should be an adapter to convert firewire to USB 3. Usb 3.0 does act like firewire in a way so there should not be an issue. Tapes can be a drag but it doesn't mean they should be left behind, the info can't be lost forever. Like film, DV must be updated (and probably supprot 4k).

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I download User Manuals so that I always have them in my smartphone, tablet or computer, ready for me to consult when I need them, without having to go through Sony's convoluted process of finding and opening the manual buuried withing Sony's Support website.


But what would make those manuals much more useful is being able to create my own comments within them. PDF files have allowed users to insert comments since Acrobat version 6 (June of 2003. The current version is 15.) and other companies (Motorola, Nikon, Panasonic, Tamron, etc.) permit users to add comments to their PDF files.


Why not Sony?

FDR-X1000V Video Angle of View

by StevoSVK Rookie ‎06-06-2015 03:16 AM



I'd love to choose the Angle of View on the great new Sony x1000v.  E.g. the 240fps 720p angle is too wide for some situations, and everything appears too far and not so detailed. It would be excellent to be able to narrow the field of view and get more detailed/bigger picture of what you really care about. Same goes for the 4K.