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Registered: ‎11-21-2012
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Master gain adjustment metadata

I have a question regarding the "master gain adjustment" metadata in Catalyst Browse.


I recorded a clip with my PMW-F5 set to Custom mode STD5 gamma with the gain/ISO set to ISO and "800" selected. As expected, Catalyst Browse tells me that the master gain adjustment is 0dB.


I then did the same with my A6500, PP1, 709(800) gamma, ISO 800. Again, Catalyst says this is 0dB, as expected.


When I change the PMW-F5 to ISO 2000, the master gain adjustment value changes to +8dB, as expected.


However, when I change the A6500 to ISO 2000, Catalyst tells me this is +9dB.


How is that possible, and why is this? Surely is their ISOs are increasing by the same amount, then their relative gain values should also increase by the same amount? No?



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Registered: ‎02-20-2015
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Re: Master gain adjustment metadata

Hi videosoul,


Thank you for the post.  I am sorry to hear about this issue, that is very strange.  I assume you are using Catalyst Browse 2017.3, correct?


Each increment on the gain slider should increase the gain by 1/3db.  When you move the slider for both clips, is there a point where you notice the slider is moving more than 1/3db?


Can you post screenshots of the default source settings for each clip?


Thank you,

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