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Hap music transfer

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I had to re-install Hap music transfer software. Is there a text file somewhere that shows all the music that had been transferred to the HAPZ-1ES? The new file only shows the newest transfers since re-install. Doe's the software make a backup file out of the old file? Does anyone know where the transfer list reside and when it is cleared does it leave a backup file?


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Re: Hap music transfer

We are unaware of a history file. We have informed engineering that this functionality is request. If a solution is found it will be posted to

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Re: Hap music transfer

Does anyone know if the original question has been addressed?  I have to reload Windows this week on my workstation, so I will need to reload HAP Music Transfer.  To state the obvious, when this is done and a music transfer is initiated, all the files will be duplicated on the HAP-Z1ES since it will retrieve them all again.  Is there a way to avoid this?  I would rather not have to reset the player and start over.  All thoughts welcome.  Thank you.

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Re: Hap music transfer

Hi dcantor,


You may try backing up the files before you reload your Windows. If this doesn't work, then there's no way to avoid the standard procedure of the system. 





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Re: Hap music transfer

I'm wondering the same thing.I cleared transfer history, and now it wants to copy my entire library over. half baked program.

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Registered: ‎07-05-2015
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Re: Hap music transfer

Yes, this is frustrating.  I would recommend that you disable the Auto option, and use Manual transfer only.  Then, create a new folder for every download session, and tell the software to look at that folder(s) only. (I label the folders using the date of the download, which would contain all of the downloads made on that day.) 

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Re: Hap music transfer

Thank you for share your good experience..

I have cleared of your Hap music transfer...Heart


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