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When will you get Play Memories Home working with Windows 10?

When will Sony have Play Memories Home bugs worked out so that we can use it  with Windows 10.  How  sad that  we pay for a camera and then cannot use  the software it came with because Sony can't get their  "evaluation" done  and the problems  fixed.  Tired of having this program shut down my browser because of this problem.  Your site says to be patient...but I am no longer patient!!

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Re: When will you get Play Memories Home working with Windows 10?

Did you ever get a response on this? I have just tried to use PMH because the old software I used on my older computer is not compatable with 10. After 15 minutes on the phone with "Chat", I was told it was a problem with my camera. That is a ****** response. The software doesn't recognize the video that it is meant to download. It just says, "

Videos that cannot be imported by playmemeories hoem were found. To import and play all found media files, your camera must be recognized by PM Home. Connect the camera to this computer using a USB cable and restart PM Home

Refer to the instruction manual that came with your camera for details on connecting it to the computer. Camera reg. may take a few minutes."

I have tried everything they suggest, including reloading PMH. Anyone with help?

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Re: When will you get Play Memories Home working with Windows 10?

Hi therealfootball,


Welcome to the Sony Community!


The PlayMemories Home software is now compatible with the Windows 10 OS. Please see this list for the devices proven to work with the latest version of the program running on Windows 10. May I ask if you're able to play all the files in the camera itself? If not, the files may be corrupted thus the error you're seeing in PMH. If your camera records movies in mpeg2 format, please follow the steps in this article to help import them using the software.


You may also try importing the files to the computer without using the software. You can save these files to your default folder or create a new one and add it to the software later for management and editing. 


Answered your question? Glad I could help! Please Click the "Accept as Solution" button below. Thanks_Mitch



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Re: Cannot get Play Memories Home working with Windows 10

I am running Windows 10 on an HP Pavillion laptop. I have been trying to install and run Play Memories Home for the past two weeks with no success. I followed the instructions on installation and spoke to "Bryan" on the chat line and followed his instructions with no success. I installed the programme with the firewall and virus scan turned off. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it after a clean boot with no luck. If I click on the app I get a white screen with the task bar in black at the top. It then hangs up with the message "not responding". Do you guys have any answers for this?

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