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All of the current streaming services use pretty much standardized protocols for upstream.


Why don't you just ditch the horrible, useless, money grubbing, cancerous IBM Ustream and let users configure the upsteam freely? Perhaps even adding presets for popular ones like Youtube and Twitch?


The ustream exclusivity seems completelly unnecesary and hinderance for you customers. 


by tigger Rookie ‎06-29-2014 03:23 PM

Please add the PLex app to all Sony Bravia TVs - if not, I will have to purchase a Samsung!

The A5100 and A5000 have a few buttons including a dedicated "help" button that can be customized. Those few customizable buttons can only be assigned to single item settings options such as white balance, iso, drive mode, etc... However, unlike any other sony mirrorless camera, on the A5100 there is no quick "function menu" option that can be assigned to the customizable buttons and THIS IS A MAJOR FLAW.

All the other sony mirrorless camera have this quick "function menu" feature, including the Sony NEX-3, NEX-3N, NEX-5 , NEX-5N, NEX-5R, NEX-5T, NEX-6, A3000, A6000, A7, etc... Some of these are much older and cheaper cameras that the A5100 should surpass in every way, especially when it comes to software!

This "quick menu" option is extremely important, it allows the user to access camera settings through one of the customizable button very efficiently without the need to navigate through countless pages in the cumbersome and annoying full menu. Furthermore this "Quick Menu" is customizable, allowing users to assign the settings they use the most to be available directly in this multi-item quick menu.

Sony can and should immediately add this feature back in the A5000 / A5100. Sony has previously shown this is something they can do. Back when the original NEX-5 was released, it did not have this "function menu" option, but it was later added through a firmware update, and it became a standard feature on all NEX cameras.

This feature is EXTREMELY important, without it the A5100 / A5000 are severely crippled cameras and become annoying to use.

Personally, as a past loyal Sony NEX customer I was excited when I bought the new A5100 but this excitement quickly turned into disappointment and utter shock... Now, I am just angry, I cannot believe Sony removed such a useful feature, especially on a camera where it is needed the most. We can only assume that Sony decided to remove this feature intentionally in an attempt to manipulate us into buying the more expensive A6000... Unfortunately, having been a NEX enthusiast user for years and having using that features for years, this is unacceptable, that such a basic feature gets intentionally removed, I feel betrayed and cheated, and I deeply regret my purchase. This is a direct slap in the face to all loyal nex customer who helped make the sony mirrorless camera such a succes.

IMPORTANT: Please share and support this idea by VOTING for it, post your comments too, together we can make a difference!
Even if you dont own a A5000 or A5100, you still stand to gain from voting for this issue has it will clearly show Sony that we wont stand for this! Making their higher end models more attractive by adding new / improved features is OK, but purposedly completely crippling / removing basic and well established feature from lower-mid range model just to make the higher end models more attractive is not acceptable, especially when those features are found in much older / cheaper models. This tactic is unacceptable and Sony should never attempt anything like this on any of their product line.

Until this is fixed, I will not buy another Sony product.

I've pointed out this issue in detail here.


In short, Sony should update the firmware of the WH-1000xm2 & headphone connect apps to allow users to choose the how long before their headphones shut off when not connected via bluetooth or physical cable.


As a student, I appreciate the sphere of quietness created by the headphones when I'm studying. Sometimes, I just want the quiet with no music playing. Unfortunately the WH-100xm2's turn off automatically after 5 minutes when not connected to a music source via physical cable or bluetooth (even if nothing is playing through those connections). This means that in order to enjoy silence, I have to either connect a clunky, unused physical cable to the headphones or increase battery drain on my phone by keeping it connected to the headphones via bluetooth.


This is a minor niggle, and certainly not a dealbreaker. Still, considering that the Bose QC35's and 25's don't suffer this problem, I can't help but feel a tiny bit regret.


I understand that this headphone is marketed more towards the frequent-flying professional, but if this feature was implemented, it would be so much more perfect for the concentrating student.

Please let us disable skin smoothing so it doesn't show up in HDMI out

by dishe Apprentice ‎11-30-2015 11:52 AM - edited ‎12-10-2015 09:15 PM

Many of the modern Sony cameras, including the A7S, A5100 and A6000, include a "smooth skin" filter feature. I'm sure some end users out there like this, but in video it gets horribly annoying and fake looking, especially since it sort of turns on and off depending on whether or not the camera can detect a face, even in the middle of a clip. Thankfully the option is greyed out when the camera is in video mode, because this is obviously a feature that should stay disabled... but the problem is, some of these cameras automatically apply the effect in video mode, even when disabled or greyed out from the Sony menus! And when this happens, there is no way to disable it!

