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Can't log into my playstation account.

by rhutch4 Rookie ‎09-19-2014 07:39 AM - edited ‎09-19-2014 07:43 AM

Whenever I try to log into my playstation account on the playstation website it gives me this message that I have to update my information via an email it just sent me. The email never sends and I have retried it several times. I know it is not an error with my email because I used the same one to register for this site and it worked fine. 

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PS4 is an awful broken mess

by XANAclaus Rookie ‎04-21-2017 04:55 PM

Owning a PS4 for two years I have no problem when I say the machine is a f***** piece of trash and an awful mess. Let me share my grievances with the product. The fan and how it blasts out like a jet engine no matter where I put the PS4 really annoys the ****** out of me and everyone in the household and will never shut it's self off unless I don't play for 30 minutes and when I do resume it will start back up in seconds I NEVER experienced something like this on PS3. Next I absolutely despise limitations Sony has put on popular games like Fallout 4 that could have made it a thousand times better. As soon as I got my console the power button was broken due to the garbage touchscreen design. Don't even bother trying to make it better I had completely broken my PS4 controller trying to take it apart to fix a sticky trigger and to my surprise the springs were impossible to put back once they fell and It didn't even work at all when I put everything back together. I tried the same for the console and now it is unplayable an atrocious audio shudder as well as delayed buttons plagues my experience it constantly takes me out of the action when I hear an irritating muffled sound play completely dissapear come back and go away once again. I can't even seem to hold my controller in a comfortable position because I will experience this issue even when moving 1 foot away oh and also, It slows down the buttons functions and causes me to not be able to press a button or intitate an event in my video game as soon as I wan't to and delays it by 5 seconds, this is a gamers worse nightmare. My final regret about purchasing it is the cables at the back while the PS3 actually seemed capable of securing the cord the PS4 has a loose grip and the cable will fall to the ground and shut the console off after a light pull it is also annoying to try and put back on and I often find myself holding onto the cable and moving back the machine back to it's normal position. I can't even get a decent experience out of my console which has led me to hate it and I know it isn't like that for everyone but unfortunately the amount of frustration just won't stop for me and no information I can find online has lead to any solutions. When I try solving a problem it just ends up creating an even worse one. I hate Sony and I hate the PS4 coming from a Playstation gamer.


PS:I don't care if you delete this review because I will spread my PS4 experience to review sites and other threads 

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In all honesty, why don't they do it?


They're losing money on the most obvious thing.


So what if it'll be something they give support to their rival? We're buying your **bleep** remote, so give us the opportunity to use it.


It's beyond me why any company would legitimatly belittle not only their customers but their own profitability to this extent over what could easily be described as an odreal handled by children at the playground.


It's time Sony took the rod out of their **bleep** and started doing what's right not only for themselves but for the consumers.


Take responsability for once!


You already got screwed big time over the scandal before, but now you're just being ridiculous.


As it stands, Microsoft is winning this battle of controllers, and it's because they're actually giving support.


Granted, it's much easier in their case given their set-up and tools, but c'mon! Aren't you a Japanese company?


You don't take **bleep** like this in any other sector, so why now?


You have the potential to make MORE money on something that's solely YOURS. Why are you giving up?


Who cares if people running Windows want your driver? If we bought your remote, it's because we LIKE you. At least give us some support!

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With the New PS 4 it seems lke they have made some nice changes but the PS 4 controller is so small and uncomfortable to play it is like they do not want adults to  use the console.

while racing the sharp edges from the R2 button and the excessive spring tension will make your right index finger sore quickly. the smaller design has two of my fingers on each hand not able to contribute to holding on to the controller which causes me to have to grip the controller harder making my hands all more tired much faster.

my wrist will start to hurt aver a short time as well.

with the world being so focused on ergonomics and Sony claiming to have made this more ergonomic for its users

it leaves me to think that these claims may be true if your a small to medium child or adult,

from a person who had had every Sony console ever made this controller leaves me thinking that Sony doesnt want my money from the many game titles that I could be playing if I had a decent controller to use.

I am sure after reading many post on many different forums that I am not alone here and this problem is causing many adults and even kids with big hands the same problem.

Do you know if Sony is working on a solution or even aware of the problem?

For now I cut a Paint roller and slid a piece of it on each side of the controller grips to extened the handles while it helps some I worry what a change like this will do to the already messed up ergonomics as the paint roller or even the Playbudz rubber extensions are not tapered like the controller grip.

Sony has a responsability to provide a product that wont cause harm to its customers after a short time of playing.

