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A7RIII MF Assist Strobist Mode

by JamesNutter Rookie ‎03-13-2018 06:23 PM

Absolutely love my R3 but I shoot macro under strobes which often requires manual focusing.  This is extremely difficult and in some cases impossible due to the EVF adapting to strobe settings relative to my modeling lights.  In a firmware update, please include a mode that can be opted in or out of in the focus assist area of the menu that when focus assist is on, it boosts the EVF exposure similar to how it does when you are in AF modes and actively autofocusing, so us strobist manual focusers don't have to jog back and forth between exposure settings between focus and taking the shot, which makes handheld MF shooting under flash essentially impossible. Even better if there is ALSO an option to just always have a boosted EVF for MF. Thanks a million!


PS +1 vote for more advanced intervalometer in built in S&Q as well since we can't install the playmemories app.

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Hello, please release the projector app on the Canadian App Store.

Thank you
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Video AF improvement ideas

by dmihel Rookie ‎03-02-2018 08:37 AM
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@ErinC suggested I post here on this issue. When I entered the title one of the suggested items was the issue I'd already posted that ErinC replied to. This seems like it could turn into an endless loop, but here goes.


When selecting the display Albums on the Sony NW-A45 it displays the albums in the colating sequence of album title. In the settings there should be a setting option to sort the Albums display in Album Artist order or Artist order in addition to album title order. In a music store where a person would buy an album you will find the albums filed by artist, not by album title. Allow the user to specify their desired order in which the albums are displayed would be greatly appreciated. I would want to see all my Neil Young albums together, not spread out across my collecting by album title. 

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Annotation through speech recognition

by cecbur Rookie ‎02-23-2018 12:48 PM - edited ‎02-23-2018 12:54 PM


I would like an option in my camera to add a .txt file with each photo. It would contain a text that describes who is in the photo and where it was taken. I would like to create the .txt file using voice recognition.

Is there such voice recognition functionality for annotation in any camera?


My previous camera could store a sound file with each photo* and I used that function for annotations.

Now I am using the Smile app to annotate my photos
but I would much rather do it in the camera and get an ordinary .txt file that I can import anywhere. (Preferably with voice recognition for Swedish)



* I had a Panasonic DMC-TC7. Read about "AUDIO REC." in the manual:
Most of my cameras have had this sound recording function. It is one thing I really look for when I buy a camera. It is such a convinient way to annotate the photos.


This feature is so broken and inconsistent on iOS that it's essentially pointless to have at this point.


See this thread on dpreview where the preferred solution is to purchase a cheap Android phone to use with this feature:



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A7RIII face dectection 4k problems

by Rudo Specialist ‎02-19-2018 02:56 AM

Like A7R II, A7R III has problems to enable face detection in 4k mode.

A7rIII 4k face detection run only if i unplug my smallhd501 hdmi external monitor! same problem than my old A7RII....

(very very cool for gimbal work !)

In addition, in A7RIII's menu, disable proxy because it blocks 4k face detection even if you don't plug external hdmi monitor.

Enable fly-mode will help face detection to run normally too.

So many  menu's options block 4k face detection that we need to list them.

Sony, could you list all options in the menu that cause problems with face detection in 4k mode?

Or could you resolve this problem by update firmware?