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Registered: ‎08-03-2013

RDP-XF300iPN bluetooth issue

Hi everyone,


I just bought a RDP-XF300iPN Audio system and I have some issue with the bluetooth connection. I have tried to connect it via bluetooth to my macbook pro and to my ipad but both can not found the audio system. I brought my laptop and ipad closer to the dock, try several time to activate the bluetooth connection of the audio system but it seems as if the audio system does not give any bluetooth signal. I can find my macboock bluetooth on my ipad and the bluetooth of my ipad on my macboock pro, so both works properly. In the past, it worked very well with the last version of the same audio system for iphone 4 (I have the new version for iphone 5).

if you have any idea about this problem, please let me know!




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Registered: ‎05-23-2013

Re: RDP-XF300iPN bluetooth issue

Im sorry to hear about the issue. You mentioned that the audio system does not produce any bluetooth signal, have you tried holding down the bluetooth button on the remote control?  You should hear a double beep sound when you press and hold down the bluetooth button on the remote contro. Try to pair it again and observe if it will beep.