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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start selling the MDR W08L headphones again!  You could charge twice as much, they were cheap!  Now the only way to get them is to pay exorbitant prices online, and they aren't worth that because they do break easily.  Nevertheless, they were the ONLY headphones that are comfortable for many people, and earbuds are terrible.

C'mon Sony why did you discontinue these?  

HI i really think it ******uld be a good idea  to give the music unlimited and walkman app permission to write to the sd card on the phone since16gb which the z2 comes with is really small and since it's suggested in this link: that it's possible which it inst. Music unlimited is a really great service and the only thing i think holds it back is the inability to save to the sd card since both spotify and wimp both support saving offline playlists to the sd card.

All in the One MP3 player and Wireless Activity Tracker that captures all day activity for sports enthusiast.


  • Track activity - calories, miles, sleep, steps taken, stairs climbed, and distance travelled 
  • Automatic Syncs stats wirelessly to computer
  • see real time progress online



Dear Sony,
The older walkman's had the record option on the fm radio. I just purchased the NWZ-E385 to accomplish that one task and will return it since it cannot, Since it already functioned on the older, almost exactly the same model, it seems like it would be an inexpensive upgrade to your current firmware that would recapture a small market share. I believe the only other provider is the apple iPod nano. Perhaps it was not included in the new model because of the prevalence of voice recorders and apps. However, they still pick up background noise and sidebar conversations. The Walkman mp3 fm player / recorder gave a clear, clean, crisp recording that was easy and enjoyable to listen to. Thank you!

I'm working on building some DJ hardware and think I found a new use for your MiniDisc technology which could bring it back.


I'm using an Atmel MCU to control a MiniDisc deck I have here, using it for data storage through analog audio.

It could be useful for storing live mixes, and program data needed to operae the board I'm building.


Since it records in stereo, I can put two data tracks on it per sample, and I'm thinking about using AM amplitude modulation for Mono mode which would have a predetermined baud rate equal to the sample rate.


Here's a schematic of the panel, but I put pin headers on my board to plug into another board from Atmel:

Here is the control panel on my design I am building


I think this would be a great addition to your product line.


by snowbeach Enthusiast ‎05-04-2015 01:43 PM

The name Walkman still carriers a ton of brand power, and Sony needs to leverage this brand in order to sell phones. Just last January, 4-time Academy Award-nominated actor Ethan Hawke reminisced about his Walkman at the Sundance Film Festival--he told a packed audience how it helped him get his breakout role in the movie Dead Poets Society. And gadget blogs STILL reference the Walkman as the first gadget that EVERYONE had to have in the 80s. So people have a lot of positive associations with it--it's an icon.

Now, on to the present. Let's face it, Sony's having problems selling phones--not because of technology or design, because critics have given the Xperia Z3 excellent reviews. I think Sony's main problem is that it doesn't want to spend billions on marketing like Samsung and Apple do. Okay, fine. Well, with the WALKMAN name, Sony wouldn't have to--the name sells itself.

What does this have to do with smartphones? AUDIO. Thing is, people want hi-definition audio in their phones. Apple doesn't have it. Some Android like Samsung do have it. But not all hi-def audio is the same. Critics love the hi-def, hi-res audio in the NWZ Walkman and also in the $1200 Walkman that was announced at the 2015 CES.

Here's the thing, though. Almost no one wants to buy a separate music device to carry around in addition to their phone. They'll make do with their smartphone sound rather than pay hundreds on a separate device they'll have to carry around.

Here's how Sony can solve their dilemma. Put its vaunted audio technology, developed from decades of experience in Hollywood, supplying cameras and audio equipment, in a smartphone. Yeah, it obviously won't be theater quality, but it'll be much better than what its smartphone competitors put in their phone.

Then, call it WALKMAN PHONE. The name itself is the MARKETING. People will walk into a shop, see the Walkman name, and KNOW that the phone is about great audio. You should thrown in a pair of hi-quality Sony headsets to drive home the point.

More and more people are demanding better audio but they don't want to buy an extra music device. This is Sony's chance to (1) give them what they want, and (2) capitalize on the brand power of the Walkman name.

In the shop, it'll be the only phone paired with hi-def headsets. Audiophiles, people who grew up in the 80s, and especially young people (who are all about music) will be all over the Walkman Phone. Just make it and--this is key--MAKE IT AVAILABLE, unlike some of your Xperia phones.


No More Plastic!

by TammyLynn3 Rookie ‎02-27-2014 03:21 PM

My walkman E464 quit working after a couple years and after much discussion decided to order the new walkman E series. It arrived yesterday and I'm quite disappointed in it and am considering returning it, I told my husband not to do anything to it until I make up my mind. I'm a little saddened that its smaller not sure what the purpose of that is and I can deal with the changing around and labeling of the buttons but I cant deal with the cheap a$$ plastic back on it, that just screams cheap and this is not  a cheap item and I'm embarassed by it. My 464 was metal front and back and I'm just worried this one wont hold up and I dont want to have to replace it every 2 years so I'm considering going and getting some no name brand for 10 bucks that i wont care if i have to replace, comparied to this one at $80.00 I dont feel like i got my moneys worth and I'm very disappointed in this sony product.

Play Music At Specified Sleep Time @ Walkman Sports MP3 Player

by sonyguest109 Rookie ‎02-18-2014 11:06 AM - edited ‎02-18-2014 11:23 AM

There should be a software upgrade for the Walkman Sports MP3 Player that will enable a clock timer for music to play at specified intervals for lucid dreaming enthusiasts, for sleep relaxation and for business travelers seeking a quick snooze time option of 15-30 minutes. Sony should bring back the Dream Machine brand for MP3 players.


I like the color styling of the NWZ-W273BLUE.  


  • Countdown Timer - to play a song at a specific time
  • Snooze - to play music for 15, 30, or 60 minutes
  • Interval Timer - to repeat a song list to play at a specified time during sleep time