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Sony Location Free

I stream TV from the TIVO out my house, while I'm at my Girlfriends, over my Sony VAIO but lately, for about the last 2 months, the picture stutters, freezes and sometimes crashes all together - its almost like its not buffering. Is there an option to buffer?
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Re: Sony Location Free

There are many network related factors that can cause freezing as you will have both your home network and the speed of the network you are connecting with to take into consideration. Naturally, the faster line speeds you use, the better picture quality you get when you watch TV using NetAV, however if your home connection speed and quality is poor it won’t matter how fast the network is that you are connecting to with NetAV, you will still get blocking or freezing. Likewise the other way round, your home network may be very fast but if you are connecting to a slow network locally it will again cause issues. Try connecting to another network to identify which end the issue is occurring. You also can adjust the bitrate of the stream in the Location Free Player software to eliminate blocking and freezing, however this will lead to a slight drop in resolution. Normally setting this to "Auto" sets the optimal video rate in accordance with the available bandwidth.

Run an internet speed and latency test at home to see if you have the kind of speed your Internet Service Provider says that you should have. If you find it lacking, then give them a call. You may also find some benefit in resetting your router and checking that the firmware is current. If you are still having issues, give Sony Technical Support a call and they will be happy to help: ... type_id=54

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