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1DX/D4S competitor: True Pro Type Fullframe A-mount

by rzero21 Specialist ‎01-14-2015 01:05 AM - edited ‎04-21-2015 03:09 PM

Has Sony Corp ever thought about something like this to go against the big guys in the Photography Pro Market? WARNING: This is a fairly long read.

Scope of this suggestion:


  • High-end Sports/Action Photography (everything that requires more than 1/500s. Shutter Speed in any light conditions including at night at stadiums)
  • Nature photographers that require max. continuous burst performance in low light conditions (dawn/sunset)
  • Wedding/Events photographers that need the FF bokeh, good AF speed/accurancy and good low-light/High-ISO performance.
  • No-compromise photographer.

I have been suggesting on several forums an A-Mount camera like this one:

Basically, the idea is to take the best from the a7S and the a77Mk.2 and push it to the next level.




The a77mk.2 is currently the best A-mount camera at the moment, combining Full time PDAF with max. 12 fps and one of the best tracking system in SLT/SLR cameras thanks to the 79-point AF module and the great coverage on frame it offers (I believe it covers more than 40% of the frame). These features makes the a77Mk.2 a good camera for sports/action photography but sadly, it lags behind Fullframe camera and other proper action/sports equipment when you consider the low-light performance.

The a7S got one of the best fullframe modules for low-light photography that goes up to ISO409600 that offers clean ISO12800 pictures. Combined with a matched resolution for 4K-video, that camera is the best thing for video, but it doesn't work for sports/action photography.


So what if Sony takes the best from both worlds and make this High-end True Pro Type Fullframe A-mount camera to take charge and compete against the 1DX and D4S? They already got a current and upcoming system of updated/new high end lenses like the SAL300F28G2, SAL500F40G, SAL70400G2, SAL70200G2 and SAL2470Z2. Give those lenses a true match for sports/action photography.


True Pro Type A-mount Fullframe Camera

Suggested specs:


  • 12Mpx Fullframe Sensor Imaging Module (the same as the ILCE-7S, max. ISO409600).
  • 79 point AF module with at least 40 Cross-type points (NOTE: do not use the same as a77mk.2, a new AF module should be developed for FF cameras and try to get the same percentage of coverage on frame offered by the a77Mk.2) if not possible, a new module with all of the points being Cross-type should be developed.
  • 10 fps Continuous AF operation with full manual control (on par with Canon 1DX / Nikon D4S but with less vibration issues and full time AF-tracking) This aspect is the key for having a true sports/action camera since the a99 only do 6fps even after having a SLT design. Also, I don't know if current SLT cameras do this, but allowing Full time servo even if the shutter is partially closed/opened for the exposure, or totally closed between exposures, allowing Full time AF between exposure is way better than predictive autofocus. No need to predict at all, just keep AF on subject if desired. And since SLT cameras benefit from LiveView improved tracking as seen on the a77Mk.2, this True Pro Type A-mount Fullframe camera should be a hit in the sports photography field.
  • 14 fps Special Mode (similar to what we see on current A77MK.2 where the camera commands the best setting for this burst mode)
  • Buffer capable of handling at least 100 RAW+JPEG files in burst mode.
  • Max. ISO409600. Yes, current SLT cameras lag behind other SLRs in the ISO department due to the mirror getting some light away from the sensor, but having the 12Mpx from the a7S should definitely put this True Pro Type A-mount Fullframe camera on top of at least the 1DX. The 1DX only tops at ISO204800 at extended range. Sure, Canon will release something later in the future, but right now Sony should offer a 1DX competitor.
  • Shutter speed range up to 1/8000s.
  • Same tilt-rotating-swiveling LCD screen as seen on a99 and a77. No one offer better solution than this one for any scenario.
  • Dual SD/MS slots, or SD/MS and XQD slots.
  • Built-in vertical grip that supports two NP-FM500H batteries. The inmediate benefit of having a built-in vertical grip is, more room for electronics/dampening/heatsinking/controls and also, a big pro rugged body that meets the needs of most pro action/sports photographers instead of having a bigger camera when mated with a separate vertical grip. (You can check this by comparing height of current Fullframe cameras with built-in vertical grip vs separate vertical grip)
  • Internal 4K video. Since the bigger body should allow for better heatsinking capabilites, this True Pro Type Fullframe A-mount camera should allow for more flexibility when capturing video. The usual stuff like XAVC, 120fps at Full HD. 60 fps at 4K it's possible compared to the a7S (120fps at 720p or 30p 4K max, with external recorder). The A-mount isn't an issue since Samyang already makes manual focus cinema lenses for A-mount, and cameras like the C300 already uses EF mount, so what prevents Sony to make a good video camera using a SLR mount?
  • Include All the good stuff you can find on the a7S and the a77mk.2
  • OPTIONAL 1: Built-in Radio trigger device for triggering remote flash units (Hint: release a new series of Built-in Radio Triggered flash units)
  • OPTIONAL 2: LAN/Ethernet port for sending pictures/video to a laptop, remote server, etc.