There are quite a few discussions across the internet about this problem- the solution proposed has been to turn off face detection entirely. But there are two problems with this.
1) We lose the other benefits of face detection, such as autofocus tracking. 
2) When the camera isn't recording internally, the live HDMI out still does face detection / skin smoothing, even if face detection is disabled! 

This means when sending the camera's feed out to an external recorder, TV, monitor, live internet streamer, etc, we get intermittent skin smoothing that sort of looks like the subject's skin has turned into wax. Then back into skin again if they move their head the right way, and repeat.

This bug has been described by Dave Dugdale in his review of the A7S with a Shogun which can be found here:

And again by Phillip Bloom in his similar review here (half way down the page):


And in various youtube demonstrations like this guy:

I can confirm I've seen this problem effects the A7S, A5100 and A6000.
(EDIT: It seems a firmware update for the A7s has quietly fixed it. Thank you for that! It still very much effects the A6000 and A5100, however. Please help us fix those!)
It likely also effects other cameras but I haven't seen them to confirm it. Please, please PLEASE correct this bug and let skin smoothing remain off on a global level if we turn it off in the camera menu. Or, just get rid of it entirely as it is a feature we can easily apply in post if desired. As it stands now, it is ruining our video footage!

HDR-AS100V Firmware

by Thalinor Specialist ‎05-22-2014 10:56 AM - edited ‎09-22-2014 05:35 PM


Update -   See my post on page 2; as predicted Sony has abandoned the live view wrist remote per their warrantee department. Do not buy it as its no longer being made and if history shows us anything with Sony, no longer supported. 



Note: Added Post below to reflect Firmware 2.0; Where instead of adding a simple USB driver so the camera could be seen as a video camera by a PC [and thus used by any camera/video software] they instead wasted countless man hours to make it a UStream exclusive with an overly complex setup that doesn't even work correcty.  Unbelieviable.



Updates Needed:

1) This optical chip can support 4k and ~2.7k video with a firmware update.  Go Pro has 4k.


2) The GPS doesn't log altitude.  It can get altitude but it doesn't log it for playback.

3) The ability to stream over USB [Recording or to use as a WebCam].  You can't even transfer files over Wi-Fi via a PC only on the awful mobile app.  You are limited to USB on the PC.  PC Drivers could solve both of these problems.

4) Interval Photos are taken at a terrible TWO MEGAPIXEL instead of 13.5 mp which the regular photos are taken.  Why?  Its taking photos SLOWER with Interval, not quicker.

5) Go Pro's Hero line allows you to adjust settings like Spot Meter, White Balance, ISO, etc.  Not Sony.  This could easily be added with a firmware update if you bothered to support your product which now 6 months after release is still firmware 1.0; no surprise as my DSLR is six years old and still firmware 1.0 too with all the bugs it had at release unfixed.  Again, Go Pro has these options.

6) Image sharpness on the HDR-AS100V needs work, and its not the lens or the chip which are both better than the Go Pro Hero line.  Plenty of YouTube Videos show this issue vs the GoPro Hero 3+ Black.

7) Why can't I turn off wide angle?  I can force it off using image stabilization but I can't turn it off unless I use image stabilization.  There should be an option in settings, which can be added with a firmware update.  Recording is much clearer with IS OFF, but the wide angle looks terrible.

8) Burst Photos?  Nope, not on the Sony.  Again your video chip supports it but its not included in the firmware.  Go Pro has this option and up to 10 photos in 1 second. Go Pro has this option.

9) Continuous Photos?  Nope.  Could be added via a firmware update but its another option Go Pro has over Sony.  Go Pro has this option.

10) Simultaneous Video and Photo?  Nope.  Could be added via firmware but it wont because Sony hates supporting its products.  Go Pro has this option.


11) Looping Video, another standard feature on Go Pro's Hero Line, is useful when using the camera as a dashboard recorder.  Sony has the ability to power the device via USB, even with the battery out [which is AMAZING] but falls short by not including looping video.  Without the battery in the camera does not run as hot and if powered via USB it would make a great daskboard camera if only they would add looping video so you did not have to keep stopping and deleting recordings.  Go Pro has this feature.

12) Raw format?  Nope.  Again, not something you need to update the hardware to fix you could add it to a firmware update.  Your camera shoots raw and then compresses why can't I get raw output?  Go Pro has this option.

13) Why Is GPS On/Off burred under three menus?  With GPS On the camera drains battery so quickly you would think that option would be easy to get to instead you have to go through three different menus to get to these settings.  Video Mode does NOT need to be in the main menu as that's not something people change often; why isn't that in the second menu and GPS in the first?  I bet you if you took a poll more people turn GPS On and OFF then they do change video formats on a normal use basis.

