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It would be great if Sony can add Dolby Atmos Support For STR-DA5800ES to make it current and the sound would certainly be awesome!

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It is a company witch do not take care of his custormer's needs.


Join the inspiration ? What a JOKE !

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Marine combo

by gatordude879 Rookie ‎09-09-2014 09:59 PM - edited ‎09-09-2014 10:08 PM

A 8inch  to 11 inch sun sheilded weather and water proof all in 1 HD fisherman's freind with a slimer and wireless design. So far after Neil Armstrong made his leap space steadily started taking a back seat to sea life. We realized that it didn't take a rocket ship to explore what we already have here and all around us. Your product gets shipped on water ways and every average fisherman looks for a big fish on the weekends. With the right tools taking the average Joe to a pro angler to brag at work the next week or keeping shipping informed of the best weather conditions or current events is as important. I believe sony's technologies could lead the world in this aspect. I fish professionally and never have enough info  we need so much and we also report to govt officials because of their lack of equipment. It needs HD DOWN IMAGING/SIDE IMAGING, WEATHER RADAR, 2WAY RAIDIO WITH NOAA,NFS IS A MUST FOR EASY TRANSFERABLE DATA FRONT/BACK CAMERA FOR ACTION SHOTS, CHART PLOTTING, WIFI AND BLUETOOTH.

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New 3D Viewing

by BoomRoasted_35 Rookie ‎09-07-2014 07:50 PM
After reading articles about the pros and cons of 3D-viewing glasses and reading about the mostly theoretical "non-glasses" 3D TV, I thought of an idea. Why not make 3D contacts? They do it with prescription lenses, why not for 3D TV viewing. The contacts could be both prescription and 3D active. They would swap between normal viewing and 3D based on whether or not the TV detects them or they are connected to TV. Just an idea, I have no idea if it is actually possible, or if it would be worth it financially.
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I was shocked to discover that it appears impossible to reset the Image file Nos. Having Multiple Sony Camera Bodies it would seem essential to avoid duplicating Image File numbers on the computer.


It's bad enough that 'Apple' make it so difficult to Batch Re-name when it was so straightforward with that awful Windows system!


Please Sony, you have taken into account the many criticisms/design faults of our past Nex models. You now have a serious top professional camera with the Alpha Range, now give it's users a few more "Software Updates" Smiley Happy

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the sony a7s records records with video with the full horizontal pixel size of 4240 pixels, whereas 4k Video has 3840 pixel horizontally. This leads to interpolation of pixels and a huge loss of sharpness of the video.


It should be possible with the sony a7s to use 3840x2160 pixels of the sensor to record video ("1.1 crop"). In Full HD mode a 2x2 pixmap could be combined to one pixel on the video, in 4k it could be the native size.


The video quality should raise dramatically. The Sony RX10 does that way and cuts the edges from the sensor. This is probably the reason why video quality of the RX10 is so fantastically good. I think, the a7s should work the same way. The big advantage is the lack of need of interpolation between the pixels, the lack to scale the image.


Another advantage would be, that the image processor would have much less to process than before while recording video, resulting in longer lifetime of battery.


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DSC RX10 firmware update

by Bob_Eisenberg Rookie ‎09-03-2014 06:49 PM

Dear Sir or Madam,


It really is a shame that all settings are lost with the firmware update.

These settings should all be readable digitally and then easy to save

on the computer doing the firmware update so they can be restored



If the camera internal computer cannot handle resetting all the controls,

at least the values of the controls can be made available as a table

on the computer.

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Xperia Series

by jcjoker2008 Enthusiast ‎09-02-2014 05:24 PM

A thought occured to me about Sony's phones earlier today. The thing is as much as I love them I feel that they need to dig deeper to offer both an amazing experience that is fluid such as stock Android but feels like is getting augmented by the unique offerings by Sony such as their Music Unlimited (They are in the music business,), Video Unlimited (They make movies.), and they have various other services such as their gaming, TV, and photgraphy divisions. But its hard to get what you think of as a good value when things don't work as they probably should. For example an easy and convenient way to buy movies and tv shows from your Xperia phone or tablet just like you would on a PS3 or PS4. It currently is not that way and detracts I feel from the overall experience. Recently there have been talks of Cyanogenmod being in talks for further investment or even looking to be sold to a potential buyer. While Sony is in the process of turning around their company to end their current cycle of losing money it may be of interest to them to make certain purchases for longterm growth and profit. Cyanogenmod, Swiftkey, and even various other app and even some hardware makers may be what they need. I can't help but feel that the already significant quality that is present in the Xperia line of phones and tablets could be augmented in certain key areas to unify the Sony ecosystem and give the customer a potential value that other competitors would be hard pressed to even begin to match. A unique offering of Sony exclusive content but without the forced use of that content put in tandem with the Google store would give the feeling of choice and levage Sony assets to give a reason to committ to buying through Sony instead of Google and others. What does every think and more importantly if someone from Sony cares to comment what does Sony think that is not just a polite and neutral response?