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I have over the last 6 months installed and uninstalled my movie studio platinum suite to make it work. The only success that I had was when I rebooted by computer to its orginial startup point, and then I was able to reinstall my Mvie studio platinum suite and have it work. But that took many days and many hours to reestablish all my other programs. Since that time I was able to use my Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 program twice. Then I would get a pop screen that show me an error while loading, as it had done the first time I had the problem. Since that time I have found many sony web sites that supposedly give you answers to your problems. So I did the HOTKey things and tried to fix the problem. I consider myself pretty good at fixing computer problems. But as I read through the list of reasons that my software would not work, such as adding new software, I have become discouraged. I have a sony 50 inch TV ,  many sony cameras, two sony computers--all this because I was a sony fan. But, now that I can no longer get my sony products to work, and I was told that my sony tv was made by samsung, I have become discouraged by the problems I have faced. Sony and others in the industry might be having  the same issues, but I am just one consumer that can't work it out anymore, so I writing this letter to let sony know that Im throwing in the towel...  Thank you for a great product while it lasted

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A7 II Flexible spot focus

by superpocky Rookie ‎03-28-2015 02:06 PM

My #1 issule with the A7 II is how the flexible spot focus works.


I would like to use the 4 way buttons to set the focus spot directly.  Currently I have the center button set to the standard function and left, right, down to focus settings function.  This does not work well.  This along slows me down so much!


I would like to see a firmware to let me set the standard function to up, down, left, and right buttons.  This would be huge!


Also, during a playback, I would like the magnification to zoom to the focus point.  Currently when you click on the zoom button, it zooms to the very center of the photo which is useless to me.  Also while at it, let us use the back wheel to change the zoom level (turn left to zoom in, right to zoom out), and the front wheel to navigate to different photos (I believe this is the default functionality).  Bonus is let me set the center button to zoom during a playback.


Thank you!

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sony televisions

by Medina Rookie ‎03-26-2015 07:09 PM

I am so disapointed with sony. I have a two year old television that has completely died on me and no one at sony wants to help me. I AM DONE BUYING SONY PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is it possible to enable face detection (not focus) with manual lenses?


I would like the camera to put a box that I could quickly magnify onto the closest face.


I don't think face detection is a function of the lens. But maybe it is in that there might be a focus hunt involved in finding a face. I don't know if the camera recognizes an out-of focus face then goes there or if the lens cycles through focus to find the face.


I don't want the green box to tell me it's in focus I just want a box on the face that I can magnify.


Is it possible to give me a "face box" that I could magnify and quickly manually focus


If it's possible it would be usefull for me.





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Sony A7RII

by Apogee72 Rookie ‎03-21-2015 08:03 PM

Rumors aside...its inevitable people! the release of the  Sony A7Rmkii within the coming months, so the reasons why i sold my A7r are hopefully addressed, very importantly....


- Electronic shutter ( no more vibration on my 70-200 F4 )

- Far superior AF, the best reason why i sold the origional, a real disappointment.

- Tracking capabilities, at least usable tracking

- uncompressed RAW, like the old days.

- 5 axis stablisation ( a given i suppose )

- LCD turn off option.

- ergonomics such as the recent and tempting A7ii, also a given.

- a swivle tilting LCD such the likes of my A77ii and A99.

- Silent shutter like my A7s.


The first five wishes need to be an absolute or alternatively hold of until such time...

Perhaps an updated LAEA adaptor to make use of my A mount lens collections...








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Sony has added in-body image stabilization to the Alpha a7II. It is a sorely needed feature in the a6000 line “rangefinder” APS-C models of the Alpha line. The benefits of in-body IS are clear to anyone photographing at dusk, or pre-dawn hours or indoors without a tripod. It would also mean that Sony could compete with Nikon and Canon’s APS-C sensor cameras. It could be the “killer” feature of the A7000?

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As seen here the same problem exists YEARS later.  


Seriously sony?  I paid 8000 dollars for a tv that still exhibits the EXACT same issue as the same make/product line from a couple years back?


I see complaint threads about this all over and youve done nothing regarding it.  I email tech support and they tell me to update the firmware lol.  Umm the first time you turn the darn thing on it updates the firmware, and every time a new firmware is available it lets you know.   Do you not even train your CSR's in how your products work?


Yes im jaded.  I expected more from your brand and this particular model by a mile.   Considering a refund. 


So you decide to use opera with ZERO media center apps, as opposed to google.   Any word on when your going to add Plex or XMBC as ive seen other threads on here requesting as well? 


MP4's and AVI's just stop when they feel like it.   Its not the file as ive tested it on 9 other devices in my house and they all work fine.   As the consensus in the aforementioned thread states - this is a problem with YOUR televisions.   Either hardware or software.   I'd really like to think the chances of it being hardware related are slimmer SO it should be fixable ala firmware if you'd read english and fix it!

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handycam as USB Webcam

by nfotis Specialist ‎03-02-2015 11:04 AM

Dear Sony engineers,


please add USB Webcam mode to our camcorders. Not only USB storage.


This would make life much easier when trying to make live streaming to sites such as Youtube.


My camcorder is a CX-330. It would be a nice camera for such situations.