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Registered: ‎04-02-2016
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Playmemories Camera Apps: Support Ticket?

The pay-for Camera App: 'Timelapse' hasn't been updated since V3.40 (Nov 16).


There's still no PAL support (30 fps NTSC & 24fps film only)

There's still no 4K support

There's still errors with duration calculations

There's still no way to shoot a continuous timelapse without having a pause between shots (to have a smooth video when working with long exposure times).


These shortcomings have been pointed out multiple times over the last few years in the forum (Cameras> Alpha NEX section), confirmed and acknowledged, but no solution has been presented yet.

I wanted to submit a support ticket at the 'Sony Interactive Entertainment Network Europe Ltd' which seems to be operating the 'store' and as such perhaps is responsible for service, but only arrived at bad '404' bad links..


Can anyone please let me know where to contact support for these issues to get resolved. 

Thanks for listening 

Posts: 269
Registered: ‎04-02-2016
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Re: Playmemories Camera Apps: Support Ticket?


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