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Proof or purchase

by hinh_thuy_lai_2 Enthusiast ‎08-14-2015 03:11 PM

my name is Anthony Lai my ref # E61570362. I have problem with department. I did sent my proof of purchase by Bank statement using debit card (visa) $1,849.00 which I purchased from the website . I have confirmation order email from the website shown I bought the Sony TV Model:  KDL70R550A on Oct 18th, 2014 and the money withdraw from my bank account on Oct 20th, 2014.


 I just received the email from :


Sony National Service and Support

Phone number: 800-222-7669


  saying that evidence not enough to prove " Proof of Purchase " she wants me to call the store and ask for the actual store receipt. It's so funny, I bought the Sony TV online and ask for the actual store receipt. I'm very upset about how the Sony Customer Services give a hard time for customer. Because they only give me 3 days to send the proof of purchase, today is the second day . How can I make that happen and the store is not in my State ( out of state).



God Please help me

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FDR-X1000V Interval Mode

by kra808 Rookie ‎08-03-2015 11:46 PM



Please make it possible to shoot 4K interval stills in the FDR-X1000V.  Limiting the Interval mode to 1080P does not make sense on a 4K action cam.

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Full-Dive Head Gear

by Ethe_V Rookie ‎07-29-2015 08:14 PM

Hi Sony.


I'll assume that you have recently heard of all the new game systems that use stuff like Oculus-Rift. I, personally, am very happy about the step that out current world's technology has come to, but we have a lot to go yet.


So I have been putting a lot of thought into how to make a full-dive system that will immerse a person into a virtual reality. It won't be bulky of require sensors for physical movement, instead it would interceppt brain waves meant to cause a physical action and make them a virtual action. Therefore meaning a person would simply put on the head gear, lay down, and play their game without having to physically move aorund.


I would be overjoyed to help make this actually happen, however I lack the equipment to make it occur.


I hope that, by sharing my thoughts with you, you will consider letting me work for you to make this dream become a reality. If anybody wants more information on how this full-dive would work, please contact me.



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I have some suggestions for the product guides of the Sony MDR-ZX770BT wireless stereo headset.


*  Produce a PDF version of the Help Guide.  The Help Guide is only available as a set of web pages.  This isn't very helpful if one wants to read the Help Guide from cover to cover or have it available when there is no Internet access.


*  Don't hide the Help Guide.  A reference to the Help Guide is only found in a corner of the Quick Start Guide.  The Help Guide contains important information and most customers are probably not going to find it.  Put the Help Guide in the same location as the other two Guides on


*  The Quick Start Guide and Reference Guide are available as PDF files, which is good, but they use a large-format page size that no longer makes sense in the digital age.  Produce the Quick Start Guide, Reference Guide, and Help Guide as PDF files in booklet form with a page size that matches the displays of common tablet devices.


*  Finally, combine the Quick Start Guide, Reference Guide, and Help Guide into one document.  The three Guides contain overlapping information, why not combine them into a single document?  One document would probably be easier for Sony to maintain and easier for the customer to use.  Put the quick start information in the first section and put technical specifications at the end.  As mentioned in the previous bullet point, produce the single document as a PDF file with a page size that matches the displays of common tablet devices.


*  I have created a prototype of the Help Guide in PDF form.  I gathered the Help Guide web pages and combined them into a single PDF file.  The result works well.  I'd like to send this PDF file to the proper person at Sony if I can find out who they are.

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It would be nice to be able to chose the Auto Review options independently between the view finder and the monitor.  For example, you could have the Auto Review set to off for the view finder, while at the same time having Auto Review set to on for the monitor.  Personally, I would love to have this option available, because sometimes I like having Auto Review for the monitor, but I never have wanted to use it for the finder.

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RF + Bluetooth

by aksel Rookie ‎07-10-2015 02:40 PM

I have got a MDR 865R RF wireless headphones. What seems peculiar to me is that why the connection between the RF base and the PC could not be via Bluetooth. Hence, a real wireless RF headphones would be in use. From the PC to RF base via Bluetooth, from the base to headphones via radio-frequency. Such a product would be realy tidy and useful.

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Idea for new film camera

by CraigJaneway Rookie ‎07-07-2015 03:04 PM


I posted in the "I Shoot Film" group on Flickr in response to "Fantasy Film Wish" where I describe what I believe to be the next evolution of film photography.  I'm a big Minolta and Sony fan.  I wanted to write you and ask if Sony would consider making a new generation of film camera based on a film that could be shot at different ISO's via in-camera pre-flashing of the film as the next big evolution of film photography?  Ideally this new film camera would use the MC/MD mount lenses where aperture rings are still used, and also manual focus.  We film shooters need a new camera with next generation abilities that affords the use of older lenses.  The idea to use pre-flashing of film on a frame by frame basis means a new method of exposure of film, and also a new way to process it, as all frames would be exposed to the same negative contrast density regardless of ISO applied.  These new generation of film cameras would be variable ISO film cameras just like their digital counterparts.  I hope you will truly consider my idea and think what it would mean to film and film photography for coming generations of photographers.


Thank you.




Craig Janeway

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The future playstations

by Godmysticneo4 Rookie ‎07-07-2015 09:07 AM

Hello, my name is Hamad Ali, im the boss of Sony and i am here today to bring to light what the future playstations hold for you

now there is a very difficult matter when it comes down to the products you buy, especially playstations, since it is a gaming console, and a very good one in that category, the question remains that you keep wondering or go through thoughts through your daily life like, maybe this should be the end of the gaming console or they should come out forever, and but this gives me such a nice feeling. What this really means is that you need a solution, and the answer is the same ideas used in the gaming consoles, repeating themselves in bigger and better ways after all the particular gaming consoles are released.


So this is what the future playstations are going to be like


Playstation 3: comes with a camera accessory and 3d glasses (stereoscopic 3d), and also playstation move

Playstation 4: comes with a better camera accessory which makes the graphics better and also playstation move, 3d glasses are supported on all games

Playstation 5: projects 2 images in front of your eyes inside your eye and causes an illusion which causes you to see them as if they were being projected from a device like a projector, this is possible through an accessory.

all the playstations will becoming with reverse playback, just different accessories
you can play older games with new technologies

Playstation 6: will come with a virtual reality head set, it will cause a really big screen in front of your eyes even though you will be looking at it through the virtual reality head set which is the glasses, this will be the accessory

Playstation 7: will come with a virtual reality head set that can project 3 screens, one in front and two on the sides, this will be the accessory.

Playstation 8:  will come with energy creating or you may say visualizing triggers or gadgets which will cause you to sit inside a force field of the game and notice everything that is happening in the game around you, these will be 4 gadgets


then the revoultion will come
this is when these above processes repeat them selves in a bigger better way.