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Dear SONY there is no doubt that you are best when it comes to electronic goods.<br><br>I certainly need this extension of a digital camera / which provides optical zoom up to 10 X for my Galaxy Note.<br> certainly going to buy it soon.<br><br>I have a suggestion or you may call it a request if it can work that way.<br><br>I love Bird watching and also Sight seeing.For this a High Resolution Binocular works well.<br>But the Problem is that you can not share your sightings and views with others.A Digital Camera on the other hand can take good shots.But the image may not be that crisp.<br>So ,my suggestion is why not combine a High  Resolution Binocular and a Digital Camera together. So that you can shoot what you See.<br>In this direction one more step is possible.And ,that is STEREOSCOPIC  or 3D IMAGE Projection.<br>Since each of the two images created by the two cameras in each of the telescopes comprising the binocular takes the image from a different angle to give the depth perception to human eye the same images if PROJECTED with suitable overlap may give a very nice three Dimensional image.<br><br>If not projected the 3D image can also be seen through an LCD display mounted on the Binocular if a bit of processing is carried out for the two images as seen from either eye.<br>I hope you will think over it.And if you do so please let me know.I will be very happy to move around with such a telescope hanging around my neck.

Recently married a Sony Action Cam to a headworn Stereo-Surround microphone rig and did a test for sharing with others interested in doing similar documentaries with HD surround sound results.  Found advantage of Sony's camera's ability to properly power my custom mic a distinct advantage in keeping the headworn rig a simple 2-piece rig.  Sony's Auto Level Control (ALC) seems extremely well behaved without audible artifacts commone with most ALC found in other cameras, and the mic preamplifier is very low noise for using a very low output external mic like I used for this test.

Here is the 11 minute test video:


My wish to Sony making it easier to adapt Action Cams for this purpose is twofold.

1. Provide an attachment feature to the left side of the camera body for attaching the mic's headband

2. Provide a .325" dia. hole directly over the external mic jack allowing the hatch to be locked closed while having a R/A mic plugged in.  A replaceable cover plug can be provided when not in use. 

While I use the camera without the enviromental sealed case for keeping the rig as compact as practical, I'm willing to pay a bit more for having the bare camera at least dust/rainproof.

Sony could be the first-to-market an aftermarket car audio head unit to output a plastic optical fiber MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) signal, and own the multimillion vehicle upgrade market for luxury cars of the past 10 years. MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) is a high-speed multimedia network technology optimized by the automotive industry. The systems use plastic optical fiber as it is light, high speed data capable, produces no interference and can be used for multiple purposes in the car saving weight and complexity. In just the past three years, European automotive manufacturers have installed 25 million nodes of plastic optical fiber (POF) in more than 40 vehicle models (1).

The system has been in higher spec (all USA model) BMW and Mercedes for more than a decade with other manufacturers adopting it more recently. These older vehicles are desparate for a technology upgrade, but due to the no existing plug and play headunit upgrade options, these owners cannot upgrade without replacing the entire system, wiring, amps and all for $thousands. Some aftermarket modules allow add on bluetooth from small 3rd party manufacturers (Dension, NAV-TV, GROM), but these units them selves are $500-$700, before a new head unit is purchased.

The MOST Cooperation group is based on a partnership (2) of carmakers, setmakers, system architects and key component suppliers. Together they define and adopt a common multimedia network protocol and application object model ( Sony is already a "Associated Partners: Suppliers " so you have experise within SONY now to create this now. Nearly 100 million vehicles could be upgraded with a MOST POF head unit today, but none exist, SONY could be first.
All these manufactures are now using the MOST standard:
General Motors (just adopted for GM worldwide small car standard)
Land Rover
Mazda Motor Corporation
1 Ref:
2 Ref:


Note: full featured double DIN systems with touchscreens are what these owners would most want like the XAV-712HD. I would like it on the XSP-N1BT since I always have the latest smartphone, but would buy what is available.

I love going out and taking photos with my a7 and instantly sharing them with people to blow their mind. I thought it would be a great idea for photographers to be more comfortable doing so an also a great way of simple exposure for them would be to add a watermark app for the ILC cameras. 


how it could work:

when the app is opened intitially you can enter text for your watermark and set its location on the photo. you would also be allowed to set the opacity level of your choice. once set up it will run in the background allowing you full functionality of the camera and give you a icon indicator letting you know if you share a photo it will be shared with your watermark stamped onto the picture. this could prevent photos from being marked for photographers who of course wouldnt want their copy with the watermark.

This is not a issue.


But, just wanted to post this  so it does NOT become a issue in the Future.


More and more shooters are using the Black Rapid System  ... Camera Stap that uses the Tripod Mount to carry.


Also, on Events ... large / Heavy Flashes (like the 60m)  are used with this Black Rapid system.


So, now you got maybe a heavy body a99 + heavy flash 60m  hanging on a  swinging Black Rapid strap all day or night  (talking PROs).


1)  The  Tripod Mount needs to be   Stong Enough for this


2)  The Flash Mount  Needs to be  Thick on the Metat that holds the Flash Foot.


* This was the issue  on the D700  Hot Shoe  and the sb900 ...  The  Hot Shoe metal would bend just a little ... creating  movement on the Flash ...   


* This would Fire the Flash by itself  ...  at the beginning


* But as the issue got worse  , it would  make the Flash NOT fire .


* and then it would Progress to a point that the D700 itself would not fire with the sb900 on the Hot Shoe.

Only way to get the D700 shutter working is to take the sb900 off the Hot Shoe.


* Eventually the ONLY way to solve this was a Complete Hot Shoe Replacement ...  that was clearly THICKER on the Hot Shoe metal.


The six Month Cycle

by Terex Enthusiast ‎04-28-2014 05:06 AM

Sony please stop the six month cycle and wait till next year MWC febuary to announce the Z3, dont be pushed becuase of the rumored samsung and LG flagsjips comming with QHD displays instead focus your attention on the Z2 Ultra with a 6 inch QUD display and an amazing camera. Remenber only the flagship should have the 20.7MP camera, this way you dony wast sensors on mid rangers and the model next to the flagship

Thank you

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Did My Hard Drive Crash?

by tropmij Rookie ‎10-19-2015 04:55 PM

I have a Vaio All-in-1 desktop (SVL24145CXW) it has been working great for almost 3 years.


When opening an Excel spreadsheet yesterday I got an "inaccessable_boot_device" error.  The system restarted in VaioCare Rescue Mode. When trying "Recover or maintain your system [F10]. I get "operating system not found" in the upper left corner of the screen.


I have not made any changes to the BIOS.  The system came with Windows 8, and was updated to 8.1 by Vaio Care.


Any help would be appreciated.



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BDP S3500 9jumpin

by dstanton Enthusiast ‎10-21-2015 06:52 PM

Hi there,

Can you add APP for Australia chanell 9 (9jumpin App)