I have played the Ps1 PS2 Ps3 and none of them have left my hands feeling crippled after a short play time

the PS 4 kills my hands and wrist with in 15 minutes of playing.

Please encourage Sony to make a second run of the controller but at least make it as big as the old controllers and sell it as a upgrade for adults. thanks for your time  

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Custom Controller

by veggygirl Rookie ‎01-02-2015 11:06 AM

I am looking to see how I can get a custom controller made for a child that has only the use of his right hand.. Please guide me into the right direction. I really want him to be able to expand his gaming and learning past the playstation 2..

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One of the most important features in modern videogames is...MULTIPLAYER. The magic of meeting a fellow gamer online and digitally shooting him is the single most pleasurable experience a nerd can have. Of course, the consumer is numero dos. Cash is king (at least to the higher-ups) and the customer's experience has fallen by the wayside. This has resulted in the entanglement of Playstation Plus and online play, which were previously separate things. Is it too much to ask that a free trial voucher, which came with my brand-new copy of Destiny, works?

I don't know who is answering this question. That you've chosen to interact with people like me for a living demands that I revere and respect you. I do, really. I also respect that you have the right not to give a ****** about my predicament. But let's get into the Christmas mindset: giving! Charity! Please, oh please, can I have a year of Playstation Plus? Heck, at this point I'll even take that free month if you will it. Smiley Wink

Love, Blake

Master Orator (Age 17)

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Hey PSN,


 I recently got a 30-Day Trial purchase using cash,

I don't carry credit cards at all, just cash, so is there any way you can Redeem my code to my account

without filling in the Credit Card Information?


 Please Reply Back!

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code 80130183 playstation 3

by sugar2cookie Rookie ‎10-22-2014 12:50 PM

What does that code mean?

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I can not get sony play memories to accept my cc...I'm on a mac, tried different browsers (ever hear of MAC sony?)

and nothing works.  get put in a cycle of sony = chaos


Sony makes great products...


literally, every last aspect of the company is dysfunctional from there on.  I'm not even going to go into the reasons why everyone has a love hate relationship w them...if they are too ****** to figure out the customer experience, so be it.



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I wanted to purchase Punisher: No Mercy, but it was pulled from PSN in 2011, and Amazon says it's unavailable. Is there no way to get this game now?

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Bloodborne Playstation 4 Bundle

by yogibear Rookie ‎09-23-2014 04:07 PM



I plan to purchase a Playstation 4 solely to play the game Bloodborne. Will you folks be offering a bundle for this (Console + 1 Controller + Bloodborne)?


Thanks for your help.

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I have spoke to 2 tech rep and I have a ticket number 140901-010329 and I do not know if the second chat rep have documented or updated the case notes on this ticket. But here are the Conversation I have:


First Chat rep: Jose R.


 Jose R.: Hi, my name is Jose R.. How may I help you?

 Jimmy Arcega: Hi Jose

 Jose R.: Hi Jimmy. I will be more than glad to help you with your questions.

 Jimmy Arcega: im having issues that after I purchase the god of war ascension online pass it

would not allow me to play the multiplayer game

 Jose R.: Do you receive an error code?

 Jimmy Arcega: actually that's surprising there was none the online pass that I have purchase

does not provide any redeem code

 Jose R.: Would you be so kind to write me more about your issue, please? in order to give you

the best solution possible.

 Jose R.: Are you still there, Jimmy?

 Jimmy Arcega: what I did is when I purchase the said online pass for about 9.99 it just allow

me to buy and when I try to select the multiplayer part of the game it would ask me to enter

the code to access the multiplayer but I do not know what to enter since it did not give it to

me when I buy it

 Jose R.: do you have the order number of the purchase?

 Jimmy Arcega: I buy it on the playstation store

 Jimmy Arcega: where can I check it out

 Jose R.: Could you please provide the following to confirm the *exact* account you need

assistance with?

-  First and Last Name on account
-  Sign-In ID (email address)
-  Online ID

 Jimmy Arcega: Jimmy Arcega

 Jose R.: The order number it was sent to your email address.

 Jimmy Arcega:

 Jimmy Arcega: Mr_Deadly_J

 Jimmy Arcega: ok ill check my email

 Jose R.: Are you still there, Jimmy?

 Jimmy Arcega: I found it order: 6715706105

 Jose R.: Excellent, just to make sure have you tried to delete the game and re install it once


 Jimmy Arcega: ok so I need to delete the game the one on the XMB files so all my progress will

be gone

 Jose R.: Please wait while I research this for you.

