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Soft Plastic CD Tray

I have a CDP-C77ES 5 disc CD Player. When I opened the tray it looked like there was a white powder all over the tray. I went to clean it off and realized the plastic is soft. What looked like a white powder was really just the texture of the plastic that seems to be deteriorating and getting soft. You can dig into it with your finger nail. I thought I had seen everything, but this is a new one. Here is a link to a photo of it.

You can see on the right where I tried to clean it, but I was really just flattening out the soft texture of the surface. You can also see a couple areas where I just touched the surface and left a darker fingerprint where the texture gets flattened out. Anybody know what might have caused this? I had purchased it at an estate sale, and it tested just fine. I then stored it in the attic for a month, and I'm just trying to use it now. The attic goes down to around 45 degrees, but that shouldn't cause a chemical reaction. The closest thing I've seen to this is when the rubber pinch roller on a tape deck suddenly deteriorates into a soft goo. 

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Re: Soft Plastic CD Tray

Hi Zaxs90,


Welcome and thank you for considering the Sony Community!


We are sorry to hear what happened to your CD player. In this case, it already requires service. please visit our E-service website at to locate an authorized service center near you. 





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