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Full Dive Nerve Gear Sistem

by LucasWhinter Rookie ‎12-26-2013 08:56 AM

Hello to everyone in Sony Corporation,my name is Lucas Rodrigues,i am from brazil and ia am here because i want to tell you about the sistem Full Dive, that sistem have been seen in a anime called Sword Art Online (SAO).

In the anime,the players used 2 sistem that make they link they minds with a "avatar"online in the Game that is mencioned before,the anime pass in the year of 2022-2025,this anime make,not only me,but all the people that watch it to want to play it,want to go in this history,the sistem that they use was called NerveGear,this sistem allow to the player to have full control of his avatar without moving his real body. The NerveGear looks like a helmet with a internal battery that hold the player online in more or less 2 hours and when this time is out,the helmet execute a emergency log out,without collateral effects.

In the anime,there is a second NerveGear but his name is AMU sphere,the only diference is that is more safe than the Helmet,and it looks like a tiara,images in this email. I would like to know that is any chance to create one of those, because this is the most important part of project that i am idealizing,and the NerveGear is one of the 3 part of the project,the first is the game itself,the second is the NerveGear and the third is the most dificult part,avaliable to all over the world,so i want to know if the SONY CORPORATION can help us,me,my friend called lucas and my another friend called eric (we are all brazilian,of course)

thank you all to read this and happy new year


I love the plethora of custom button settings on the A6000. One extra option that would grealy help save battery life and make life easier would be an option to turn the EVF on/off.


I wear my A6000 across my chest on a shoulder strap. The proximity sensor next to the EVF constantly activates the EVF, draining battery. It would be great to set say "C1" to turn the EVF on/off.



Disable LCD on sony alpha a7rii and a7 cameras

by Comfortable Rookie ‎03-21-2015 07:46 AM - edited ‎03-21-2015 07:53 AM

This is a software request for a7 cameras, especially the a7ii and a7rii. 


Please add the ability to turn off/disable the LCD altogether. I don't mean for it to show black pixels and still be illuminated. I mean to DISABLE the LCD for longer battery life.


Other software ideas -- 


Digital split prism, split view (for focus magnification and composition at the same time).

Electronic first curtain shutter for a7rii.

Flickr, instagram and 500px apps, to upload straight to flickr, instagram or 500px.

GPS app, to tag photographs with a phone's GPS data.

Lossless compressed or uncompressed raw

Relevant petition for said feature

Even tho I know everyone focus on the A7/r but we need some love to the FLAGSHIP A99.

The camera need firmware update/upgrade/fix/enhancing, whatever you/we named it...some of these are issue ACCROSS the whole SLT and now FE lines....

Usability enhancement/FIX


1) UI lag - the latest firmware improved things to "ok..kind of acceptable" level, but still have a lot of room to improve from camera startup time, changing setting to even scrolling through menus.


2) Menu update - We need new UI/menu like the latest Sony camera i.e. A7 and RX10 especially custom menu which is a major problem when you need to switch certain setting frequently, i.e. EVF effect on/off at menu #X, format card at menu #X, APS-Crop mode at menu #X.....added with the laggy software response..sometime is painful and I think the latest custom FN menu on the RX 10 really kind of fix that.

3) EVF for viewfinding, Black LCD for review just like any DSLR we used to...I think someone already mentioned this in another thread. This will also fix the problem of all those "review images" between burst mode that cut off viewfinding....


4) Improve AF accuracy and expand AF-D/D-map lens support list as PROMISED.


5) Wireless flash delay, please shorten the preflash...I'm a wedding photographer, the ultra long preflash to flash delay is unacceptable for us to capture any moments...the only thing we can rely on was third party triggers....It's never happen before SLT era...


6) Allow video AF in any aperture.


7) Improve video codec


On the Side) Put all the flash accessories back in production...battery pack, off shoe sync cable, sync cable splitter, better shoe adapter


Thank you for reading this, me and alot of us would be really appreciate if there is a firmware update to come. Even if there are only part of it is implement....


Again, system camera take manufacture long term commitment...not just to give us "exciting" new camera every year that generate short term sales, but to create loyal customer, that we will "invest" into your system aka your company. Which is what make the user from Canon and Nikon so loyal to their system....also please listern to your professional user for your flagship camera...which is a reference camera for the user below.


Thank you again.


A7r & A7 , Can you use the USB Charging to Power the A7r on a Studio Shoot?


I know it can charge the Batteries.

Someone told me it can work but the manual says NOT to .. WHY?


Even if you have to take OUT the Batteries ... having the ability to use the USB port to Power the A7r on a LONG studio shoot  (say a Product shoot)  is Useful.


My guess , if it cannot do it now  because the batteries are in ... It  "could" with a FW Update ???

Well the A7s is supposed to be king of the night but unfortulately that's where I have most trouble using it.  Trying to shoot stars, nebulae, comets etc. is a bit awkward when it doesn't need to be,  to make it into an astrophotographers dream camera It urgently needs the following enhancements:


1) Add bulb mode with start/stop exposure to the api - for your own apps and 3rd party software support.

2) As discussed on many forums - make the hot pixel suppression algorithm (applied in bulb mode) switchable in camera.  This single problem meant that Nikon lost many thousands of camera sales to the astrophotography community - people bought Canon instead.  Please don't make the same mistake.

3) Please add a software switch in camera to allow uncompressed RAW exposures.


These three simple changes will transform the camera from a quirky also ran to the top of the pile.


I hope you take these challenges on board and thank you for reading this post.




Tethering the A7r

by estaud Enthusiast ‎05-12-2014 08:24 PM

I would like to see the option to shoot tethered directly into Capture One. The tech support at Capture One say that an SDK from Sony would be required for this to work. Using a hotfolder as a workaround causes to much essential functionality to be lost (such as new captures inheriting the current settings).


There are so many professional photographers I know buying the A7r, all of whom use Capture One 7 as their default tethering application. I think many will still with their Canon's and/or Nikon's if the Sony cannot tether to a production oriented application like Capture One.

Please please sony add the live view function to the Remote Camera Controll application. 

Right now I'm struggling usint the A7R in studio. If I use a usb cable and directly tether to the mac I cannot use the live view from the ipad, if I choose the use the ipad live view I cannot transfer my files directly to the mac (and use SD instead).


It would be great to use the live view directly to the Mac (like Canon does).