PRICE TAG: Around 5000-6500USD




Currently I have a set of A-mount lenses (Mainly Zeiss lenses and Sony G) and I'm seeking for the next buy, but I found myself without options for a full all-round package.

Current E-mount cameras are great, the a6000 offers speed and good tracking, the a7S offers low-light performance, but there is no body that combines both benefits. Also sing A-mount lenses on E-mount cameras right now isn't making any good sense for sports/action photography because the LA-EA4 adapter AF module is no good (small coverage of the frame and not enough AF-points), the bodies are too small and too fragile for sports/action usage when using big lenses and right now I doubt Sony will offer a fullframe E-mount with 12fps. (and even If Sony does, refer to the A-mount lens usage on E-mount bodies issue)

On the other hand, current A-mount cameras right now has the a77mk.2 that offers speed and good tracking, the a99 that offers fair enough low-light capability (better than the a77mk.2 at least) but there is no body with 12fps, good tracking and great low-light performance like the a7S does have.


There is space and a need for a high-tier A-mount body that competes against the 1DX/D4S and this is a market that Sony has no penetration power because simple the a77MK.2 can't be used above ISO6400, and the a99 AF-module isn't capable of doing as good as the 1DX/D4S (not even mentioning the low-light/High-ISO capability)

Thanks for reading

R. Sanjur

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Are you planning to develop a product like The Dash (Bragi), a completely wireless stereo earphones?

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When people think about buying a vacation home, they don’t usually think of purchasing a duplex. But that’s exactly what Bradenton-native couple Neal and Vanessa Finelli did when they bought a Sarasota duplex to act as their weekend retreat. Now, not only do they have an easy escape from the daily routine, they also have an income-producing property.
Vanessa wasn’t impressed with it originally, however. It had a new metal roof but the outside was a little dingy and the kitchen was cramped. There was already a long-term renter living one side, though, and after talking it over the couple decided to buy it for its $165,000 asking price.
Renovating with $3000
The catch was, Vanessa only wanted to spend $3000 on its renovations, which is a drop in the bucket when it comes to most home remodels. She lucked out, though, because the floors didn’t need replaced, which expense could have easily swallowed her little budget whole. But there were still furnishings to be purchased and a kitchen to be revamped, a task many homeowners would say couldn’t be done with such little funds.
“My feeling is that with a big enough budget, anybody can renovate and style a home successfully,” said Vanessa, who besides being a DIY renovator is also an artist. “But it takes someone resourceful to do it with practically no money, using repurposed furniture and accessories from garage sales and big-box stores.”
Creative furnishings
For a bed, Vanessa purchased two twin mattresses and pushed them together to make a king. She shopped sales at Lowe’s for area carpets and chose a futon as a couch and hideaway bed for the second bedroom.
And in the living area, they got lounge chairs with matching ottomans instead of a couch, because, as Vanessa explained, “this arrangement provides us with the greatest flexibiility when entertaining guests. And when dealing with a small space, furniture that is multi-purpose, versatile and flexible is what you want.”
Reconfiguring a small kitchen
The kitchen was the biggest budget drain, of course. They had to reconfigure the cabinets and plumbing to make space for a dishwasher and they replaced the countertops and repainted the walls and ceiling. To deal with the cramped galley configuration, Vanessa removed the bank of upper cabinets on one side and the doors on several of the cabinets of the other side.  The result, she said, was, “Now the kitchen is pleasant and feels roomier than it actually is. Paint helps a lot, too as well as art.”
Interior Decorating and Remodeling News Brought to You by

