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basic garage radio

by flys_racing Rookie ‎01-11-2014 07:00 AM

i been doing alot of serch for a basic fm radio and there is not any to be found.  i was looking for a radio for my brother, dad and also my self but can not find anything close to what i am looking for.  let me describe, i would like to see a radio about the size of a car radio with very limited capabilities for a garage area and even a patio setting.  all  the radio would need is to be small like a cars radio with ditigal face, remote, able to hook up outdoor/indoor speakers, good antena, and setting to adjust just the bass,mids, and highs.  a usb port would be nice too.  that is all i would like to see comeout one day.  look at it form my point of view, if i wanted to have a small radio like the one i describe then i would have to spend alot of money on a radio with fetures i dont use and highlhy expensive and also not safe to keep in the type of enviroment my famly and i need it for.  the ones i have use in the pass are big and out dated and is always missing a few items i think is key and nice to have.  i could use a car stereo and buy a convertor but again spening money on extra stuff and also a lot of head ache for people like me who like to keep it simple.  i know what i am looking for can be made by a company like but wanted to know why it has not came out.  i know that if one could be made at a good price it would sell and be a big profit making for your company.  i would like to hear back and give any information on the ideas i have for this radio and seek no benifit form anyone using my idea but the satification of a radio on the market that i can buy and use it for what i need it for. if yall would be instreasted in getting in touch with my idea.thanks for your time.

HI i really think it ******uld be a good idea  to give the music unlimited and walkman app permission to write to the sd card on the phone since16gb which the z2 comes with is really small and since it's suggested in this link: that it's possible which it inst. Music unlimited is a really great service and the only thing i think holds it back is the inability to save to the sd card since both spotify and wimp both support saving offline playlists to the sd card.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start selling the MDR W08L headphones again!  You could charge twice as much, they were cheap!  Now the only way to get them is to pay exorbitant prices online, and they aren't worth that because they do break easily.  Nevertheless, they were the ONLY headphones that are comfortable for many people, and earbuds are terrible.

C'mon Sony why did you discontinue these?  

I hope there is a groundswell out here that will convince you to bring this specific headphone (or something very similar to it) back on the market.  As you know, packaged MDR-W08L's are going on eBay for $100 or more, so you know they are greatly missed.  Like many people, I used to stock up on these, as they were by far the best headphones out there in terms of the intersection between price, sound and (most importantly to me) COMFORT. I'm one of many people who don't like earbuds full-stop, and no other "in-ear" headphone on the market comes close to ******ing into my ear comfortably (and STAYING there comfortably) as the MDR-W08L's.  The more I test out these other models out here (including Sony's own alternatives), the more I'm convinced that the MDR-W08L were really perfectly designed.  PLEASE bring them back!  Thanks,



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Release Dates

by Terex Enthusiast ‎01-21-2015 06:03 PM

Dear Sony, making the right phones is on thing but releasing them at the right time is another thing
from the rumores the Z4 is expected to be announced at MWC, this is good and okay along that am sure youll
also announce the Z4 Tablet. Also from rumores the Z4 Ultra and Z4 Compact are also meant to be announced at MWC i beg you not make such a mistake cos right now the wrong move will cost you big. i see you tring make the Z4 the king  of all 3, but why dont you do that to the Z4 Ultra, drop the screen to 6 inches and up the display to QHD, raise  its camera to 20.7 and delay its release till october IFA along with the Z4 Compact and give it a real stylus i know you can it. This way if thers any complain from  the Z4 it will be ammended on the Z4 Ultra and by then new processors and technology will be out and the Z4 Ultra can take advantaged of these instead of making a clone of the Z4 with a bigger screen. Also i know you can it, please drop the bezzels and adjust your speakers, camera and overall design to be the best. Also at IFA we can see the Z4 Tablet Compact, thers no need to rush 2015 will be a great year for you, if only you make the right moves and advertise more thats a very important aspect as to why your phones do not sell, cos people still find it hard to believe that you exist, not just limiting your scope but all over the world (Africa, most especially Nigeria, they have an habbit of patronising things) And i think i like the Compact just the way it is, but if i where CEO ill give it a 16MP social smart camera and i wont launch any mid range or entry level device this year, cos you have too much already in the market, let those ones sell before dropping more at the cunsumers feet. Thank You

Projector Device

by pawelbroilo Rookie ‎03-27-2014 04:01 AM

My name is Pawel Broilo. I would like to make a short comment on what I have recently thought of.
I'm writing to you from Poland. I have a sugggestion. I've noticed that there is a gap in the projection market despite all the technologies available. My reagards concern regular projectors used for the presentations. On my opinion there should be a small mini projector with built-in memory or an outside memory that would enable transferring data onto this device from mobile devices,computers etc. The device would have built in remote controller as well . Therefore it would perhaps make the presentations more flexible and perhaps more interesting.
I kindly thank you for your attention.
My contact e-mail is :

Buddii Headphone

by jerrii23 Rookie ‎01-21-2014 06:25 PM

Hello, My name is Gerardo Araujo



I have a new, fasionable and easy way to listen to your favorite music, and its called Buddii! 

Buddii are wireless ear buds that are magnetically attached to the hollowed out center in the stretcher earings. With a push click eject mechanism (similar to a ball point pen) the ear bud is released and ready to be placed in the ear canal when listening to music. They can be synced to any musical device or sourcewith Bluetooth. They are powered by tiny rechargeable batteries. Buddii are also waterproof. It is easy to replace the ear buds in the earrings when the user no longer wishes to listen to music. While stretchers come in various sizes, these range from size "0" and up. To learn more about this, Here is a Link to the Webpage.


Thank you and have a nice day.







by cndldlrrn Rookie ‎01-21-2014 07:07 PM
I am a nurse, who works night shift. I have an idea for a product which would help people sleep, when there is outside noise. I would love to see a set of wireless headphones, which could work with a program, perhaps on a cell phone. The program could allow the user to hear "white noise," or another relaxation sound, while falling asleep. The program could also be set to switch from noise-cancelling/relaxation, to sounds that would awake the user, at a pre-programmed time.