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Tuning Up
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Registered: ‎12-25-2012
Accepted Solution

how to turn off beeping sound when stereo is shut off

Merry Xmas everyone.


I installed the Sony CDX-GT55UIW FM/AM Compact Disc Player in my Golf Cart. When I turn off the ignition and the stereo powers down, it gives off this annoying 3 pattern beeping sound.


I have already turned off the beep option.


Any help in turning off this beeping sound would be gtreatley appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

Top 40 Artist
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Registered: ‎11-14-2012

Re: how to turn off beeping sound when stereo is shut off

Hi Joe,


Welcome to Sony Community!

If you turn the ignition switch to the OFF position without detaching the front panel, the caution alarm will sound for a few seconds. The alarm will only sound if the built-in amplifier is used. Caution alarm will sound even if beep option is set to OFF under SETUP menu. This is normal operation. Information about Caution alarm and detaching front panel is mentioned on page#7 of the instructions manual:

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Thank you for your post.

Tuning Up
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Registered: ‎03-17-2014

Re: how to turn off beeping sound when stereo is shut off

Yikes! - this is a horrible feature.  It is so annoying.  Basicly your responce is that you can't turn off the beeping if the face place is attached?!  What if you like taking the face plate off when the car is turned off?! I would not have purchased this unit if I had known this was so. 


There was no explanations of this feature on the products online description. I will be giving this Sony stereo deck a bad review on the website I purchased it.