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Troubleshooting charger is hard to find all that's in circulation is a 19.5 vgn this is really frustrating as the laptop has audio driver problems with relteck
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Hi, I'm using two of Sony blu ray players (BDP-S3200 and BDP-S1200) and pretty happy with them.

Although the product box and web say that device supports more than 200 streaming services (or at least in US) I only use about 4-5 of them. There are lots of online video services (which are popular with other streaming devices) that are NOT currently present in these particular line of players.


I really would like the see following apps in the sony streaming blu ray players:

1) Vevo

2) WatchESPN


4) SHO Time

5) Watch ABC

6) Fox

7) PBS Kids


The thing I want from my blu ray player is not the fact that it support tons of apps BUT be able to play few quality apps.


Thank you!

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Hi, trying to surf the Arabic web sites, but there is no built in character encoding in the Bluray BDP S5100. The only encoding which are built in : the Latin-1, JIS, UTF-8 , and the Autoselect.<br>I tried all of them but with no sucess.I did the latest update, but also without sucess.I bought the device from Paris/ France.Can any one help please? Thank you
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Dear SONY,


Although the "mirroring" name suggests showing the very same image on both displays, there is little need to see the same view on the streaming device's smaller screen, too. If we could turn the smaller mobile screen off during MHL connections, and maintain the device control through this small display surface as a multi-touch toucpad, such implementation would have the following benefits:


1) The mobile device's irreplaceble battery doesn't drain as fast. Passive connection MHL cables can work with better duration performance, too. The screen is the most power consuming part of a mobile device.

2) Requiring less recharge cycles will extend the life expectancy of the mobile device's battery. Considering the battery's irreplaceable nature in majority of the SONY units, this reduced recharge cycles simultanously improves the life expentancy of the mobile device itself.

3) USB 3.0 based power feed connection on an active connection MHL cable could become less important. Reducing the need for higher power feed, could also eliminate the need for carrying the charging adapter to remote display locations.

4) Turnning off the screen LED, but keeping the touch sensors on it active can convert the mobile device's screen to a decent size touchpad for controlling the device with multi-touch gestures.


Here is how everything could work in my vision for the best user experience:


When the MHL cable is connected to an external display, the physical button for camera on XPERIA devices could automatically function to turn on/off the device display without effecting what is being streamed to external display output. There should also be a setting under Settings-->XPERIA Connectivity-->Screen Mirroring with a checkbox, which converts the turned off screen to function as a multi-touch toucpad or not. This touchpad will show a cursor on the large display and adopt to the touch gestures sames as in VAIO laptops.


I am personally interested in a solution like this, because my highly capable smartphone could become my true thin client for connecting to my virtual machines over the cloud regardless of which client site I am working without carrying a laptop. I would even go further to suggest displaying a touch keyboard as well on tablets when they connect through MHL cable instead of showing the same image as the external display's view. After the implementation of such solution, the right cable could make any display convert into a productivity workstation without carrying my heavy laptop, but a small smartphone.


If all the above is too much to get arround for your current engineering resources, at least turn the mobile device's screen off during MHL mirroring. Converting the turned off display into a touchpad, or displaying the keyboard on a MHL connected tablet can wait a little longer.


Here is an open source code base to kick start such features on XPERIA devices by default:


This is an example implementation of the above project at the app store:


I hope this idea and the links above helps your efforts in this direction. Thank you for all your hard work. Keep it up!


Best Regards,


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screen replacement

by bukky1989 Rookie ‎12-16-2014 07:05 AM
Hi all, I have been trying to get a replacement for my sony vaio t series model no SVT131B11L but didn't find an email address or phone number. I will appreciate any help on how to get a replacement for my touchscreen