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I'm trying to transfer photos to a computer that has Wi-Fi, but no USB port.  Hw do I initiate communication between the camera and the computer initially?

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Modern Wall Clock

by tonybart2003 Rookie ‎04-11-2015 01:35 AM
Clock is everywhere, we can see it inside houses, offices, small or big establishments. MY PRODUCT IDEA IS A MODERN WALL CLOCK. it is clock with clock face changeable designs and with simple but upgradable android O.S. or App. This wall clock can be either 12"x12" size or bigger. Round shape or square or rectangular. This maybe on touch screen (tablet-like material.) or fixed screen (LED t.v. screen-Like) material. It is like what we see in our smart phone, tablets and wearable gadgets. i hope my idea can contribute progress to your company as well i can help and provide financial to my family , to my sisters and to my mother.
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RF + Bluetooth

by aksel Rookie ‎07-10-2015 02:40 PM

I have got a MDR 865R RF wireless headphones. What seems peculiar to me is that why the connection between the RF base and the PC could not be via Bluetooth. Hence, a real wireless RF headphones would be in use. From the PC to RF base via Bluetooth, from the base to headphones via radio-frequency. Such a product would be realy tidy and useful.

Since this is already identified as being automatically turned off in certain modes, can this function be added as an option for Manual Mode (single shot) or an overall camera setting within the menus.  There are some occasions that this creates a significant issue with delay in processing where amateur photography consumers want the immediate access to take another long exposure before processing the noise reduction image is complete.


Some examples of specific situations where manual control of LENR is desired:

1) astrophotography

2) lightning photography

3) remote control based intervalometer


Specific models I would like to see this manual control added to firmware:

a5100 (ilce5100)

any other alpha series that supports manual mode / bulb mode / or long exposure and does not currently support an in menu option

Playstation 4

by gerhardt25 Rookie ‎08-20-2013 03:31 AM

How to I go about getting the oppertunity to Pitch an Idee to Sony, that I have no doubt in my mind will not only make PS4 the best selling console in the world but will also set the trend for Sony consoles in the future. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards

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It would be nice to be able to chose the Auto Review options independently between the view finder and the monitor.  For example, you could have the Auto Review set to off for the view finder, while at the same time having Auto Review set to on for the monitor.  Personally, I would love to have this option available, because sometimes I like having Auto Review for the monitor, but I never have wanted to use it for the finder.

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I have some suggestions for the product guides of the Sony MDR-ZX770BT wireless stereo headset.


*  Produce a PDF version of the Help Guide.  The Help Guide is only available as a set of web pages.  This isn't very helpful if one wants to read the Help Guide from cover to cover or have it available when there is no Internet access.


*  Don't hide the Help Guide.  A reference to the Help Guide is only found in a corner of the Quick Start Guide.  The Help Guide contains important information and most customers are probably not going to find it.  Put the Help Guide in the same location as the other two Guides on


*  The Quick Start Guide and Reference Guide are available as PDF files, which is good, but they use a large-format page size that no longer makes sense in the digital age.  Produce the Quick Start Guide, Reference Guide, and Help Guide as PDF files in booklet form with a page size that matches the displays of common tablet devices.


*  Finally, combine the Quick Start Guide, Reference Guide, and Help Guide into one document.  The three Guides contain overlapping information, why not combine them into a single document?  One document would probably be easier for Sony to maintain and easier for the customer to use.  Put the quick start information in the first section and put technical specifications at the end.  As mentioned in the previous bullet point, produce the single document as a PDF file with a page size that matches the displays of common tablet devices.


*  I have created a prototype of the Help Guide in PDF form.  I gathered the Help Guide web pages and combined them into a single PDF file.  The result works well.  I'd like to send this PDF file to the proper person at Sony if I can find out who they are.

New A mount lens suggestion.

by mavic9xi Rookie ‎11-16-2016 07:34 PM
Sony A mount can use a few lenses to compliment the new sensor and autofocus capabilities of a99ii. To start many of Sony lenses can be updated to SSM. I would like a 24-105 f4 that is optically comparable to the one from Sigma or an update on the Minolta 28-135. Then there is a need for 600mm f4 and maybe 400 f4 for wildlife & sports.