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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Just A Quick Thank You To The Sony Executives - Showing MY Support!!!

Exec's forfeit bonuses


I just wanted to get on to praise the ENTIRE Sony Executive board for this recent happening.  It is rare and showes a dedication other compaines are struggling to deliver.

Now... If only the United States Congress and our banks might take example from this!!!


I must admit, while Im still upset that the PS4 wont play my PS3 content without a connection to the CLOUD SERVICE (most likely a paid tier-subscription service); Sony's latest paths have been showing how hard Kazuo Hirai has been working to bring back worth to more than just the products of Sony.


Hirai seems to be refocusing efforts at the consumer vs the sales. They seem to be getting the point that things ARE NOT about that precious buck but its about the pocket that buck comes from. Sony really seems to be trying to deliver the service to consumers that made its Walkman era so world changing.


Lets face it, if their service then was like it is now; no one would have recommended the Walkman to their friends. Sony seems to be making honest effort to please its consumers... this choice to rather support company efforts over personal monetary gain demonstrate their convictions to deliver.




Now get on PS4 and get them utilizing the AMD's near perfect HARDWARE VIRTUALIZATION LAYER so I dont have to pay just to play the content I am buying today!!!


You are beginning to remember just who makes your paychecks possible. Thank you for showing you want to bring back worth to ALL OF SONY and not just the physical product.  Even the support lines are starting to become more focused and sincere.

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