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Slow Motion Apps for Sony NEX 5

by newyork Rookie ‎09-18-2014 08:20 AM



I bought Time-Lapse apps for my Sony Nex 5 and very happy with it.


and think it will be very cool to add Slow Motion video apps to the NEX 5 apps collectins.


But I understand Slow Motion Apps will be hard to accomplish.

so far the only wasy is to use external Computer software editing,  with softwere like Sony Vegas...


thank you from New York



Please add Plex to your development list.  I was disappointed to find that this app is offered by other brands but not on Sony TV's.  This is a must have for home media servers.  Thanks.



HFR 3D compatible bluray

by Nic727 Rookie ‎12-13-2013 08:40 PM



I think you know that a lot of upcoming movie will be in HFR 3D format in theater. The Hobbit have great review about this format. Better framerate, better visual, etc. TV can handle more than 60fps and new movie in theater are in 48fps (not all movies). So my idea is to allow people to enjoy this new format and technology at home, because some theaters don't have this format yet and people would like to enjoy this new format.


It could be nice in the futur and in the next year or two year to develop a HFR 2D and HFR 3D compatible Bluray (allow normal 2D and 3D and DVD too) and disc format.

I would like to see The Hobbit trilogie in HFR 3D in three year. It could be awesome for all of us.


thx a lot Sony devs to take that into consideration.

I'm sure it's possible.



3D recording using Sony action cams would be great. It was suggested last summer for the HDR-AS15. It is of course already possible, such as this, but there is no housing to hold the 2 cameras together and keep their footage aligned. Also the stabilisation (Steady shot) of one camera should be used on the other via a sync cable. 


GoPro had the 3D HERO System for HD HERO2 and Original HD HERO, they now have the Dual HERO System for the Hero3+ Black. It records synchronized 2D video or photos to convert to 3D because its interface control allows one camera to control the other’s settings and modes. 


Then a live feed of the 2 Sony actioncam videos can be transmitted and converted into a 3D feed with almost no latency, using a converter like EMRLabs' Transporter3D, which can then be displayed on the upcoming Oculus Rift 1080p or Sony's Project Morpheus.

Global shutter CMOS

by 2014K Rookie ‎05-15-2014 06:03 PM

It has been 2 years and there are already Global Shutter CMOS cameras for industrial use. We have the global shutter F55 and Sony patented a sensor last December only for industrial use. But what about the CONSUMER who has do deal with the rolling shutter? I thought the line between pro and consumer was shrinking. If a camera or camcorder had a global shutter it would be worth the sale and competition. At least the action cams should have a global shutter. It should be catching on like 4k. 


(if CCD is becoming extinct then it should be worth it)

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Over 80,000 aircrafts with wing struts (Cessna 152, 172, 182). Over 100,000 aircraft pilot students, Over 20,000 certified aircraft owners.


I'm a pilot and aircraft mechanic. Right now, I have seen the aviation market flooded with GoPro cameras. GoPro offers airspeed ratings for their camera mounts while I haven't seen anything related to aviation from Sony.

Sony action cams offer the best aerodynamic profile for shooting videos in aviation compared to GoPro.


Make a mount that can withstand airspeed in excess of 90KIAS up to, let's say, 180KIAS. Talk with the FAA and General Aviation manufacturers for the best way to make mounts for aircrafts that can withstand up to 180KIAS. Some aircraft have wing struts (Cessna 172 for example, the most produced aircraft in the world) and this offers a chance to get ActionCams on aircrafts. Since the ActionCams offer a better aerodynamic profile when facing forward or rearward (with the body aligned to the aircraft longitudinal axis)

The bad thing about Actioncams is that you can't tilt the lens/sensor 90° to have a better profile when put horizontally instead of vertically. If you put the camera aligned with the lateral axis, this means that the camera creates more drag.

About the mounts, I'm quite sure people would get more confidence if the company (Sony) offers aviation certified mounts. Maybe some entries in aircraft logbooks are required in order to install the mounts, but if the FAA gives the approval, then everything will be alright.

Another type of mount should be offered, like a suction cup certified for airspeeds up to 160KIAS. Suction cups should allow cameras to be mounted in other places.

About features of the action cams, would like Sony to offer ND filters mount for Action cams. This along with manual shutter speed control should reduce the visible propeller weird rolling shutter effect you see on most videos taken on light general aviation aircrafts.

In my personal experience, I didn't had ND filters when using the Sony NEX-5 camera to shoot videos so my last resort was to reduce shutter speed to 1/30s and close aperture to f/18-22 with base ISO200. But with a ND filter, I could reduce the speed to 1/30s without closing the aperture too much.

So, if Sony don't want to offer full manual control, at least offer a way to shoot aviation related videos with 1/30s-1/60s. shutter speed, base ISO and provide a set of ND filters (or in future releases, have built-in ND filters in-camera).

Finally, several student pilots and certified pilots like to use several cameras in a single flight to get multiple views. That's why flexibility is a must for aviation users in the way we can mount cameras onboard and outside the ******pit. Also hope there is a way to manage more efficiently via tablets and phones (assigning names to cameras via app instead of trying to figure out which camera is each one)

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Sony Action cam as100

by Prinsesarica Rookie ‎06-08-2015 10:31 PM
Plss help me i cant use my camera underwater.. Wat for i bought dis. Any one knows about the settings to use it? im just only usig it taking pictures and for videos.. But for exploring under water ddnt work. HELLP PLSS 😕

FDR-X1000V Video Angle of View

by StevoSVK Rookie ‎06-06-2015 03:16 AM



I'd love to choose the Angle of View on the great new Sony x1000v.  E.g. the 240fps 720p angle is too wide for some situations, and everything appears too far and not so detailed. It would be excellent to be able to narrow the field of view and get more detailed/bigger picture of what you really care about. Same goes for the 4K.