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Posts: 11
Registered: ‎02-04-2014
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Re: banned for what?

i apologize for late response i am actually going through alot of stress anxiety and depression it also seems that it still dosn't work


but it dosn't matter to me what matters is that it was a missunderstanding as it hurt me alot to know i've been banned


i apreeciate that you took your time to respond to me it means alot when companies treat me well so i've ordered a xperia z2



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Registered: ‎05-23-2013
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Re: banned for what?

[ Edited ]

I'm sorry to know if it still doesn't work. You can always send us a Private Message on Facebook anyway if you need further assistance or post it here in the Community.


We understand your sentiments regarding this and we want to let our customers know that we absolutely do care for them. 


We appreciate your support zzcoolSony Xperia Z2 is a great choice! Smiley Happy

Posts: 11
Registered: ‎02-04-2014
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Re: banned for what?

Thankyou i will try to send a message, and yes i adore the omnibalance design the z was my very first android smartphone as no other phone fit my taste, i tried to find one but i never did i used to own htc windows mobile phones before that and before that it was the sony ericsson p910i.


the z was like made for me, i don't even want to sell my z1 as it has such a personal value to me now, i removed the anti shatter proof film so it litterally is a piece of glass both front and back.


I really do adore the square like shape, i even bought a vaio pro 13 and it was the most beautiful laptop i have ever seen or felt sadly i wasn't very happy with the screen (i use a sony gdm fw900 crt so i am used to a more clean picture with no anti reflective coating or anything) and it sadly had that grain effect many flatscreens have.


The design however, was amazing best looking laptop i have seen in my entire life it is a shame the vaio brand is being discontinued i would have loved a razer blade like vaio pro gaming laptop with the same design and VA screen or oled with no anti reflective coating or anything.


i actually did a concept design for it in paint mixing the blade and vaio pro


i have also done a few phone concepts of my own using paint, this one so far is my favorite, i would call it xperia steel and make it very exclusive, it dosn't have a camera as i lack the knowledge to add one (i use paint for these concepts which is why they don't look too pretty) i also adore the sony ui everything seems like it was made for me.


and here it is without the ring like sony signature steel back


I actually did this one before the z2 was shown (i changed the t2 ultra)




I think i got pretty close, it also shows my idea of mixing the home button and apps button as i hate to have a second rowe, i basically want the apps button to change to the home button outside of the homescreen or simply have the apps button and home buttom merged together like those dots with a roof ontop, i really want everything clean which is why my homescreen has no widgets or extra screens.


And heres a concept with a light i never liked the inner plastic frame inside the metal frame on my z1 so i decided to replace it with a strip of light all around the phone.


The idea is for this light strip to be so subtle that you can't tell it's there when it's off it would also be able to mix colors like top being red then slowly changing to blue at the bottom by subtly mixing colors


sortof like this


it is likely not possible to have such a thin invisible light added but it's just fantasy


So yes i adore the way you design your product it actually feels like you are designing them for me, as everything you do down to the last detail is exactly after my taste.


I did not like the CE numbers on the back of my z so you got rid of them in the z1 and hid them inside the phone, NO other company has ever thought of getting rid of those ugly markings at the back but you did after just one try, not even apple cared about getting rid of those markings on the iphone.


I do not like when stickers on a laptop stick out, so you made the stickers on the vaio pro 13 all black and as little as possible.


you even hid the barcode under a plastic cap under the laptop, so yes i am a very big sony fan but thats because you design everything after my taste something no other company has done.


not to mention the amazing 24 inch fw900 that i have that beats any flatscreen i've ever seen not even my panasonic zt60 beats my fw900 it just is about the same.


I will have no problem with upgrading my z2 to the z3 or whatever it's going to be called as you always perfect the design a little more, i simply wanted to say all this as it feels special to me to have products almost designed for me.


if you were to make a pc monitor with a va panel no coating ontop or even oled panel then i would pay for it no matter what


i wanted to buy the sony trimaster el oled 25 inch monitor but it costs about 6000$ i was still ready to buy it but i was told by many it's not for normal use like gaming or movies which is why i sortof backed out on that decision but i still want it as i want something to replace my aging fw900 which i still adore, i have a quite popular youtube channel with 80 000 subscribers and 100 million views so i have alot of disposable income which is why i can afford these things, i've been scammed alot by friends who either borrowed money etc so i don't have the same economy i used to though.


This was sortof a fan apreeciation letter as i've been a fan of sony since the trinitron days.



Posts: 2,040
Registered: ‎05-23-2013
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Re: banned for what?

[ Edited ]

Wow! You can build a collection of Sony products knowing how many Sonys you owned! 


You created amazing concept designs too! Very creative! My favorite is the colorful oneIf you want, you can share your ideas here.


Thank you for being such a great supporter of our company and its initiatives and thank you for taking the time to express your appreciation. Have a good one! Smiley Happy


Posts: 11
Registered: ‎02-04-2014
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Re: banned for what?

thankyou for liking my ideas it means alot heres a full picture of the light idea


i have a few more of these designs actually as i started doing this once the z had been released heres for example a very old design when i first started learning to use paint for this


and heres something i called compact mode


you would be able to drag up a dialer when use the phone like that untill you drag it down again sortof like the sony ericsson p910i did when you closed the keyboard i was inspired by that


and heres an even older design for a xperia play like phone it would have a extra screen that could be used as a gamepad i cut out the second screen of the nintendo ds and pasted it on


and heres one of my first awkward attempts i did back in april


and my absolute first of them all




which later turned into this


i'd love to share these minus the terrible ones so i'll be sure to post them there thankyou

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