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Registered: ‎11-07-2014
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Are sync folders slow for you?

Hi Everyone


I have a sync folder of ca. 5GB of PDFs (academic papers) that I sync with the Digital Paper via the Digital Paper app. I use WiFi to sync. 



If I highlight or mark a PDF on the Digital Paper, or on my computer, it takes over 10 minutes for the updated PDF's to sync via the Digital Paper App. I notice that when I click the sync button in the Digital Paper App, it takes 3 minutes before the app finds the files that need to be synced, and then takes an addition 3-4 mins to transfer them. These are  <1MB PDFs. I tried the same workflow via Bluetooth and via USB, and the process takes just as long.



Why is it so slow? And how does anyone with collections of thousands of PDFs manage to work with the Digital Paper if the syncing is this slow? 


Thanks for your insights, 









Posts: 5
Registered: ‎11-07-2014
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Re: Are sync folders slow for you?

I can confirm that the number of files in your sync folder (and not the number of modified files) is strongly associated with syncing speed.


If a sync folder has 50 PDFs, it will sync any annotations/highlighted PDFs within a minute or so. In this configuration, the workflow is quick and satisfying. 


HOWEVER, if a sync folder contains several thousand PDFs, the Digital Paper App appears as if it has to search ALL PDF files for changes, then it will sync any annotations/highlighted PDFs. This may take >10-20 minutes, even if you only have one modified file that needs to be synced.


Therefore, having your entire academic library of PDFs synced to the device is possible, but if you expect to sync thousands of PDFs and want to mark up one or two on your DPT-RP1, then sync with your computer to continue reading there, *do not* expect those annotations to sync over instantly. 


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