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Registered: ‎08-28-2017
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Sony XAV-AX100 Backup Camera Bug - FW 1.02.06

Discovered/Confirming a somewhat severe bug with Sony XAV-AX100 headunit, running latest firmware (1.02.06).


1. Install backup camera as well as wiring the reverse in cable properly (usually to backup light wire).

2. Turn on car, switch to Reverse. Camera switches on properly.

3. Switch to any other gear or Park. Camera switches off properly.


4. Go to headunit home, press Rear View camera button. Camera will switch on properly.

5. Exit Rear View camera mode (ie. press Home).

6. Turn off Car.


7. Turn on Car again, Switch to Reverse. Camera switches on as expected.

8. Switch to any other gear or Park. Screen flashes and goes to Rear View Camera mode!!!!
9. To exit Rear View camera mode, you have to manually click the home button.


From this point on, the headunit will not properly switch out of the Rear View camera mode unless manually press home. 


Horrible Solution/Fix: Factory Reset the head unit. This is unacceptable as you lose all your settings and configurations with no way to restore.


As long as you NEVER press the "Rear View Camera" mode button on the Sony XAV-AX100, the backup camera will switch on and off properly. The moment you intentionally or accidently click the "Rear View Camera" mode button, the backup camera will no longer switch on and off properly, instead requiring manual exit of backup camera mode or factory reset of head unit.


This is confirmed by another user here:


And there is a video recreation of the bug behavior here:


I considering returning this unit unless I can get a resolution through Sony.

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Registered: ‎09-04-2017
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Re: Sony XAV-AX100 Backup Camera Bug - FW 1.02.06

I have duplicated this issue on my unit with the latest firmware. One thing on my unit that I did to get out of this is to press the rear camera, press home, then select a different input. After selecting a different input, I shut off the car and waited 10s and turned on the radio. It then went to the last selected source instead of going to the camera. I would still count this as a bug because the other inputs highlight that they are the selected source where the rear camera doesn't do this.


When turning the car off when on the radio for example after pressing the home button the radio is highlighted as the selected/active source. When turning the car back on, the screen goes to the home screen and shows the radio as the selected source after the nag screen. The camera seems to be the only source to not function in this manner.


This does make it so I don't need to factory reset the unit. It is still an annoying bug. I had already factory reset. I just called into support to report the issue. After that call, I tried different ways of shutting down and the way I described seems to be a workable solution for now. 

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Registered: ‎09-11-2017
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Re: Sony XAV-AX100 Backup Camera Bug - FW 1.02.06

Confirming the exact same problem.  Hopefully a fix comes out soon!


To recap, here's what I've done (I haven't verified that selecting another source fixes):

* Install backup camera with sense line going up to XAV-AX100

* Manually switched to the rear view camera at one point to test it out while installing

 * Verified that, at the XAV-AX100, the sense line shows +12V when reverse is on, and 0 when off compared to chassis ground

* Verified that switching to reverse will switch to the backup camera

* When switching out of reverse, the sense line goes low correctly, but the feed stays on the rear view camera


Sony please fix, thank you!

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Registered: ‎12-30-2017
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Re: Sony XAV-AX100 Backup Camera Bug - FW 1.02.06

Try this if it acts up again:

In Settings turn the camera OFF

Hit the Home button to go back to Home screen

Put the car in reverse to make sure it is off

Go back into settings and turn the camera back on


It seems to have worked for me.  Just don't hit that Camera button again!



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