 Jose R.: I was looking more information about this game, apparently you should have access

automatically, and it's OK that you didn't receive any code, due to is included on the licence.

 Jose R.: A this time the PSN is under maintenance maybe is affecting you in someway.

 Jose R.: Just in case.

 Jimmy Arcega: oic but why is it already have updated all including the game software as well

 Jimmy Arcega: is it ok that if we can generate a code to see if there will be an error?

 Jose R.: I see all your transactions about this game, some purchase by $0.0

 Jimmy Arcega: those are free add ons

 Jose R.: In order to assist you I could need the error code.

 Jimmy Arcega: but the one I gave you is the one I purchase recently

 Jose R.: Yes I see it on your history.

 Jose R.: Are you still there, Jimmy?

 Jimmy Arcega: and that's the point why is it would not give an error code? and I believe when

you purchase an activation pass it should be detected by the game and it should perform an

auto-activation since there was no code upon purchasing

 Jose R.: I do clearly understand by the latest new received for our technical department is

the you have been affected by the maintenance on the PSN, due to does not recognizing the

license, please try later on the morning.

 Jose R.: We appreciate your patience and understanding please try accessing the PlayStation

Network at a later time.

 Jimmy Arcega: ok if this is a downtime what time later can I check if the network is up

because what the weird thing is it would always ask for the code

 Jose R.: Yes basically that is happening Jimmy.

 Jimmy Arcega: ok then do I have any ticket number for this?

 Jimmy Arcega: so at least I do not need to repeat my self later when I chat with you guys


 Jose R.: We'd still like to assist you, so please feel free to open another chat request. Here

is you chat request today: 140901-010329.

 Jose R.: I appreciate your patience and understanding.


*****On the first chat rep he set an expectation that it was a downtime that causes for the registration for God of War Ascension was not registering and so I waited the next morning and chatted again


Second Chat rep: Hector H. - the rude guy


 Hector H.: Hi, my name is Hector H.. How may I help you?

 Jimmy Arcega: Hi Hector

 Jimmy Arcega: I have a ticket number

 Jimmy Arcega: 140901-010329

 Hector H.: I see, Jimmy. I´ll be happy to help you! Let me gather some information first to

assist you better. May I please have the following?
-Online ID
-Sign in ID

 Jimmy Arcega: Mr_Deadly_J - Online

 Jimmy Arcega:

 Hector H.: Thank you, please wait while I research this for you.

 Hector H.: What would you like to know?

 Jimmy Arcega: sir I just want to know why does still after I purchase the online pass for God

of war ascencion is its still prompting me to enter the code while when I purchase it it would

not provided the code

 Jimmy Arcega: according to Jose R. that it was a downtime and he said that I just need to wait

until the morning in order for the said downtime to resume but still it shows that I needed to

enter the code

 Hector H.: You contact us today, right?

 Jimmy Arcega: I contacted u last night

 Jimmy Arcega: I see the reference number

 Hector H.: Ok, at this moment like the other agent told you there is a weekly update that

could be making this issue.

 Jimmy Arcega: so when will that week update will be done

 Jimmy Arcega: if you can generate a new online pass code for me that will be great

 Hector H.: By tomorrow and I'm sorry but we can only give support to PS product in this case

you will need to contact the game developer.

 Jimmy Arcega: it was supposed to be an online patch sold by Sony for god of war who is the

game developer then if the product is exclusively for PS

 Hector H.: Allow me a moment while I check some information.

 Hector H.: I'm still researching this for you.  I appreciate your patience.

 Hector H.: When did you buy the game?

 Jimmy Arcega: I buy it last saturday

 Jimmy Arcega: and I did buy the online pass yesterday bec. the one on the game is already


 Hector H.: Where did you find the Online Pass?

 Jimmy Arcega: on the PSN network

 Jimmy Arcega: its on my account

 Jimmy Arcega: and its already downloaded

 Hector H.: You find it under the game add-ons?

 Jimmy Arcega: yes

 Hector H.: Allow me moment, please.

 Hector H.: Unfortunately, we cannot support your request through chat at this time. Please

call us so we can better assist you with your request. Phone support is available at  1-800-

345-7669 and our hours of operation are:

8:00AM to 8:00PM Pacific Time, Monday-Friday 
7:00AM to 7:00PM Saturday-Sunday

 Hector H.: Please explain your issue they will be more than glad to help you.

 Jimmy Arcega: what is this dept your talking about

 Hector H.: Is our phone support but they are able to contact with the department in charge of

this kind of issues.

