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Registered: ‎12-26-2014
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Why is the Xperia Phone warranty such a long and painful process?


First let me say I am a long time Sony Supporter and personally own:


Sony Alpha A99



A6000 plus bought my g/f an A6000

(plus more than a few lenses of varying price points)

Two Xperia Z Tablets

Xperia Z phone

Xperia Z5 phone


I have had overall great luck with these products and not needed to repair anything but the A55 until recently. 


I bought the Xperia Z5 when the processor in the Z just became too outdated for my needs.  After a while the Z5 developed a problem where the glass covering the camera lens looked like it became de-laminated.  I contacted Sony support and got an RMA number and sent the phone off (what I thought was) early since I new I would be taking a trip at the end of this week and wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to take care of it before we left.   


Well yesterday marked the 3 week point of when the package was signed for by Sony at their Illinois facility.  The best update they could give me is that it is still waiting on a part.  When I told them just to send the phone back to me un-repaired because I leave at the end of the week I was first told it would be a 24-48 buisness hour request time.  That doesn't work because it that amount of time I will already be off on my trip.  After asking for a supervisor to see if we could speed along the broken phones return I was told "give me a couple of hours and I will see if I can get a new phone out to you".   Its been more than a couple of hours with no contact back.  I'm not suprised since the last time I was told they would contact me back in a couple of housr it took a couple of days. Now not knowing if I will have anything other than my original Xperia Z which I have been struggling with for the past 3 and a half weeks already I am just going to buy another new phone.  I really wasn't planning on spending the money, but I have to make sure I have a solidly working phone on this trip.  I am very doubtful it will have the word Sony on the front of it however.


While I never expected Apple like in store repair speed, the fact that I am 3 weeks in with no clear answer of when a return will be made is a beyond frustrating.  The fact that when I called to make sure the phone had arrived 2 days after it was signed for and got an answer of "it isn't in our system yet" is inexcusable.  With the technology available today there really is no excuse for the lack of communication or this kind time frame to fix a device that is still on the market.  I would understand if this was an old outdated device, but how does the repair facility not stock parts to repair current products?  

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