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How to reset the MP-CL1, lights of power on and battery charge keep turn on in spite I press power b

I connect my new Sony mobile projector MP-CL1 once to charge, I coldn't turn off it, the white light of power on and the orange light of battery charge are kept turned on, in spite of I pressed the lateral power on/off button in different periods of time during 2 weeks. Lights still turned on. I tried to remove the litthium battery to reset the device trying to open  the opening slot at the back side of the device, it was impossible, I deformed de slot, but I never couldn't open the cover. What is happening with the device, how cal I reset it? I never used it.

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Re: How to reset the MP-CL1, lights of power on and battery charge keep turn on in spite I press power b

How did you solve the problem the same is happening to me?

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Re: How to reset the MP-CL1, lights of power on and battery charge keep turn on in spite I press power b



 I fixed mine - had the same issue and no warranty! It is relatively simple!

Step 1. Remove the front end - the end with lens - pulls off relatively easy.

Step 2 The side without buttons hold a long plastic rod that pulls out allowing the entire internal to shift away from the slots for connectors etc. allowing you to pull everything out! 

 When done so - remove the remaining plastic end cap by pushing it away from connector side and pulling. 

Step 3 . Remove battery - it is hold in place with double side tape so b carefull - also that you do not disconnect the wiring.


Step 4 When battery is lose you cut tape over wiring going in to battery - so that you can see where the red wire is soldered to a print on top of battery.

Step 5 Disconnect red wire with soldering iron - allowing the projector to reset.

Step 6 Connect red wire again and put everything back together.

Charge and it should work again.

I take no responsibility for anything - you are on your own - but it worked for me :-)


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Re: How to reset the MP-CL1, lights of power on and battery charge keep turn on in spite I press power b

I've got the same issue, I'm based in the UK  - so after spending an hour on the phone to Sony customer support in the US yesterday (and drumming up a huge phone bill no doubt). I'm going to try your fix... Watch this space.

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Re: How to reset the MP-CL1, lights of power on and battery charge keep turn on in spite I press power b

Right the important thing is that this method DOES INDEED WORK. I detached and reattached the red wire and now I have a working projector (which is what I paid 300 quid for in the first place).

So - many thanks to the poster above for highlighting this!




1. The front endof the projector (where the lens is) does not come off quite as easily as made out. You will have to put some elbow grease into pulling it off. Unfortunately, given the smooth design of the device I put a couple of scratches on it as I needed to use a small flathead screwdriver to get inbetween that and the body of the device. With perseverance though it will move!


2. Once that is off, you do need to pull out that piece of plastic that is inside the device. This runs inside the device, down the side that doesnt have the buttons on. It is a small strip of plastic that has foam on one side. It is also wedged in pretty tight to stop the inards of the device moving around. Initially I couldnt see how this was supposed to come out but you will need to put on it. There isnt much of a lip.


3. This next step is where i went wrong and I'm still not entirely clear how you can do this without causing some damage. The bottom end of the projector does need to come off too but this is wedged in incredible tightly. I scratched the ****** out of mine trying to get this off and actually broke a piece of (none essential) metal from the inside. Once the plastic strip is off it will move a bit more easily but i think you will cause some cosmetic damage removing this.


4. Once both the ends are off and the plastic strip is out you can pull the innards out from the device. They are all contained in the circuit board and a metal scaffold so they will pull of quite easily but be care of the buttons as you dont want to catch them on anything and break them. (I found pushing the innards away from port side slightly gave me enough clearance to slide them out safely.


5. Once you have the innards out, you need to take the battery off. It is the big silver square just incase you dont know what it is. As the original poster mentioned it is held on bu dounble sided tape. I found the best method to take it off, was to put a nail under the top right corner of it (if you use the lens as the top) and gently peel. Take your time, it will come off but you dont want to damage the wires.


6. Underneath the battery will be the red and black wire and a piece of tape covering their connections to the board. Remove the tape carefully (you will put it back after you have finished soldering), and there will be a blob of solder on each wire where it is connected to the board. Using a soldering iron melt the solder on the red wire and then the lights should go out (finally). I gave it a couple of seconds before reattaching the red wire. Make sure you put a good amount of solder on there so that it is nice and solid as you probably dont want to have to do this again!


7. I then reverse engineered and put it back together (carefully) BEFORE connecting to power and checking. This is pretty important as I wouldnt like to second guess whether you could short anything or give yourself a shock if everything isnt safely inside the case.


Once connected to power I pressed the power button and hey presto the projector worked!



I now have a bit of a scratched projector ut it seems to be working perfectly. Not to take any credit away from the orginal solution poster but I just thought I'd expand on those points abit to help anyone out.





Anyway rant over - hope this helps and thanks once again to the original solution finder who helped me out greatly with this.




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Re: How to reset the MP-CL1, lights of power on and battery charge keep turn on in spite I press power b

Hi Crazet16,


Greetings and thank you for your message. On this site we are able to provide assistance for customers in North America. If you are from North America, please send us an email at If you are outside of North America, we highly recommend visiting our Sony Global Web site for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at  >Joffrey







If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"

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Re: How to reset the MP-CL1, lights of power on and battery charge keep turn on in spite I press power b



I don't know if it was a fluke, as I was trying the 'power on and off' method at the time, but my MP-CL1 started up properly when I did the following:


Plugged into mains 

Held down ENTER toggle/button on MP-~CL1

Switched on at mains


I wasn't really expecting anything to occur and wasn't paying too much attention so I could have been pressing the on button too.


Unfortunately I can't re-enact the sequence to test it again as it is now working. Might be worth a try for those unable to get the 'on/off' method to work.


Best of luck.

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