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Global shutter CMOS

by 2014K Rookie ‎05-15-2014 06:27 PM - edited ‎07-26-2014 01:50 PM

It has been 2 years and there are already Global Shutter CMOS cameras for industrial use. We have the global shutter F55 and Sony patented a sensor last December only for industrial use. But what about the CONSUMER who has do deal with the rolling shutter? I thought the line between pro and consumer was shrinking. If a camera or camcorder had a global shutter it would be worth the sale and competition. At least the action cams should have a global shutter. It should be catching on like 4k. 


(if CCD is becoming extinct then it should be worth it)

Hey Sony

unless Im reading wrong   I don't see a NEX series camera with just an  " A " mount

which isn't an E mount    with adapter... lots of us Sony Full Frame users  don't want to have to

buy an Adapter   from  E to A   get the picture...  or is there already one of your models   that Im not seeing

with just the A mount...



1. Enhance the smart phone app to provide more feature on the camera (iPhone app is so weak that a $50 camera can do better jobs)
2. Make WiFi communicate faster, a LOT faster. Like option to reduce the sample photo size to lower quality, instead of 2M. (iPhone version is unacceptably slow)
3. Use bluetooth if the camera build-in such option
4. THIS IS THE BIG ONE: Allow the camera to take continues video instead chopped at 2GB limit. It can continue to create multiple 2GB file or use different DISK format to remove such limit. 40 mins of video is too little when you have a 32GB, 64GB, 128GB or larger micro SD card.


I don't believe these are difficult enhacements and they pretty reasonable. Paying a $250 for a camera lense. Because of its limitation, I started to carry my regular cameras instead of this guy, sadly.

The A5100 and A5000 have a few buttons including a dedicated "help" button that can be customized. Those few customizable buttons can only be assigned to single item settings options such as white balance, iso, drive mode, etc... However, unlike any other sony mirrorless camera, on the A5100 there is no quick "function menu" option that can be assigned to the customizable buttons and THIS IS A MAJOR FLAW.

All the other sony mirrorless camera have this quick "function menu" feature, including the Sony NEX-3, NEX-3N, NEX-5 , NEX-5N, NEX-5R, NEX-5T, NEX-6, A3000, A6000, A7, etc... Some of these are much older and cheaper cameras that the A5100 should surpass in every way, especially when it comes to software!

This "quick menu" option is extremely important, it allows the user to access camera settings through one of the customizable button very efficiently without the need to navigate through countless pages in the cumbersome and annoying full menu. Furthermore this "Quick Menu" is customizable, allowing users to assign the settings they use the most to be available directly in this multi-item quick menu.

Sony can and should immediately add this feature back in the A5000 / A5100. Sony has previously shown this is something they can do. Back when the original NEX-5 was released, it did not have this "function menu" option, but it was later added through a firmware update, and it became a standard feature on all NEX cameras.

This feature is EXTREMELY important, without it the A5100 / A5000 are severely crippled cameras and become annoying to use.

Personally, as a past loyal Sony NEX customer I was excited when I bought the new A5100 but this excitement quickly turned into disappointment and utter shock... Now, I am just angry, I cannot believe Sony removed such a useful feature, especially on a camera where it is needed the most. We can only assume that Sony decided to remove this feature intentionally in an attempt to manipulate us into buying the more expensive A6000... Unfortunately, having been a NEX enthusiast user for years and having using that features for years, this is unacceptable, that such a basic feature gets intentionally removed, I feel betrayed and cheated, and I deeply regret my purchase. This is a direct slap in the face to all loyal nex customer who helped make the sony mirrorless camera such a succes.

IMPORTANT: Please share and support this idea by VOTING for it, post your comments too, together we can make a difference!
Even if you dont own a A5000 or A5100, you still stand to gain from voting for this issue has it will clearly show Sony that we wont stand for this! Making their higher end models more attractive by adding new / improved features is OK, but purposedly completely crippling / removing basic and well established feature from lower-mid range model just to make the higher end models more attractive is not acceptable, especially when those features are found in much older / cheaper models. This tactic is unacceptable and Sony should never attempt anything like this on any of their product line.

Until this is fixed, I will not buy another Sony product.

1:1 and 4x5 aspect ratios in A7/r

by Jorgechu Rookie ‎07-05-2014 05:00 AM

More aspect ratios in a7r. Is it so difficult to give options to customers??

I understand when a camera more than 2.000 euros has software development problems. But i can´t understand  when you don´t have options not because there is a development problem, but due to strange reasons someone decides to limit your options,that you don´t need something that otherwise can be used. And please, it's not the same to compose, and after crop, that to compose seeing your final image. In anyway it's the same if you are a photographer.


