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Weird xav-ax100 Bluetooth Problem

I'm having a somewhat odd issue with involving Bluetooth connectivity with my XAV-AX100.  I can connect, play music and hear system sounds with BT but for some odd reason, the Phone call audio does not come through my speakers.  I know the BT connection is active because the person on the other end of the call can hear me via, the microphone but I cannot hear them at all.  Has anyone else had this problem or maybe someone from Sony can chime in?

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Re: Weird xav-ax100 Bluetooth Problem

Hi Sdotjoe,


Welcome and thank you for considering the SONY Community!


We are sorry to hear what happened. To isolate the issue, let's follow the troubleshooting guidelines below.


If the volume on the Bluetooth® car stereo is set to a high level but there is either low or no sound during a phone call, there may be an incorrect setting or a problem with your hookup. Follow these steps to try to resolve this issue.

IMPORTANT: Not all Bluetooth car stereo receivers come supplied with the same functions and/or features. If the model-specific information is needed for any of these steps, check the operating instructions. Go to Manuals, Specifications & Warranty.

NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the sound status after completing each step.

  1. Try adjusting the volume on the car stereo receiver, just to make sure the volume was not set to a low level.
  2. Try adjusting the volume on an Apple® iPhone® mobile digital device or your Bluetooth cellular phone (if applicable).
  3. Verify the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the car stereo.
  4. After confirming the Bluetooth connection between the devices, test the Bluetooth music streaming function.

    NOTE: You should be able to hear sound from all speakers.

  5. Make sure the ATT button is not activated.
  6. Adjust the Fader and Balance controls.

    NOTE: Try setting the Fader control to +14.

  7. Verify the front speakers will output sound.

    NOTE: Voice sound from Bluetooth phone calls will play only through the front left and right speaker outputs.

If you are still unable to hear any sound after completing the above steps, there may be an issue with the speaker connections or wiring. It is recommended that a local qualified, professional mobile installer be consulted for an evaluation.



Best regards,



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