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i own the Sony Smartwatch 2 and am pretty happy with it, it does need some improvements however.


Watch faces

There are not enough watch faces right now, just 5 and only one of them is digital and it just shows the time, not the date or anything else. The box that contains the watch shows a watch face that does have time and date, i have also seen this same watch face in a demonstration video of the Smartwatch 2, so i guess it was removed for whatever reason.


This watch face really should be added again and several more, people like to customize, so please give them that option.


Even better would be if we could design our own watch faces.


Screen timeout

Notifications/messages shown on the screen disappear too quick. The best way to solve this, would be to make the timeout of the screen and messages selectable, through the Smartwatch app on the phone. Anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds would be ideal.


Notifications if watch is switched off

Right now, if you switch off the watch for a period of time, the next time you switch on the watch all messages that occured during that period will be pushed to the watch, creating an unnecessary amount of notifications on the watch. 


I would like to see this turned into an option that can be selected through either the watch or the Smartwatch app.


Sound profile selection

One of the reasons i bought the Smartwatch 2 was to be able to set my phone to a silent profile, thereby removing ringtone annoyance to others. 


It would be nice if switching off the watch would result in a change of sound profile on the phone, so i can hear the ringtone of my phone when i'm at home, but not while i'm at work or having dinner

I hope there is a groundswell out here that will convince you to bring this specific headphone (or something very similar to it) back on the market.  As you know, packaged MDR-W08L's are going on eBay for $100 or more, so you know they are greatly missed.  Like many people, I used to stock up on these, as they were by far the best headphones out there in terms of the intersection between price, sound and (most importantly to me) COMFORT. I'm one of many people who don't like earbuds full-stop, and no other "in-ear" headphone on the market comes close to ******ing into my ear comfortably (and STAYING there comfortably) as the MDR-W08L's.  The more I test out these other models out here (including Sony's own alternatives), the more I'm convinced that the MDR-W08L were really perfectly designed.  PLEASE bring them back!  Thanks,



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start selling the MDR W08L headphones again!  You could charge twice as much, they were cheap!  Now the only way to get them is to pay exorbitant prices online, and they aren't worth that because they do break easily.  Nevertheless, they were the ONLY headphones that are comfortable for many people, and earbuds are terrible.

C'mon Sony why did you discontinue these?  

Android TV update for NSZ-GS7

by tommypik Rookie ‎06-28-2014 11:29 AM

Updating the NSZ-GS7 to Android TV from Google TV would be amazing. Since Android TV will be in all Sony TV's next year the technology is in the labs. I would like to see my NSZ-GS7 get updated to use the new software so that I can continue to have the best experience using Sony products. 

Full dive virtual reality.

by DanielStables Rookie ‎09-26-2013 05:43 PM

Imagine a headset that can transfer your consciousness into a game or other entertainment of your choice. Think about coming home after a long day and then diving into a world of fantasy,action or si-fi. Full dive virtual reality is something that i hope to see in the next 3-5 years, and i think Sony can make it happen.


We are at that point in time where our technology can make full dive possible and the world just needs a company to step forward and bring it to life, and i think that company is Sony.

HI i really think it ******uld be a good idea  to give the music unlimited and walkman app permission to write to the sd card on the phone since16gb which the z2 comes with is really small and since it's suggested in this link: that it's possible which it inst. Music unlimited is a really great service and the only thing i think holds it back is the inability to save to the sd card since both spotify and wimp both support saving offline playlists to the sd card.

I am unsure if it was because I allowed Play Memories Home to upgrade or because daylight savings time started but import new files duplicated (with (1) added to the name) all of the files that were previously imported.


Play Memories Home shouldn't re-import files that were already imported.

Iheartradio app

by love100008 Rookie ‎04-11-2014 01:15 PM - edited ‎04-11-2014 02:11 PM

Can you please get the Iheartradio app?