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PRO PhotoJournalist APP to Upload images to a FTP from your Smartphone


Thinking once I WIFI small JPG images over to my Smartphone.


I could use a APP for this ... the KEY here is "PRE-SETS" ... so I do less typing on my smartphone ... which I am bad at LOL :


1) "PRE-SETS" ... for "Key Words" and "Comments".

2) Auto Copywrite in the EXIF

3) maybe even Watermark

4) PRE-SET FTP and Email sends

5) Ability to "WATCH" a folder on my Smartphone and Send that to a PRE-SET FTP or email ... THIS is what I want !


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Just bought the DSC-QX10 and it has a MULTI connector that does NOT output video. Why is it called MULTI if it can only be used as a simple USB connector? Is it false advertisement? The connector is physically MULTI but its function is not.


IDEA No. 1: Make all MULTI have the same functionality and PLEASE, output anamorphic composite video through the MULTI interface (do not use black bars).

IDEA No. 2: Update the DSC-QX10 so it can ouput video through the MULTI connector. This little camera has potential for special applications if it can be used as a camera through the MULTI connector.

IDEA No. 3: Please make a MULTI cable with POWER and not just video.




P.S. The heading asks for uniformity because the MULTI fuctionality is different depending the camera model. This shouldn't be asthe consumers assume uniformity and expect a uniform functionality. For example, my action cam outputs video through the MULTI and the QX10 does not. BOTH have the "same" connector.... now I have to return the QX10 to the store because it did not meet my expectation.

[NEX] HDMI output

by msDrop-com Professional ‎09-16-2013 04:14 AM

I have old Sony handycam and there are two output:  HDMI (clear output), and A/V R (parallel to LCD). In NEX 5R there is only HDMI output so if it possible you should add to new firmware menu new HDMI options for set what signal user want actually to send via HDMI output:


Main HDMI signal options:

- Clear, "uncompressed HDMI" oputput signal (like in handycam, for recording on any other recorders)

- Low viewfinder's quality "parallel to LCD" output signal (for e.g. external small LCD replaces "viewfinders"). 

- Playback quality "parallel to LCD" output signal (just for display the same what you see at large LCD)


Additional options:

- Turn OFF / ON camera LCD and internal speaker when HDMI cable is connected

- In Playback mode add new display option that removes all marks and right MENU and wheel icon and allow fit photo to TV width and height.


There is camera bug, when I connect HDMI cable and want to play recorded movie on TV, my camera LCD is automatically OFF, but camera speaker is ON. I know I can reduce volume, but speaker should automatically OFF.


Menu->Settings->"HDMI Resolution" should named "HDMI scan type", there are types of scan: progressive or interlaced at one resolution: 1080 vertical lines per frame.



Best Regards


drag&drop for SEO backlinks

NEX Menu->Setup is too long for one list.

I suggest separate it to some subcategories / groups in Setup.

It will be one step deeper to set something, but I think will be more convenient.



Best Regards


drag&drop for SEO backlinks

A7r & A7 , Can you use the USB Charging to Power the A7r on a Studio Shoot?


I know it can charge the Batteries.

Someone told me it can work but the manual says NOT to .. WHY?


Even if you have to take OUT the Batteries ... having the ability to use the USB port to Power the A7r on a LONG studio shoot  (say a Product shoot)  is Useful.


My guess , if it cannot do it now  because the batteries are in ... It  "could" with a FW Update ???

Hello, all - I have a firmware request.


I'm coming to you as a recent A7 convert. I just got the A7II in my paws yesterday, and so far I really like it.


But there's one usability issue that I'm really having a hard time coming to grips with. I am used to shooting with my Fujifilm X100S as well as the Olympus OM-D, and one of the buttons I used the most on those bodies is a toggle for turning off the monitor on the back of the camera. The Sony has a button option that makes the monitor black out, but it's still on. I'd like to be able to add the FINDER/MONITOR option to an Fn Button, and really, how hard could that be? 


There are times I don't want the monitor to come on at all, and I don't want to have to dive into a menu to do that. If it exists at all, it would be nice to be able to add it to a Fn button.


But even when I do go into the menu and hit that button to turn off the display, when I hit the playback button to review images, it doesn't turn the display back on, it plays the image in the viewfinder, which is not ideal. 


It just seems like a really underdeveloped option for such a great camera. If we could get an Fn button to control the viewfinder, I would be so, so very happy. As it is, it's a pain in the ******. One I'm willing to make for the sake of great image quality, but a pain nonetheless.


PLEASE add this to the next firmware update.

I love the idea of a 135mm MACRO ! wish SONY had one. In fact "wish" Sony would ADD MACRO ability to the 135mm f1.8 ZA.

and add a Switch.


The MACRO ability of this lens is probably close already.

It's questionable if this lens will ever have blazing fast AF, so it might as well be a MACRO and be deadly Accurate on AF.


And let Wedding shooters have a Lens that they could shoot a GREAT PORTRAIT and a Ring MACRO with the same Lens. I would bet Sony would sell more 135mm this way. Just a thought.

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I was shocked to discover that it appears impossible to reset the Image file Nos. Having Multiple Sony Camera Bodies it would seem essential to avoid duplicating Image File numbers on the computer.


It's bad enough that 'Apple' make it so difficult to Batch Re-name when it was so straightforward with that awful Windows system!


Please Sony, you have taken into account the many criticisms/design faults of our past Nex models. You now have a serious top professional camera with the Alpha Range, now give it's users a few more "Software Updates" Smiley Happy