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I am a professional wedding photographer in Hawaii - Used to use Canon 5D mkIII, now shooting with a6000 and soon the A7mkII when you release it in USA (hurry up!) :-)


Please figure out a way to do higher flash sync speed without having to do high speed sync.  My Sony DSC-RX10 can manually flash sync up to 1/1000 easily, and I use that ability all the time

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xperia sp,новый взгляд

by Саша Rookie ‎11-21-2014 08:49 AM

Здраствуйте всем кто читает даное сообщение, моя идея заключаеться в том чтобы дать Xperia SP вторую жизнь! Возможно вы сейчас подумали что? зачем, дело в том что я полюбил этот смартфон но и разочарован им.У меня есть пару идей: увеличить его светодиодную подцветку на 2-3мл, уменьшить его ширину, сделать его более легким, добавить 2-й динамик чтобы получить стерео, и немного изменить стиль и дизайн.Я закончил и все равно у вас остались вопросы зачем для чего я отвечу потому что вы становитесь похожи на Apple! с чего я это решил с того что модели смартфонов скоро по виду не отличишь скажете это не так но нет! это не угроза не предупреждение это просто высказывание! Я уверен все воспринят это предложение как ни кому не нужное но я просто не мог не попробовать ведь даже самый маленький вклад может изменить мир! Новая модель SP не будет валяться на полках она будет раскупаться молодежью потому что он будет стильным и модным, ну вроде бы все не томите с ответом пожалуйста !!!! Александр из Казакстана 

: Smileyhappy:

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Music Unlimited as a service is quite poorly supported in the form of apps and features. I'm going to state a couple that seem so obvious that they don't even deserve to be here as a suggestion.

I expect this to be working from a organziation like Sony known for devices like the "Walkman"


  1. PC application
    This one is a no brainer. If you have music unlimited service that you expect users to pay subscription and allow for offline mode only on Android. What's wrong with PC. Users still listen to music through computers during work/study and even at home. You are missing out an entire market segment here.

    The browser app is a lame try at supporting this group. You are trying to make everyone happy by a do-it all app that doesn't offer all the features and is cumborsome and slow. The playlist for example load 25 songs at a time and everytime you scroll further down you wait a couple of seconds before it loads another 25. There is no offline support either.

  2. Even if you are using a web application - fix it
    The web app is real slow as I have mentioned above and it also lacks offline storage. Most new browsers do support this by using HTML5. If you are not going to support PC users with a full blown app then at lest make the browser app better.
    • I am unable to reorder playlists and save them.
    • When I do add multiple (one ore more) songs to a playlist or my library, I still get the number "1" showing next to the library or playlist. So I don't know if it did add the songs or not until I actually check the playlist.
    • Also the system lets me add the same song multiple times to a playlist. There is no way I'm going to remember an entire playlist that I would like to slowly update over time.

    There are a lot of glitches and flaws in the website that I could go on and on about.


Sony, please get your act together.

- Sincere Fan.

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Musin playing on the receiver is very limited from usb and network sources. Yes, you can play to the 5800 from windows media player and make a playlist there but you cannot make a playlist from the receiver itself. Makes things very limited and frustrating. the remore app on the phone does not do it either. I had much better capability on my logitech squeezebox remote and this feels like going backwards.


Also, the remore app on the phne should be able to see what is playing and what is next etc. Again, Logitech squeezebox set the benchmark.


Really ought to add this capability via a futuer firmware update. 

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Flagship Headsets

by V1F3W Rookie ‎11-04-2014 06:59 AM - edited ‎11-06-2014 07:01 AM

Premium Headband type MP3 player Model: NWZWH505B

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset


I love the look of these headphones. And have seen all of your bluetooth headsets. (i dont like the look of any of them)


Looks play a big part, i just wish that there was a bluetooth version of these headsets.

I have sony phone(z2) but would also like to play my songs from it.


This headset has every thing going for it, external speakers, great stylish look, attachable cable/wire if the batteries go flat or if a device isnt bluetooth capable.

But i would rather take out the mp3 functionality and replace with bluetooth compatibility, as more people use there smartphones as music players(walkman app).

Wouldn't mind if it had nfc along with it, with some water resistance rubber inserts. or something like the smartphones.

last but not least, a mic for incoming calls with a answer button.


More colour customisation  (prim colours red, blue, green/yellow) with the body (black, grey/silver and white)

Same with the walkman symbol led light (prim colours) (also function as bluetooth status/blinking)


i got some suggestions on a look/style that many of the other competitors arent doing, (some of sony's) which is to have square or rectangular ear cups/pieces. i really do prefer these over the circular or oval ear cups/pieces.


my version(sketch) of playstation gold wireless set

 add some external speakers(nobody else is doing it, be pioneers)


Been a sony customer for years, loved your innovations(external speakers, attachable cable on a headset = genius), please make some flagship headsets. (two of these).




Alexander Mejia

Australia, Melbourne

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I would love to be able to see the histogram and electronic level at the same time on both the view finder and LCD of my A7.


It would also be nice if the LCD had an auto-brightness mode, like the view finder.

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Thanks, Farley and Hailey! I appreciate that you appreciate my input. Thank you for forwarding my comments and thoughts to the proper channels. I do hope that they also help you in some way, in your customer relations work. If it's okay, I'll give you more heads-up on positive reviews of Xperia products as they come out. I'll try to be more brief in the future, though. For now, I'd like to point you to a PC Mag article that came out today, "Android Makers Abandon One-Handed Market to Apple": It complains that Android phone makers have all but left the smaller handset market (the original smartphone size) in favor of supersizing, leaving only Apple. The PC Mag reviewer laments the fact that, although Sony does have a premium phone to compete with the smaller iPhone 6, it isn't making it available:

"I'm hoping that the Z3 Compact will at least come to the U.S. unlocked, although unlocked phones not supported by carriers tend to sell about 25 units each here in the States. But the smaller Z3 Compact is nowhere to be found, leaving the iPhone 6 the only one-handed, premium smartphone in America."--Sascha Regan PC Mag

You can sense his sarcasm (it's probably more than 25 units), but it's clear he feels that that Xperia Z3 Compact WOULD be a competitor to iPhone, if it were available.

Thing is, at the very least, has the entire Android COMPACT market to itself. That alone should signal Sony to make the Z3 compact more available. And my opinion is that Sony actually could have the entire compact market--Android or Apple--to itself. Again, marketing and distribution.

Thanks again, Farley and Hailey. Come to think of it, that sounds like a good name for a new TV sitcom! Or maybe the corner coffeehouse: Farley and Hailey's. A classic restaurant, on the National Historic Register.

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Arca-Swiss Standard Bracket , section "Built IN" to the Camera Body.


Because the a7 Series is about the width of the Arca-Swiss Standard ... for attaching  Tripod to it


Why NOT  have it Built IN ... on the ... BOTTOM and the Left side ?