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I'd like to see the option for lossless, uncompressed RAW files for those of us who want it vs. the current situation of only having the option of lossy compressed RAW files (which in some instances, can exhibit posterization). I think this is a logical option for a camera of the A7r's calibre. If this option can be incorporated via firmware update, all the better. If it's a hardware issue, hopefully this is addressed in the next iteration of the camera.

Peolpe from Europe are reporting that 3rd Party lense such as Sigma and Tamron does function with the 399 Phase Detect af points on the A99ii. This is 3200 dollar camera that does not do what it was advertised. Please Sony Fix This!!!

New Manual Focus Method for Sony ILCE

by ymnno Rookie ‎03-03-2017 04:56 AM - edited ‎03-03-2017 06:31 AM



I'm an a6000 owner and one of my reason choosing Sony is the ability to adapt wide range of lens. Until nowadays i've adopt various legacy manual lens (minolta, konica, rollei, etc) and really like the experience with those legacy lens.


The current methods i use for focusing for manual lens is feels rather slow or less reliable:

- Focus magnifier is precise but slow

- Focus peaking is fast but not precise (especially at high f-stops)

- Moire focusing (by is in the middle between precision and focusing speed


Therefore, from that experience i have an idea to increase either focusing speed and precision for manual focus fans (like me).

The basic idea is the focusing method of rangefinder camera, so we can modernized the method.


What Sony can do is:

- what we want to focus in manual lenses are still using the same "focus box", as well as the "focus box" size (small, medium, big)

- there are variable option for focus multiplier of the "focus box" (2x, 5x, 10x)

- the "focus box" is still movable on entire frame, just like the current "AF box"


These are the example of the new method of manual focus. i'm sorry, i can't find a way to show an image here Smiley Sad 


Full view image


When manual focus method is use in center of the frame


The "focus box" can move to left side


If Sony can implement this new method, please don't forget to update all ILCE line up


This is obviously a glitch, 

around 8000 ISO I got horrible banding noise, then I bump up to 10000 and it's noisy too, then I bump up to 12xxx ISO and it's clean, so I go back down to 10000 and IT'S CLEAN TOO!?!  Weirdest thing. I go down to 8000 it's noisy and back up to 10000 again and it's noisy once again.


This is not good because I'm selling my a7rII to fund this a7sII for the low light capability and so far it's not better.


I'm in pp8 Slog3 


More discussion here:

Time lapse app for the HX80

by kayz2810 Rookie ‎09-28-2017 01:15 PM

Why is there no Time Lapse app for the HX80, when it is on my HX60? The camera is for the most part the same, yet it has hardly any apps available for it but the time lapse app would be the most use to have on this camera. Is the camera going to be able to have this app at some point?





[NEX] Simple, free intervalometer (Time-Lapse)

by msDrop-com Professional ‎08-21-2013 01:57 PM - edited ‎03-31-2014 01:37 AM


edit: There is no sense to wait for firmware update - my solution is modified IR remote Intervalometer And Other Toys For Sony Cameras



I wish you add simple intervalometer for making Time-Lapse photos. I tested build in "Self-timer(Cont)" option (Menu->Camera->Drive Mode->"Self-timer(Cont)"-> option: c3/c5) and I think for Time-Lapse you can just expand the capabilities of shooting continuously using the self-timer. Or create new function named e.g. Self-timer(TS), that allow to set options as listed below. 


  • saving only photos
  • set start time (as start delay HH: MM: SS)
  • set time interval (HH: MM: SS)
  • set count of photos (1 to card full limit)
  • for energy saving, after start process turn OFF LCD screen (or turn camera to build in save mode, should automatically wake up before next shoot).

I know there is paid application for Time-Lapse (you can develop it with a lot of options, prepared photo schemes, gadgets...), but i wish simple intervalometer version for free, It should be build in firmware also for NEX cameras without application support.


As I wrote at forum it is not possible to use simply IR or mechanical intervalometers for Time-Lapse (I mean long, few hours real Time-Lapse sessions). Reasons:



- at Remote Cdr. Drive Mode camera (NEX 5R) just does not want to go to power saving mode. When intervalometer is set to take photo at every 30 mins camera must go to power saving mode. And must take photo after wake up by pressing shutter button on IR remote.


Mechanical invervalometer:

- When I want to use mechanical finger (e.g. GigaPan) and take shoot at e.g. every 6 mins camera will go to sleep after e.g. 5 minutes. and pressing shutter button only wake up camera. Camera did not take a photo after awake. Camera should take a photo immediately after wake up by full pressing shutter button.



Dear Sony, please fix above problems or (and) add intervalometer option into firmware.



Best Regards


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Seeing as we know that many astrophotographers use your cameras, i would love to see the max shutter speeds increased.


I will quite often capture a number of 30 second exposures and stack them together, Im using a tracking mount that would allow for much longer exposures. I have manually (using "bulb") captured exposures up to 5 minutes with excellect results, being able to automate this would be great.


Any chance you could add something like a 1min, 2min, 5min options to the exposure settings in the app? It would allow the fanstastic sony sensor to gather even greater detail of the night sky.




Vaio Digitizer Button Mapping in the Vaio Control Center

by Keiran Expert ‎01-03-2014 07:53 PM - edited ‎01-20-2014 07:35 PM

After having a lot of time to use the Vaio Duo and with the release of the Flip and Tap, both with digitizer support, I think we need to address the lack of the ability to map the digitizer buttons. Currently the two hard buttons on the digitizers do two things, right click and open a Vaio program. One used to be able to disable the Vaio Clip launch in the Vaio Control Center but I am unable to find the option again after a recent update. Adding button mapping will do quite a few things for users.


My Proposal:

Add button mapping for the digitizer to the Vaio Control Center or similarly accessible area. You can, of course, leave Vaio Clip as default but allow for other actions to be done. I would suggest, for ease of use, using a dropdown style arrangement for different types of actions like "Start a Program" or "Mouse Button" to make it user friendly.



To help users use the digitizer more naturally. Being able to scroll with the pen, for example, would make the user experience much more natural. Many people click the larger button to right click and instead launch Vaio Clip which, while useful for isolating screenshots, is not used very often by the average user. Power users will be able to customize their experience which will improve personal productivity and efficiency in both the workplace and at home, especially if said people are graphic Designers or Editors.


Note to other users: If you have anything you would like to add to my original proposal please reply and add your voice.