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Dear Sony,<br>When you first announced the playstation TV/vita TV I preordered it and then realised this product has so much potential. I believe this product holds the future of gaming.<br><br>Firstly the form factor of this device is magical and hence there is no reason why it couldn't be incorporated into every Sony Television, everybody uses televisions and therefore you would be giving everybody the ability to game from any television.<br><br>Now what I propose is a massive project I know but hear me out. You need every Sony television to have a Ps vita Tv built in, you need to allow every other TV manufacturer to bundle the *external* Ps vita tv with their televisions. Now you might be thinking what happens when we release a new Ps Vita well I would suggest using the same chip archiecture with the newest ARM CPU and combo it with the Nvidia tegra K1 (these are already tried and tested chips, check out the Nvidia shield tablet to see it's power) and making it backwards compatible.<br><br>Now this is all well and good but now I need to ask you a question, is the vita Operating system built for the future? Now I understand that what I'm about to say might not be possible for the current gen Vita, but to make the vita the ultimate gaming machine it needs to have more games and that's why I brought up the OS, what would happen if you, let's say used an Android based OS on the Vita, this would give you two MASSIVE library of games to play and countless apps that would be a dream on the vita. Because the easiest way to get more developers for a device is to incorporate another platform. Please think about the future Sony this might be the biggest change in the gaming market in history and you'll be the ones behind it.<br><br>Now this last feature is a crazy feature that would be a but further down the line but is still on the &quot;greatest platform&quot; topic. Steam/Valve is developing a game streaming service where you can stream you PC games to another device, this would add another huge library of games to this device and would add so much more value to it.<br><br>This idea/vision will be very hard to get right but I believe that you Sony are the greatest company to do it, thank you for your time.<br><br>,Norman

Android TV update for NSZ-GS7

by tommypik Rookie ‎06-28-2014 11:29 AM

Updating the NSZ-GS7 to Android TV from Google TV would be amazing. Since Android TV will be in all Sony TV's next year the technology is in the labs. I would like to see my NSZ-GS7 get updated to use the new software so that I can continue to have the best experience using Sony products. 

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Expansion TV

by JHL_Music7 Rookie ‎07-30-2014 09:42 AM

Hi Sony,


Hi Im a secondary school student from UK and recently I had a concept that i would like to suggest, a wild but exciting concept for a new type of tv that has potential to create a new market! Here is my concept- Expansion TV. Although many smart tv nowadays offer multi screen entertainment but the problem remains that the size of the screen is reduced. However what if the tv can be expanded at either side to duplicate the size of the original screen? Therefore users can enjoy miltiple entertainments at the same time/multi users can enjoy different entertainments at once. Not only does this concept suit normal everyday use, its also ideal for multiplayer gaming! Plus what if the screen can be expanded again at top and bottom to create 4 split screen? With such tv, the advantage of it not only lies with multi entertainment but it can also offer the user a huge screen for single entertainment where user also has the option to shrink the tv back to its original size to save space.


Thank you for your attention!

i just had a great idea on how to save money on consoles by combing a bult in ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 in a sony tv with a bulit in dvd drive that will allow you to play any playsation game in hd and watch regular tv. And dvds. By just buying this tv 4 in one combo by making a regular sony flatscreen in to a bult in game console. Im pretty sure it might be a lot of money to make but it will be worth if save money and not a lot of cables or cords i hope you consider my idea to make this product.


by Gaerisch Rookie ‎05-25-2014 07:25 AM
How about a 100Gb flash drive ( that's expandable) built into your TV. I'm not sure if it's on the tv's already but also how about a USB port to connect an external hard drive. Or streaming your music from your pc or tablet to your tv. If its already capable, then forget I mentioned it. It's been awhile since I looked at the specs on the XBR TV's
I have a provisional patent on something called BluScu, this function allows the user to locate their remote control at the touch of a button, this innavative addition is protected, and owned by me. The addition of a BluScu button on the side your hdtv, bluray, game system, and home theatre button area will forever revolutionize the &quot;searching for the remote&quot; part of your entertainment time. A receiver and speaker is built into the remote device, which will emit a series of three or four beeps, indicating the location of that misplaced remote, when the BluScu button is pressed. For an illustration email me directly. I know once I allow a company rights, this will undoubtedly be included on every new remote controlled electronic from here on. I want Sony to have this, I own this presently. Regardless of disclaimer notice I will negotiate my patented invention with Sony, which may or may not be granted this technology from me to produce.
Currently own a provisional patent for BluScu, and it's technoligy. BluScu is a technology thar is extremely cheap to produce, and will forever be implemented on every remote controlled electronic once I release, my patent to the buyer. This technology allows a person to push a button on the button panel of their electronic device, be it hdtv, bluray, home theatre, game console, anything with remote control, and have the remote send a series of audible beeps to alert the consumer to it's misplaced remotes position. The BluScu will be implemented, BluScu is owned by me, as of right now, it is still for sale. Who would like to see SONY obtain this technology to implement on their devices? I know that most of us consumers, would definately appreciate this technology. NO MORE SEARCHING FOR REMOTES!!! My email is for any corporate responses.