1:1 and 4:5 are pure photographic history, and not by chance!


The RX1 has this option, as almost every non dsrl cameras. from 200 euros up. But we don´t have such a wonderful advance of non mirror cameras against mirror cameras, why?


Please give us the most possibilities to use, don´t forget them considering we don´t need them in our camera. Let us choose as photographers, don´t hide our tools!!


0 Me Toos

A6000 iAuto mode is not fully auto

by gert Rookie ‎07-16-2014 01:48 PM

The A6000 does not have a 'guest mode'. The  configuring of AF on  to the AEL button remains even in iAuto mode, which I'd use when giving the camera to my wife. It requires hefty reconfiguring of the buttons in order for the camera to work as a single button compact and makes it very family unfriendly to use.


[a77] slow GPS & almanac data

by jamesrbarker Enthusiast ‎12-31-2013 08:24 AM

Follow up to engineerbill's "GPS Shortcomings" post.

One of the primary reasons for my purchase of my A77 over two competitors' models was its internal GPS receiver.  As I regulary travel abroad, I appreciate having EXIF location metadata included in my photos.

My camera's issue is that it regularly takes around ten minutes to obtain a location fix -- in even the most ideal of environments -- even with a current GPS assist.dat file enabled and verified.

Consider that standalone GPS receivers can generally resolve its location within a minute, as can my phone -- even when I am well outside of *any* phone or WiFi coverage.  Both of these (and all GPS receivers I have every used) do not need any manual updates -- they receive their "assist" data from the satellites directly.

GPS satellites continuously transmit these data in the form of an almanac, which is continuously saved/updated in the receiver's memory.  When the receiver is powered on anytime in the next month, it will "remember" which satellites should be overhead at that moment allowing it to lock on much more quickly.  [If the receiver was moved over a great distance while powered off; turned off for months; or powered up for its first time, it would have to go through the process of listeing for each of the 30-something satellites until it is able to begin to attempt to resolve its location.]

I believe the reason for my camera's slow location acquisition is due to it not using or not saving the satellite-transmitted almanac data.  Therefore, it must either have the user continuously and manually load this data onto the SD card, or it must go through the ten-minute process of listening for each satellite.

To fix this issue, and because this data is presently being broadcast and received by the camera's GPS receiver, please have the camera self-update the GPS constellation's almanac data.  Alternatively, make it an option to have the camera 'remember' the last position and apply it to any photos taken within the proceeding few minutes, pending location acquisition.

Let me know if I can offer any more help or details Smiley Tongue

ALL Future ALPHA cameras should be able to use the SAME APPS


This will go a long way to eliminating the NEED to re-write a APP for every new ALPHA camera, and wasting time.


There is no need imho  for a custom APP for many functions  ... every time there is a new ALPHA camera.


Hopefully ALL the NEW  ALPHA cameras (A7 A7r , RX10 and newer)   are already set up that way.  So, they can use the same APPS. and not make everyone wait for a camera specific UPdate.


Then time can be better spent on creating     NEW APPS  with  actual   NEW Features.   Smiley Happy


Time Lapse on a A7/r  comes to mind.

Adding  Instrgram to a Direct Upload   ... and having the ability to Crop square and fill in the negative space with a choice of  Black  OR  White

Ability to send  a selected  image from your  A7/r  to your Smartphone  and it pop up FULL Screen with the ability to ZOOM in and check the EYE Focus.   * Also have your WIFI connection SETTINGS hold ... so, when you want to send another Image 2 min. latter from your A7/r    will will just move to your Smartphone.  and the Smartphone user can just scroll  Forward and Back and ZOOM IN.     this is even great for PRO photogs on a shoot  ... where  someone ASST or  Art Director  might want to view the image or  check focus. or show others. 


APPS need to be more than just toys to show proof of tech.  it needs to actually do something useful.  for it to be popular.  AND  for the ALPHA  needs to Fool you into thinking it is just as EASY as using your Smartphone directly.   The FREE  APPS  now , do not do that.   

Yes, it's FREE  ... but the  Smart Remote Control and the Direct Upload  to me shows the Potential  ... that could be much more.


fyi: the Smart Remote holds the connection well.      But, for a  Send to Smartphone APP with Review flip back and forth , Full Screen ,  and ZOOM IN  , for the Eye Focus  ...  the WIFI connection does not have to be constain Live.  But, it needs to be still linked. So you do not have to go thru any more button pushes to send another image to the Smartphone.   (Except one ... the Fn button in Review mode)   Smiley Happy