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Hi. I'm a pilot and aircraft mechanic and have found that the aviation market is pretty much taken by iPads to allow crewmembers replace their heavy bags with electronic flight bag solutions (like Jeppesen did recently with their Mobile Flitedeck Apps) and to help technicians access reference documentation without having to use a laptop or print the papers. Would like to know if Sony is aware of the potential market that is available to get Xperia tablets into Aircraft Flight decks and Airlines Hangars. Water resistant products along with high quality displays and battery management systems are good key points and if Sony gets Jeppesen to offer their app in Sony Tablets I would be one of the first to buy another Tablet and use it in aviation.

Talks with Jeppesen, Google, the U.S. F.A.A., and armouring manufacturers (to get armoured tablets for Aircraft Maintenance Crews) are key to get Sony into this growing market.

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Suggested A and E mount lenses...

by rzero21 Specialist ‎04-21-2015 08:12 PM

First with E-mount.

Current APS-C E-mount is quite complete in terms of focal distance coverage from 10mm to 240mm (with the release of the SEL24240) but the options available in many cases aren't that good for the system. This is the shortlist that includes some lenses mentioned in several forums as lenses missing in APS-C E-mount lineup and other options I suggest myself:

16mm F2.8 II ( to replace low rating SEL16F28 design)
60mm F2 Macro (the 1:1 distance of the SEL30M35 is too close to the front of the lens and the SEL90M28G is too big for APS-C E-mount cameras)
85mm F1.8
135mm F2.8 or F.2.4
16-50mm F2.8
50-150mm F2.8
150-300mm F4
1.4x Teleconverter for 50-150 and 150-300mm lenses.

Suggestion for FF E-mount lineup. Current and upcoming lenses has already covered focal distances from 16mm up to 240mm. That's a good thing. But lately, I have seen E-mount lenses getting bigger and bigger which defeats the purpose of E-mount. That's why I suggest the following:


PZ 16-28mm F4 G OSS (to complement the SELP28135G)

18mm F4 ZA °°
21mm F2.8 ZA °°
24mm F2.8 ZA °°
85mm F2 or F2.8
135mm F2.8
PZ 135-300mm F4 G OSS (to complement the SELP28135G)
200mm F2.8
1.4x Teleconverter for 135mm and 200mm F2.8 and 70-200mm F4

note: °° take inspiration on the ZM lenses but make them like the SEL35F28Z. That lens is small and great.

Now into A-mount.

This system still has a lot of potential for development. Currently, many FF users included myself only have a few options available for constant aperture zoom. The few lenses available are very expensive (aside from the 28-75mm F2.8 SAM)

Sony FE is getting a lot of attention due to lower prices for FF photography compared to A-mount but are quite comparable with other popular systems (Canon and Nikon with F4 zoom lenses). I have a constant feedback from many users in the Latinamerican region and most photogs buy second hand Minolta, Tamron and Sigma lenses because the current 70-200mm F2.8 G SSM II is 3000USD expensive and the 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM is 2000USD. If you take into account that a SLT-A99 costs around 2299USD discounted, it still can't compete against other Nikon and Canon offerings price wise. In the high-end Sony has covered almost every requirement. Now there is a need to cover high-end low-price offerings (which in Canon and Nikon are the money makers from the masses).

That's why I suggest the following lenses (with weathersealing):

14-24mm or 16-35mm F4 (G or ZA) SSM
24-70mm or 24-120mm F4 (G or ZA) SSM
70-200mm F4 G SSM

300mm F4 G SSM **

note: ** design available on Minolta AF. Just need some coating and/or external design changes on par to newer designs.

And to complete the A-mount system once and for all, Sony must release the following lenses for different budget levels and creative options:

14mm or 16mm F2.8 non-fisheye wide prime lens
28mm F2 ** (to fill the gap left from the SAL28F28)
35mm F2 ** (as a step between DT-only SAL35F18 and SAL35F14G)
35mm F2 ZA SSM (or F1.4 to replace the SEL35F14G)
50mm F2 ++ (as a step between DT-only SAL50F18 and SAL50F14)
50mm F2.8 SSM Macro (non extending barrel / to replace aging SAL50M28 design)

85mm F2 SSM (as a step between the cheap SAL85F28 and SAL85F14Z)
100mm F2.8 G SSM Macro (non extending barrel / to replace aging SAL100M28 design)
200mm F4 G SSM Macro **
200mm F2.8 G SSM **
400mm F4 G SSM **

600mm F4 G SSM **

note: ** lens available on Minolta AF. Just need some coating and/or external design changes on par to newer designs.