 Jimmy Arcega: what dept. is that

 Hector H.: They will tell you, only they can contact that department.

 Jimmy Arcega: so meaning so say you cannot transfer my call to them or they do not have any

chatr support that you can transfer me to them

 Jimmy Arcega: do you have local tech support here in the Philippines that can support my call

 Hector H.: You will need to contact us since your account is a U.S account.

 Hector H.: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

 Jimmy Arcega: so sony have a diff. support for gaming even you have purchase the online pass

through PSN that the previous tech said that it was a downtime but it was supported by another


 Jimmy Arcega: yes my a ask for a manager please b4 I call you tech support over the phone

 Hector H.: Please call us we will solve this issue.


 Hector H.: I'm sorry but I'm not able to do that, I apologize, Jimmy.

 Jimmy Arcega: why you cannot do that

 Jimmy Arcega: we will not end this session I fi will speak to any manager and can you please

provide me with an updated ticket number for this one

 Hector H.: We can not do that, please contact us over the phone.

 Jimmy Arcega: so there was no manager for chat support

 Hector H.: Yes, they are.

 Jimmy Arcega: so all of you are providing support w/o a manager

 Jimmy Arcega: oh so please call one so I can talk to him

 Jimmy Arcega: or her

 Hector H.: Unfortunately, it appears I am not able to assist you with your request today.  I

will be disconnecting this chat session. Thanks for contacting PlayStation.

 Jimmy Arcega: I will escalate your case to you higher management

 Jimmy Arcega: if I will not speak to any manager today sir

 Hector H.: I'm sorry but there is nothing that we can do, please contact our phone support.

 Jimmy Arcega: so please do contact you manager to answer my chat so you and company will be


 Hector H.: Unfortunately, it appears I am not able to assist you with your request today.  I

will be disconnecting this chat session. Thanks for contacting PlayStation.

 Jimmy Arcega: why disconnecting

 Jimmy Arcega: this is one bad of a customer service support

 Hector H.: Please contact us over the phone, they will resolve this issue.

 Jimmy Arcega: if you do disconnect this chat

 Jimmy Arcega: I will assure you will hear from me BIG TIME

 Hector H.: I'm sorry that I was not able to assist you, please felle free to contact us over

the phone, thanks for contacting PlayStation.

 Hector H.: Have a good night.

 Jimmy Arcega: same template

 Jimmy Arcega: you copy and paste it

 Jimmy Arcega: no im not disconnecting

 Hector H.: I will be disconnecting this chat session. Thanks for contacting PlayStation.

 Jimmy Arcega: oh very good answer wait for my big time comeback

 Hector H.: Have a good night, Sir.

 Jimmy Arcega: its not good

 Hector H. has disconnected.


***Here I am wasted my time getting nothing I paid 9.99 for a registration for the game and I could not even speak to a manager why the chat rep hector could not even explain what dept. that number is and I know in the US when you ask a manager it a policy of all call center outsource or in-house that you can speak with them for urgent reason what ever serbce it might be. And the only reason why I'm calling is very simple why does my online game registration would not and if anybody from Sony can provide a proper answer or code since I already buy the product to make it work.

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I was playing on it fine yesterday but when i got on today it had me update and after update it said i was banned or temporaily suspended error WS-37368-7 and i believe i didnt do anything wrong why did this happen?


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my psp game is broke when i got it in February 2013 madden 10


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seeking donations

by eaglescout211 Rookie ‎08-29-2014 09:40 AM

i am tryingto complete my eagle scout and I am donating a new ps3 that was given to me bu my soccer club for being the most supportive,positive and improved player for the Utah Glory,there are over 500 kids so it was kinda cool.But we already have multiple systems in our home so I decided to give it Primary Childrens Medical Center. my only problem now is getting new accessories as well ****** used and new Games for the system. I have hit a brick wall and dont know the best way to try an get donations for the games and accessories. Do you have any suggestions ?


                                Sincerely Tanner Moore,Future Eagle Scout                              

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I can't see the option to shuffle playlists on the ps3.I can find it straight away on the ps4.
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PC Hackers Ruined The Online Experience For Gaming Consoles With Multiple Downloadable Cheats. Resistance 3 Is A Prime Example; Players Got Tired Of All The Cheating & Quit Playing, Myself Included. I Looked Up A Game Today, Online, And Found No Fewer Than 8 Sites With Downloadable Cheats For The PC. One Solution May Be To Separate Gaming Consoles & PCs So They Can't Interact With One Another. I'm Not The Only One Who Feels This Way.