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PlayMemories App

by joediaz7 Enthusiast ‎08-09-2017 06:33 PM

Hi there


My "Sony HDR CX900" is a wonderful camera, I've been using it for more than 3 years. But there is some things that I hope can be improve. Analyzing the PlayMemories app, I realize that it is very limited, compared to others used by companies, like Nikon, Canon, even some other third party apps... For instance, I can not connect my Sony CX900 camcorder to the app via USB cable for live viewing while recording; I think the connection would be more stable, (Like DJIGo apps). Also, I would like to be able to record in the Smart Phone cache, the images recorded by the camera. Finally, it would be very helpful to be able to control the Focus and the ISO. The pictures in the "Play Store App", shows those functions, but mine doesn't. I hope the next Firmware Update on the app and on the camera, can achieve those features. I hope to hear from Sony as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Hi, I wrote this question a few days a go: any news about the HDR CX900 Firmware Update to for 4K?
I would appreciate if a Sony rep. is so kind to respond to it as soon as possible. Thanks!


All of the current streaming services use pretty much standardized protocols for upstream.


Why don't you just ditch the horrible, useless, money grubbing, cancerous IBM Ustream and let users configure the upsteam freely? Perhaps even adding presets for popular ones like Youtube and Twitch?


The ustream exclusivity seems completelly unnecesary and hinderance for you customers. 

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I love my Sony A7 but am finding I can't use it for my normal work needs to take 10 or more bracketed exposure HDRI's for use in creating visual effects for film and tv


I've been previously using my Canon 7D combined with the promote control


I bought the Sony A7 to repllace the Canon 7D with a full frame, smaller and lighter camera to do the same


Thought I could just purchase the cable needed to connect the Sony A7 to the promote control - only to find that it

did not connect


With more investigation I found that sony would not supply the driver needed to use the promote control.  Why?


The Sony A7 only comes with the ability to shoot 5 bracketed images with .7 of a stop in increments.  However, what I need is at least 10 images that run from an almost black to almost white image - which can easily be done with promote control


PLEASE consider providing a driver to work with the promote control OR better yet - increase your built in bracketed exposures to at least 10 with 1 stop increments...


thank you!


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Owning a α7II and a α6300, I noticed my α7II doesn't have an accurate electronic level gauge compared to the α6300 which is really accurate on a flat surface. The α7II is slighty offset on the rolling axis by 0.5° in the similar situation, leaving out the green zone.

I really love and enjoy these cameras, and sending the α7 back to a repair centre might be too much for this little default...


When shooting, especially with the α6300, the levels help me a lot in my composition, avoiding me to rotating and cropping during my post productions. Unfortunately, with the inaccurate levels of the α7, I have to correct more often during the post prod process (and then, crop a bit).


So my suggest for the future firmwares : adding a new option to let the user to re-calibrate manually the electronic gauge level.

This would help the user to be sure composing to an accurate horizon, or even composing with it's own desired levels.


Olympus does have this calibration adjustement option on their E-M1's, why not Sony? Smiley Happy

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I prefer to use DMF with both the A9 and A7RII. Cause I can "read" (feed back) where the focus is with the peaking display.


But I would like to have the camera to automatically switch to AFc when I press a dedicated Eye-AF button, so that the camera keep tracking the eye when I want. And return to DMF (or any other AF mode) when I release the button.


So it would great to have an Eye-AFc mode, in addition to the existing Eye-AF.

Very simple to implement I think, for future firmware releases.

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Dear Community,


I just purchased the Sony FDR-X3000 and I am really amazed. This is the best action cam by far!


But: The 1440p resolution is missing. If you want 60 fps, you have to reduce the resolution to 1080p with a video recording rate of 50 Mbps.


Wouldn't it be possible to give us 1440p with 60 fps and a video recording rate of 100 Mbps?

The image quality should be better than with 1080p while we keep the advantages of 60 fps.


I wish I could capture with 1440p and sacrifice the extra resolution for further stabilization, while using 60 fps for smooth footage and the possibility to slow down the video.


Please give us the best possible image quality with 60 fps.


What do you think?

Thanks! Smiley Happy

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Add app for Amazon Echo

by Barbaric49 Rookie ‎07-14-2017 11:25 AM

I installed and use the Amazon Video app on my Sony XBR-65X810C.


It would be great to navigate the Amazon Video app via the Echo.


The XBR-65X810C remote doesn't include voice command, so being able to use the Echo would be awesome.


Make it easier to use the Echo please!