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Image review on the Alpha a7 II

by durrace Enthusiast ‎02-06-2015 04:36 PM - edited ‎02-06-2015 04:45 PM

I have the LCD turned off with Viewfinder only set, to save battery.  After taking the shot, I would like to lower the camera and review the image for the time set (2 secs) on the LCD, like all other DSLR cameras.  This is a natural and easier way to view the image.  Also, if Playback is pressed, show image on LCD not in Viewfinder as part of this option.


While in playback mode, if the user is still viewing through the viewfinder, then display in viewfinder, but if not looking in viewfinder, then display in LCD.  Firmware change to add  iimage review option.  



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I have owned many Sony products in the past, and recently have purchased a Sony KDL-40W600B tv and a BDV-E2100 home theater system.  Both items work very well together.


I have a suggestion to make it easier to find the front USB port on the home theater system without turning a light or using a flashlight.  Put a small or thin lighted glow rectangle around the port that is on when nothing is connected to the port and off when something is. Or the light could change color to show that something is connected.  You could also put a dim light above the connection and use a small hole to illuminate the inside of the USB connection.


Either way it would help find the USB port in a room darkened to view a movie or tv show, especially someone like me that does not have good vision.  I would think it would be a low cost to add this small improvement.


Just a suggestion to help improve an already great system.




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FLAC files support for DLNA

by pietrodevo Rookie ‎02-01-2015 11:32 AM

I've recently bought a Bravia W905 LED 3D TV and I'm very happy with this products but the only thing that really I can't understand and it is a lack of feature is the impossibility to play FLAC audio files over DLNA, which is very annoying, the media library of lossless music stored on my NAS and easily playable even on low-end smartphones and tablets can't be played on such a television, which is meant for a multimedia experience, and I find really sensless to convert the whole library to MP3 files and have to keep both file types.

I don't think this TV don't have the horsepower to handle that kind of file types, I mean, it has no sense to have skype, youtube and thousands of apps without something i think is more important for multimedia experience in a living room, and I guess this is just a software limitation that can be easily solved with a firmware update. If this important support will be added then the product will be really more complete

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Nikon and Canon shooters use AF-C + Back Button AF as there "ONLY" way of Auto Focus. (Now, Imagine BackButton AF-C "AND" DMF - MF after the AF lock ... what this means is you Never have to change your AF mode , EVER ... But, #Sony needs to ADD Peaking to AF-C (and allow you to use DMF in a Back Button AF-C set up)



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I recently found out about the camera / video capability Sony is putting into their Xperia smartphones when I happened upon a Sony store in Houston (one of the few I've ever seen). I think these phones would be a lot more popular if it was easy to get a real Sony phone with the contract discount offered by carriers.<br><br>I currently have Verizon and, unless I want to drop $600 on a phone, I'd have to get the Z3v. The $200 price offered by carriers when you agree to the 2-year contract, is very doable. I'm waiting for the Z4 and for my contract to be up for renewal and really hope that Sony can get Verizon to stock the real Sony phones instead of some Verizon version.<br><br>When I have to wait on Verizon to make their own version and when it's not the exact same phone, people have to ask themselves why not just get an iPhone. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the Z4 and am prepared to take the plunge — switch from Apple to Android — but I really hope Sony is actively working on getting a better deal worked out with Verizon.<br><br>I love my a7 dslr and would love to have a phone that could take excellent photos / video when I don't have it with me. Sony is doing great stuff with cameras and it's phones are no exception, but I can't spend $600 on a phone when I have to keep my contract anyway.
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Release Dates

by Terex Enthusiast ‎01-21-2015 06:03 PM

Dear Sony, making the right phones is on thing but releasing them at the right time is another thing
from the rumores the Z4 is expected to be announced at MWC, this is good and okay along that am sure youll
also announce the Z4 Tablet. Also from rumores the Z4 Ultra and Z4 Compact are also meant to be announced at MWC i beg you not make such a mistake cos right now the wrong move will cost you big. i see you tring make the Z4 the king  of all 3, but why dont you do that to the Z4 Ultra, drop the screen to 6 inches and up the display to QHD, raise  its camera to 20.7 and delay its release till october IFA along with the Z4 Compact and give it a real stylus i know you can it. This way if thers any complain from  the Z4 it will be ammended on the Z4 Ultra and by then new processors and technology will be out and the Z4 Ultra can take advantaged of these instead of making a clone of the Z4 with a bigger screen. Also i know you can it, please drop the bezzels and adjust your speakers, camera and overall design to be the best. Also at IFA we can see the Z4 Tablet Compact, thers no need to rush 2015 will be a great year for you, if only you make the right moves and advertise more thats a very important aspect as to why your phones do not sell, cos people still find it hard to believe that you exist, not just limiting your scope but all over the world (Africa, most especially Nigeria, they have an habbit of patronising things) And i think i like the Compact just the way it is, but if i where CEO ill give it a 16MP social smart camera and i wont launch any mid range or entry level device this year, cos you have too much already in the market, let those ones sell before dropping more at the cunsumers feet. Thank You

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Digital Paper

by bobthebuilder Rookie ‎01-18-2015 08:22 AM

First thing to say, I do not own the DPTS1. I have read the specs, a fantastic product, however will not meet my needs as an auditor. My background;

I use a clipboard and paper pad to make notes of evidence of documents reviewed, people interviewed, etc. I take it back to my office, fully type up the notes into a multi sheet spreadsheet. I have a surface pro 2 tablet. I have experimented using it to directly enter notes into excel using hand writing recognition using the digital pen. Instant translation. Works fantastically, except;

- tablet heavy

- battery life not ideal (quite good though)

- contains my whole business should I drop it, loose it, etc. Is backed up though.

- Small write area.

- Fragile

- clumsy


My idea/ wish list for a next generation DPxx

- Instant OCR/ handwriting recognition

- Ability to store locally in .txt, .doc or other. (I could then paste into excel back at office)

- or ability to write directly into excel, word (cut down versions - basic formating)

- not looking for a full blown tablet, just a more versatile digital notepad


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New Idea for Clock radio concept

by jimmyfudd Rookie ‎01-14-2015 06:08 AM

I would very much like to have a clock radio which will use micro chips (sandisc) in lieu of, or in addition to CD technology.  I have searched all the manufacturers I could think of, and found none that have such a product available.  I can't believe there would not be a significant desire for such a product.  And, the cost to provide this fearture should not be outrageous.  If such a device is already available, please let me know where I might find it and make a purchase!