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I only have two front pockets, but I need to carry my keys, wallet, phone and a decent camera. My keys and wallet can share a pocket, but mobile devices and cameras have to compete for the other one. I have tried the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, but it has terrible issues with dust on the sensor. What I really need is a waterproof, dustproof internal zoom device like the TX30 has! Please get with your mobile department and make a tablet or smartphone with a good camera that is dustproof, has an internal zoom lens and a large sensor.

Best Regards,

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Une bonne Idée

by zaelbusta Rookie ‎10-05-2014 09:43 AM

Salut, Sony C'est La Marque preferé Verser Ma Vie !! Fait je veux voir also qu'il HNE Numero Dans Le Monde.

Fait je suggere qu'il obole Prendre aux Moins 5 Rappeurs celebre americain Verser Faire de la Bonne Pub et marketing versez Notre nouveau Smartphone Xperia Z4! Sur faira juin bonne affaire! Merci

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Sony RX100M3 Color and LCD Issues

by atort Apprentice ‎09-28-2014 07:55 PM

Does anyone else have an issue with the color of the Sony RX100M3 files always coming out warm?  I feel like no matter what I do there is always a yellow color cast to my images unless I set a custom white balance.  And I feel the rear lcd is extremely difficult to read accurately and gauge how my images truly look.  I love this little cameras files, but there are parts of this camera that are extremely frustrating and wish it was more along the lines of the functionality of a Canon G16 for example which is simple, intuitive, and accurate....what a quality point and shoot should be.  What you see on display is what you see in real time which is never the case with this annoying camera.  I should say I want to love it, but truely don't.  If I didn't get a kiler employee discount and rebate I would return it, but I did so I won't and will just use as a camera I keep in my glove compartment of my car as a go to always available camera.  Curious to hear if anyone has any gripes with the rear display.  Thanks.

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Hey Sony

with all the questions about the life of the A mount on the DSLRS and if Sony is going to continue producing

A Mount cameras and lens's   wouldn't it be wise to also have  the A 7 with E-mount to also have the option

of   An   A-mount for those of us that don't want to buy adapters when we already have and would continue

to purchase full frame or Aps-c amount   lens's   it only makes good business sense rather than have

ticked of Sony customers  jump ship to  Nikon or Canon  don't your think?  as the A7  looks like a great

camera  but why buy one if the expense is so great for  the average guy with the A mount lens's already.

when he could come up with the money to purchase this great new camera  body with an A mount...

makes more sense to the average guy that would like to have this smaller camera also but with limited




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To whom it may concern.<br><br>Seven days have passed since I've opened my claim with Sony on my television.<br>I've gotten two different case numbers and have yet to get even an email response<br>from Sony. Meanwhile the set has gotten even worse. I paid for Sony's "top of the<br>line" tv and warranty and have not even gotten the courtesy of a response. My case<br>numbers are: Case ID 3027255 and Case ID 3023700 if this matters. Some thing needs<br>to be done<br>Regards,<br>Bron Jones<br>
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After upgrading the firmware on my Belkin WeMo Light Switches and the WeMo App on my iPhone the audio streaming services such as Airplay, Pandora and Slacker have been cutting out on my Sony STR-DN840 Amp. I believe this started happening after I upgraded the WeMo app to 1.8 back in August and up to now I just lived with it by turning Wi-Fi off on my iPhone before launching the app but I am speaking up now because after upgrading the firmware on the switches they now appear to be causing the same problem but it is a much more frustrating problem because unlike the app. The switches appear to be broadcasting every 30 seconds. Basically what this means is as long as a WeMo switch is on my network I cannot use audio streaming on my amp. I am guessing that this is a known problem because in the past 3 weeks I have received 5 updates from Belkin. Every other one fixing the problem then breaking it again. I have also seen a number of postings on Belkin site with similar problems with other Airplay devices. Is anyone else having the same problem with their Sony device?


Problem WeMo Devices:

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Firmware: WeMo_WW_2.00.6395.PVT


WeMo Devices that do not have the problem:

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

Firmware: WeMo_WW_2.00.4494.PVT


Belkin WeMo Light Switch

Firmware: WeMo_WW_2.00.4494.PVT


Problem WeMo iPhone App:

1.8 or Higher


Device effected:

Sony Amp STR-DN840 / Airplay Service

Hard Wired



Netgear Nighthawk R6700

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Slow Motion Apps for Sony NEX 5

by newyork Rookie ‎09-18-2014 08:20 AM



I bought Time-Lapse apps for my Sony Nex 5 and very happy with it.


and think it will be very cool to add Slow Motion video apps to the NEX 5 apps collectins.


But I understand Slow Motion Apps will be hard to accomplish.

so far the only wasy is to use external Computer software editing,  with softwere like Sony Vegas...


thank you from New York

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Looks like Sony stock is tanking on news that it will post a $2 billion loss largely on smartphone woes. This has nothing to do with the smartphones themselves: spec for spec, Sony phones meet or exceed the phones of its competitors like Samsung, Nokia and HTC. In fact, Apple phones use Sony camera sensors, rebranded as iSight. And Sony phones are nearly always in the top 10 among android phones (the Xperia was #5 on Yahoo's list of top-searched smartphones) on well-regarded tech sites like TechRadar.

There are a few problems with Sony's approach, and some solutions:

1. Marketing: I have seen a Sony smartphone commercial exactly once, in Spring of 2013--and it was during the Sony Open tennis match. General (non-gadget fan) customers don't even know the Sony phone exists. Sony could have pushed the whole waterproofing thing, but Samsung beat it to the punch. That summer, Samsung came out with commercials about a waterproofed Galaxy S model. Even after that, this past summer, Sony should have come out with commercials touting the waterproofing of its smartphone--people are extremely protective of their precious phones, so a waterproofed phone would be an instant hit.

Even little HTC outdoes Sony in the US, and it doesn't have anywhere near the brand recognition that Sony does, built up over 60 years.

2. Carrier relationships: It's no secret that Samsung goes straight to carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile and says, What can we do for you? They do all they can to make the carrier happy.Now that Samsung's phones have captured 27% of the US market, the carriers are coming to Samsung.

Why doesn't Sony do this? Carriers would love to have a phone with a unique ecosystem like Playstation. This brings us to another point:

3.Make a Playstation-branded phone. No, not a 'Playstation Certified' joint, but an actual PLAYSTATION PHONE. Playstations are now outselling Xbox's by a nearly 2 to 1 margin. Leverage that brand name. It is so powerful, it has its own brand recognition. Sure, you'd only get a niche audience, but Sony's marketshare in the US is far less than "niche"--it's almost zero. As of now, Sony has sold about 12 million Playstation 4's. A small but significant number of those will want a Playstation phone. Having those customers will help expand the presence of Sony phones in the marketplace, which will help Sony sell other phones like the Xperia.

4. Playstation commercials should have a 'Sony' logo placed subtlely in the corner. I know Sony is trying to be subtle and discrete with its marketing (not that that ever worked-Samsung is using the opposite approach and is killing Sony), and that is why at the end of Playstation commercials, there is no Sony logo. But Sony can't miss the opportunity to push its name, especially since customer reception of the Playstation 4 has been so positive and Playstation commercials (unlike ads for other Sony products) are so ubiquitous.

It all comes down to marketing. Sony's products are arguably better than Samsung's in many if not most cases, but Samsung is blasting the airwaves--and is eating up everyone's lunch, including Sony's. If Sony doesn't do the same, it may have to leave the smartphone and tablet market just as it has already left the PC and TV market.