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I feel uncomfortable about the fact that you seem to me to have fraudulently posed a man as one of my own potential fiances, making him show himself as looking like a certain instructor, displayed in one of my own DVDs that the New York Institute of Photography has mailed to me, just because I could not figure out right away, as opposed to later, how to play my New York Institute of Photography DVDs using my own Sony VAIP PC's built-in DVD player. Yet, the only reason that I had already purchased a Sony Blu-Ray Disc/DVD Player was the fact that I had already mistakenly thought that I had needed a separate device in order to play my New York Institute of Photography DVDs. That was weeks before I had met that same man online. Weeks later, after having purchased that same Sony DVD player, I met that same man online. A few days after I had video-dated with that same man on Skype, that same man invited me to play online arcade games resembling gambling casino games, but I don't like arcade and/or gambling and/or casino games. I turned down his offer to play a certain online arcade game, and he has not chatted with me ever since that same time at which I politely turned down that same offer of his to play a game. I feel that you have cleverly made me look at fault for having told the New York Institute of Photography that I could not play their own DVDs in my own computer, as if your defense was to pose me as if I really had been able to play those same DVDs but actually had been lying about that just to receive another set of those same DVDs and/or to meet an online hustler, perhaps who was trying to take my money in an online arcade game or related method. If you truly have done that to me, I feel that that same above-described action is an act of slander, a lie that you have perpetrated about me. I want you to please tell the New York Institute of Photography that, at first, I truly could not figure out how to play my New York Institute of Photography DVDs using my own Sony VAIO computer.

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by kostek88 Rookie ‎08-21-2014 01:09 PM

Why I can't connect my galaxy note 3 to the xav-602bt via usb?? I would like you to fix it. and something is not right with bluetooth some times music shows that is playing but I can't hear nothing. Other then that unit is brilliant. 

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The ability to microadjust for different lenses on an A57 must be included in the next firmware release. 




Buying my first DSLR type camera, I had to consider that I had a large investment in very good Minolta AF lenses, not the cheap stuff.  This was a huge factor in my purchasing a Sony camera, the A57.  Sony advertising and resellers pushed this feature very hard, and I bit.  The reality is that Minolta AF lenses are useless for anything other manual focus or AF at long distances with this body.  Portraits, casual pictures of kids grand kids...etc are ALL out of focus on every single Minolta AF lens I own.  These kinds of shots are fine with the kit 18-55 lens.  Any reasonable person must expect the same with Minolta lenses.


At this point, there is virtually no cost in including this in the A57 firmware, just grab it from the A77 firmware and plug it in.  It's almost that easy.  There are more things that this body should do as well, but this is inexcusable.




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The frame construction on the kdl48w600b is too flimsy and the screen is able to flex too much .


I had to return mine because it had a small crack on the panel upon installation, even after carefully repacking it for return,  a larger crack was observed when the technician powered it up to see the defect.


Surely the cost of a more rigid construction has to be more cost efficient than the cost replacement of cracked display panels.

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Just bought the DSC-QX10 and it has a MULTI connector that does NOT output video. Why is it called MULTI if it can only be used as a simple USB connector? Is it false advertisement? The connector is physically MULTI but its function is not.


IDEA No. 1: Make all MULTI have the same functionality and PLEASE, output anamorphic composite video through the MULTI interface (do not use black bars).

IDEA No. 2: Update the DSC-QX10 so it can ouput video through the MULTI connector. This little camera has potential for special applications if it can be used as a camera through the MULTI connector.

IDEA No. 3: Please make a MULTI cable with POWER and not just video.




P.S. The heading asks for uniformity because the MULTI fuctionality is different depending the camera model. This shouldn't be asthe consumers assume uniformity and expect a uniform functionality. For example, my action cam outputs video through the MULTI and the QX10 does not. BOTH have the "same" connector.... now I have to return the QX10 to the store because it did not meet my expectation.

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PRO PhotoJournalist APP to Upload images to a FTP from your Smartphone


Thinking once I WIFI small JPG images over to my Smartphone.


I could use a APP for this ... the KEY here is "PRE-SETS" ... so I do less typing on my smartphone ... which I am bad at LOL :


1) "PRE-SETS" ... for "Key Words" and "Comments".

2) Auto Copywrite in the EXIF

3) maybe even Watermark

4) PRE-SET FTP and Email sends

5) Ability to "WATCH" a folder on my Smartphone and Send that to a PRE-SET FTP or email ... THIS is what I want !


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SS Window

by popsad Rookie ‎08-17-2014 12:16 PM

its the head of oktopos...



i ll put slides about it on my linden, if any 1 intersting


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Hello. I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-QX100 with an SD card in it.


1st issue) Every photo is saved on the SD card in the camera, so I do not automatically save the images (either the preview or the full resolution) to my iPhone.  However, if I do take a photo and decide I want it on my phone, I then have to switch to the "Copy from camera" mode, select the photo and copy it, then switch back to camera mode which takes time and wastes battery with the lens motor.


2nd Issue) I can't delete individual or selected photos from the camera through the PlayMemories app; all I can do is format the whole card.


Solutions:  Firstly, when viewing the 2M preview image (or full size preview) after taking a photo, the only option is "Back" to return to shooting mode.  Instead I would like to also see an option to "Copy this photo to phone" and a "Delete" function.  Secondly, when browsing the camera/SD card contents for copying, I would like to be able to delete photos before or after copying them without having to format the card.


Thank you.