14) Auto Off is 10 Seconds, 60 Seconds and that's it, no other option.  10 Seconds?  Really?  Go Pro was not dumb about it and has a smart setup 60 seconds, 120 seconds, and 360 seconds.  Who the uses 10 seconds auto off?

15) Go Pro supports Firmware so much you can update your camera right from the mobile app.  Sony doesn't even bother updating its firmware, never mind the convenience doing it from the mobile app.  Go Pro has already updated the Hero 3+ Black several times making it better each update.  Where is Sony updating its products.  Never.  Never Update a thing.  I don't mean just one update, Go Pro updates regularly and cameras that are older too, not just new ones.


16) The GPS drains the battery really fast, as in 20 minutes sometimes less.  Why not add a Power Savings mode setting under GPS options that gives the user the choice to have the GPS poll less often to save battery?  Sure you would not have up to the second information, but hikers and climbers don't need up to the second information they need battery life.


17) Play Memories Mobile has awful connection and read times.  It takes a full 15+ seconds to connect to the HDR-AS100V using a Nexus 7 2013 [Quad Core, 2 gb Ram).  Once connected, it takes another 25+ seconds to display video.  If you want to get into the menu to transfer videos its burred in "settings" and that takes another 20-30 seconds just to display whats on the camera.  Transferring videos is lightning quick, even huge ones, so I know its NOT the camera's connection rather its the poorly written mobile app.


18) Play Memories Mobile CAN'T delete videos off this device, so if you want to delete videos you have to format the memory card deleting them all or delete them manually using a PC.


19) Play Memories Mobile CAN'T read (thus it can't copy over) XAVC S files no matter the size.  I have a large file recorded in HQ which copied just fine but a small one recorded in XAVC S was not shows in Play Memories Mobile.  XAVC S files don't even show up in the list of videos on the camera when using the mobile software.


20) Play Memories on the PC doesn't have a way to delete videos.  Basically, the only real way to delete videos off this camera is to format the card.  You can open it like a HD on a PC and go through the folders, but videos are shoved in an odd folder burred under several others, unlike photos which are in the DICM folder where they should be like on every other camera.  Why does the camera not put photos in a top level folder called VIDEO.  Why can't your Play Memories software [Both Mobile & PC] delete files off of the device?


21) There is no way to change the display to show minutes left on the SD card during recording, it only shows you how long you have been recording.  Really?  So I just have to guess how many minutes I have left that I can record before I run out of space?  A firmware update could fix this.


22) Live View Remote RM-LVR1 does NOT display how many minutes of recording are left on the SD card! Do you actually use your products? Why does it not tell me how many minutes there are left worth of recording? You would think this would be a critical thing to display. If you want to find out how long you have left on the SD card you have to take off the camera which makes the live view remote that much more useless.


23) Live View Remote RM-LVR1 does NOT display the cameras battery level, only the remotes battery level. If you want to know the battery level of the camera you have to take it off, which defeats the purpose of the remote view in the first place!


24) On the watch only display screen [not live video], it should also show the cameras battery level and recording time left as well. This way, if you do not want to have the live view remote showing what you are recording [to save battery on the non-swappable remote view watch], you can still use it to show how much time you have left on the SD card and battery levels of both the remote AND the camera.  For those of us who don't need to see exactly what we are recording [and again to save battery as you can't swap it out], we could still use the live view remote on the watch screen [saving battery] to alert us how long we have left before the SD card is full, how much battery is left,and that we are recording [via the red light].



Come on Sony, its really obnoxious you have such great hardware and such garbage firmware.  I don't want a Go Pro or I would have bought one, but your garbage firmware/software ruins your cameras.  Ever hear of brand loyalty Sony, because you are about to lose it.

I love the hardware for this camera but its firmware and your mobile app are awful.  With any other company these would get updated but Sony refuses to support its' products.  It's so frustrating looking at a superior product [over the Go Pro] knowing it will never reach its full potential because Sony is too lazy / greedy to fix any bugs and add new software features to existing products.  Everything I have listed above can be added or fixed with a Software and firmware update, but it will never happen because Sony doesn't support its products and customers.

Go Pro is not leading the way in action cams because Sony has an inferior product, it's because Go Pro doesn't screw its customers by not supporting its products in fact, they regularly update their devices.  Sony never updates anything, never mind regularly.  Why sell a product you refuse to update?  Greed.


Dear Sony,


Please have a firmware update soon to allow the original A7 to record in XAVC-S


Thank you!

I'd like to see the option for lossless, uncompressed RAW files for those of us who want it vs. the current situation of only having the option of lossy compressed RAW files (which in some instances, can exhibit posterization). I think this is a logical option for a camera of the A7r's calibre. If this option can be incorporated via firmware update, all the better. If it's a hardware issue, hopefully this is addressed in the next iteration of the camera.