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Sony GTK-X1BT Sound Problems

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Hello , 


so ... let's cut it to the subject, i bought 2 Sony GTK-X1BT bluetooth speakers last year , with something like 10 months between each other ... why ? ... 'cause it's a really nice, powerfull and good-quality built speaker , and felt in love with the first one so the second one was a must , anyway the point of the thread is , for some time now  (about 8-9 months, since february aproximative) i had some trouble with the bluetooth connection between my laptop and the speakers. Why this bothers me so much is that during a party or so ... it's really akward and cringe to see the speakers go nuts, and having to disconnect them and reconnect again.


Problem: the thing goes like this : 1. start up the laptop and the speakers, 2. connect the laptop to one of the speakers, 3. play music (from youtube for example), 4. after a while (about 1 - 2 hours) the signal and the music starts to sound really bad (by bad i mean that the signal seems to be interrupted multiple times repeatedly, it seems interfered , also the youtube video starts buffering and stoping and starting again without me even touching the laptop or the speakers).


Mentions: there's nothing to interfere with the signal , the laptop stands on the desk and the speaker in front of the bed, so no other electronic between them or so ... , also this problem occurs only when i play content from the internet (youtube, zonga, soundcloud ,netflix, hbo , etc...). I tried connecting the speakers through a cable from the laptop to one of them, that didnt seem to work , not even buffering. Also worth mentioning is that the speakers did not suffer any damage , so no liquids have been spilled on them, no crumbs in them , no physical damage , no modification , only thing that they have inside is a bit of dust). Also things like uninstalling and reinstalling the driver did not seem to work.


My solution: the only solution i could find was to disconnect and connect the speakers again , this is not a definitive solution but works in certain situations (for a short while).



Speakers : 2x Sony GTK-X1BT (connected through a double rca cable)

Laptop : Lenovo G500 (Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit, intel core i3-2.4GHz, 8GB RAM, latest Sony GTK-X1BT bluetooth driver - 10.0.15063.502)



1. Overheating ? (the fans are working though)

2. Too much dust ?

3. Windows compatibilty ?

4. Bluetooth problems ?

5. Windows problem ?


Any help is truly appreciated ! Thank you 

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Re: Sony GTK-X1BT Sound Problems

Hi Armand45,


Welcome and thank you for considering the SONY Community!


We are sad to hear what happened with the speakers. With regards to the issue you are experiencing, we recommend to follow the troubleshooting guidelines from the link below in addition to the steps you have performed to fix it.


Should you have further question or need further assistance, we highly recommend visiting our Sony Global Web site for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at





If my post answers your question, please click the button below "Accept as Solution".


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