And some updates to existing designs:

16mm F2.8 Fisheye (remove the existing colours filters and add ND filters, they're more useful now than colour filters)

24mm F2 ZA SSM (make it weathersealed)

35mm F1.4 G (make it weathersealed and use SSM or replace it with above suggestion of a Zeiss lens)

85mm F1.4 ZA (make it weathersealed and use SSM)

135mm F1.8 ZA (make it weathersealed and use SSM)


And finally, new lenses for DT A-mount.


DT 10-16mm F4 SSM (to replace the SAL1118 lens and complement the excellent SAL1650)
DT 50-150mm or 50-135mm F2.8 SSM (to complement the excellent SAL1650)
DT 24mm F2.4 SAM (to complement easy choice lineup from Sony)

Final thoughts:

As you can see, the suggestions are based on some factors depending on the system. Price, Increase of options available and small size (on FE section).

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Sword Art Online NerveGear

by jaeger984 Rookie ‎04-20-2015 02:21 PM
In a resent anime I watched called "Sword Art Online" they had a helmet like device that could instead of just looking through a VR head set they would be the games avatar. The person would become the avatar by having the helmet like device called the nervegear read all 5 senses of the body put inside the game. Although the show takes place in the year 2022-2024 I was wondering if it would be possible to create a nervegear like device in the near future? You can read much more about how the nervegear works on many different websites.
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Modern Wall Clock

by tonybart2003 Rookie ‎04-11-2015 01:35 AM
Clock is everywhere, we can see it inside houses, offices, small or big establishments. MY PRODUCT IDEA IS A MODERN WALL CLOCK. it is clock with clock face changeable designs and with simple but upgradable android O.S. or App. This wall clock can be either 12"x12" size or bigger. Round shape or square or rectangular. This maybe on touch screen (tablet-like material.) or fixed screen (LED t.v. screen-Like) material. It is like what we see in our smart phone, tablets and wearable gadgets. i hope my idea can contribute progress to your company as well i can help and provide financial to my family , to my sisters and to my mother.
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I'm trying to transfer photos to a computer that has Wi-Fi, but no USB port.  Hw do I initiate communication between the camera and the computer initially?

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Sony bravia KDL50w800b cannot display Arabic subtitle


 Pleases help



I just bought a new Sony bravia KDL 50" W800b


It is a nice TV, but I just found that it cannot play Arabic subtitles.

English subtitles works fine.


In Arabic subtitle cases, it says:

Could not find the subtitle


It shows (??????????) characters


I tried all possible options like putting srt file in the same folder and with the same name

embedding the srt file into the MKV or MP4 file from USB/HDD


Also I used windows-1256, utf-8 and other character encodings

But all failed


I can change the Interface to Arabic but still it not support Arabic Subtitle

It need to add

ISO 8859-6 Arabic


To subtitle option


Now it feels like I wasted my many on this TV where I could by other brands with much less price and surely with real Arabic support



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I see all the latest Sony's cameras have camera applications in it except new Sony A77ii.
Its smartphone control is too basic,only shutter control is possible.
Please make a firmware update to make a77ii to support camera apps and better smartphone control
I'm really disappointed on my new a77m2 due to the lack of these features.
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I use one of my DSC-RX10 as a second camera at weddings.  I use it for cut aways and I need to zoom in quickly to get shots e.g. of the mother crying, then getting a quick close-up of the bride saying her vows.  I then use those quick shots to mix with my other first camera DSC-RX10.  The way the zoom is now i miss a lot of great shots due to the slow zoom.  I do not use the on camera audio for that camera if there is has to be any invertant zoom noises.

There needs to be a menu option to change the zoom speed.  This option is desperately needed!

It's also needed for sporting events.



Willing to discuss.


Thank you,


Dwayne Gitter