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A6000 iAuto mode is not fully auto

by gert Rookie ‎07-16-2014 01:48 PM

The A6000 does not have a 'guest mode'. The  configuring of AF on  to the AEL button remains even in iAuto mode, which I'd use when giving the camera to my wife. It requires hefty reconfiguring of the buttons in order for the camera to work as a single button compact and makes it very family unfriendly to use.


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I would really appreciate if you could support Windows Phone which is the third big mobile ecosystem!

And if you create a universal app, you could even provide one app for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.


There's already a third-party app in the Windows Phone store ("Bravia control"), but it doesn't work with my KDL-50W805B.


Thanks in advance.

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The Six month Ish Again

by Terex Enthusiast ‎07-09-2014 01:20 AM

Good day Sony, first the six moth cycle is a killer for your company. why because you wanna force to change
a phone they just got and which they haven't used for a while. those who got the Z are gonna get the Z2 next
and those who got the Z1 are gonna go for the Z3 next. i just want you to understand the mind of users before taking some certain
actions. And in between this you have the Z2 Ultra coming in so what choice of flagship are you given your users and lets not forget
those who don't like the large screens (Z1 Compact soon to be replaced by the Z3 Compact).
The way you release your Tablets should be the way the Zseries, Z Compact series and Zultra series
should be released. Give it a year before the next one comes else you might end up with a warehouse
filled with unwanted phones and now you gotta get rid of em by cutting its price. The Z1 completely killed
the Z in the market and the Z2 has murdered the Z1 not that this is a bad thing but its the timing
and what makes the Z relevant now is its price to the Z1 and likewise the Z1 to the Z2. The flagship phone must be
clearly defined as unique and not something Sony plays around with every six months. (sorry for that statement)

The mind of a typical user
user: i want a new phone
user: i know sony verry well
user: if i buy the Z1, theres gonna be another coming in february that will make ma phone obsolete
user: hmmmm what should i do?
user: yes, i can wait for the next one
user: but if i wait then another will replace it in October(and lets not forget that the Z2 didn't start to sell till April
and most users just got it late June or early July, so is the user suppose to change his phone in 4 months?)
user: i know samsungs chart flagship S in february and Flagship Note in October
user: i don't like the Note series so ill but the Samsung S5 and then wait till next year to get the S6
user: problem solved
you need to understand the users before taking actions, this is something i hear everyday about people who refuse to buy Sony


My suggestion
the flagship comes at MWC in february with its tablet followed by the the compact in July and then at IFA we can welcome the Ultra series
this way for a year we have the Z2, Z2 Tablet, Z2 Compact and Z2 Ultra
and then make preparations on what the next years entry upgrade on what these devices should be.
and also the 3 standard colors should be expanded.
For all things Z and Z ultra try adding Red, Blue and Green, Purple with Black and White and i bet you that it will look amazing with that glass and if there's a way for the color
to flow to the front glass panel it will look good
Then the Compact you can add yellow and oink to those six color above
Then others can just be Black and White or with red or mint


Things to address
The Z2 is amazing (i have one) but the flaps should have been a single one for the Sim slot and SD card slot and then a single
one for the USB charging port and i see no reason why the USB charging port cant be left open you have already proven that
you can do this on one of your accessories. i mean Samsung came from behind to copy one of your key features and did a good job
you have to win that crown back
The speakers are amazing and can be louder and clearer
The microphone is not so good
The Camera can have better low light performance and also i dont know theres a true tone flash missing on such a phone
Also having 32GB of internal memory is not bad
And theres still that missing IR Blaster on your flagship phones
Its not about the number of specifications but about the right specifications. Nothing on the Z2 is unnecessary but its also not new
you have to be innovative and at the same time not compromise your principles and go all gamikey. Give users what they need


What i really dont understand
The T2 Ultra, E1 and M2 are amazing ideas (should have been called T1 Ultra and M1 to follow a consistent naming scheme)
but then why a T3 and why a Z2a and also why a C3 that just mimics the M2 apart from that front camera instead of a C1 that will serve as an upgrade to the C


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Request for next high end compact integrated lens.


Things I really like.


1.) Tilting articulating screen

2.) OLED Screens

3.) High quality sharp Zeis lenses with low F2.0 or lower.

4.) High quality low light large scensors

5.) WIFI

6.) Tilting up flashes for bouncing light

7.) High Quality OLED view finders


Things I really need added.


1.) Wider angle lens 18mm or lower full frame equivalent (For interior and exterior Real Estate photography) You will get a ton of Realtor business by adding this, please make sure it is quality and sharp.


2.) Touch Screen display


3.) External Flash support



Thats it, please make these into the next models!


Love your products!



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plex app on sony bravia tv

by arentoft Rookie ‎07-07-2014 01:06 PM

please make a plex app to your bravia tv series ASAP

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iOS apps

by highrez Enthusiast ‎07-07-2014 12:23 PM

Update your iOS apps to include new products like the HT-ST7.

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Sony Action cam new improvements

by sonyci Enthusiast ‎07-07-2014 03:12 AM - edited ‎08-25-2014 03:12 AM

Hi, I'm using sony action cam hdr-as100 thank you for make this product. But you need some update specially 60m deep housing (MPK-AS3). first you re design 60m deep housing and you must to add menu buttons on it,like SPK-AS2, spk as2 has a menu buton but 5m deep limit is not enough. You must provide as standard housing maximum depth as 60m,GoPro because it. you are using carl zeiss lens on your action cam lens quality is great but too much lens distortion on it, is not very useful cinema sector with this distortion. please add Continuous Photo shooting mode like go pro, for fast-action sequences  very useful for us. so we are shooting photo in Time lapse mode there is resolution limit only 1920*1080 px for this mode, please remove this limit and capture full resolution photos in this mode. Update play memories mobile  and you must Add, delete function and full settings control future. I believe this product is very powerful and this uptates will make better than GoPro series and others.

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Better App Discovery

by jlost28 Rookie ‎07-07-2014 02:12 AM - edited ‎07-07-2014 02:21 AM

On a 2014 Bravia W6 - there appears to be no organisation of apps whatsoever. This also means when new apps are added; they are hard to find or can be missed entirely.


Could there please be some improvement in this area, perhaps by implementing the following:


1) 'Recently added' sub-section.


2) App category filtering.